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On our website it is possible to order consultation on all types of student's works, beginning from the abstract and finishing with a course paper or a thesis.

You choose an expert to help you, and therefore you can be completely sure of his competence. We carefully select experts for our project; only true professionals are involved including Ph.D. teachers, graduate students, journalists, and essayists.

We guarantee high-caliber papers, originality and strict observance to deadlines. In addition, the customer can be sure that his order is carried out by an experienced specialist, not an amateur. Assignment writing service uk guarantees that your essay, report, course paper, thesis or abstract will be performed in accordance with the requirements of the university, the latest writing standards and the instructions of your paper supervisor.

The unique feature of our service is that the customers themselves contact the consultants and provide them with all the details about their assignments. This approach means that the writer will clearly understand his duties. In addition, we do not work via intermediaries and this makes our prices affordable for the majority of the students who come to us for help.

Our successful scheme for students

To attract as many customers as possible to our company, we regularly tell about the mission of our service, our writers, guarantees and other essential things that can convince a student to prefer us to other rivaled writing agencies.

Here are the principles of our work:
  • We work responsibly and dedicatedly.
  • We use a customized approach to the writing of essays, term papers, dissertations, etc. to ensure a decent quality of the paper.
  • We do not require full payment.
  • We are all professionals involved in the execution of all kinds of college papers.
  • We learned to complete essays within one day.
  • We need from 2 – 5 days to create a perfect term paper.
  • We deliver papers in the way convenient to you. If there is a delay, the client gets the money back.
  • We make all improvements and corrections free of charge.
Our writers are:
  • Master degree holders and Ph.D. holders
  • Copywriters of narrow specialization
  • Practicing journalists of print and electronic media
  • PR specialists, marketers, and advertising experts
  • English-speaking writers
  • Quality-control specialists

Vision and mission

We do not employ students and amateur writers who perhaps are good at writing but are not qualified enough to create premium class scientific papers.

We work fast. This means that within 24 hours you will receive ready-made material that can be immediately sent to your teacher. years of experience in the writing industry and remarkable professional skills allow us to produce the papers of all levels efficiently.

We have a flexible pricing policy. If you order many papers and do it regularly, we offer you splendid discounts. In some cases, we can reduce the price by half. Due to this, we never complain about the lack of orders. A job which is done well is the best advertising of our assignment writing service uk.

We write professionally following the specifics of academic writing and being aware of the latest scientific news and achievements.

We work officially. Our contracts are fair and transparent and provide maximum guarantees.

We get the job done. Your paper will be reviewed as many times as it is required to match the professor’s demands. We do not leave customers halfway to the final. If the customer asks to make additional improvements, we will fulfill them without delay.

Our main objective is to help you solve your academic problems and not to get into new troubles. That is why the main principles of our writing team are the responsibility (compliance with deadlines, requirements, obligations), responsiveness (help, advice, support, always in touch), and confidentiality (we do not share the information about you with third parties).


like at any other paper writing company, our managers set the price for a paper depending on such parameters as the subject, level, size, term of execution, urgency, etc.

The cheapest papers are essays and laboratory experiment reports ($20-$50). The most expensive are Ph.D. dissertations, the cost of which varies from $2000 to $4000. We even have established a special department that calculates the price by analyzing the complexity of the paper. We get from 500 to 1000 orders per day so we badly need the specialists who can evaluate the orders and send them to the writers with the necessary qualifications. The more complex the paper is, the higher the price is. we would like to inform you that we take extra fees for urgent papers as well as for the revisions according to the new requirements.

Our core qualification areas

Our company has been working in the field of educational services since 2000. Nearly 20 years of experience have made us a convenient and profitable service that crafts all types of writing tasks. We cooperate with the best scientists and experts and have reached the highest standards of writing papers. Experienced managers monitor your order from the start to the end. The feedback about our service is 90% positive due to quality control, through execution and friendly cooperation between the customer and the writer.

If you are a student who has to combine studies with a job, you simply have no time to spare on numerous writing directives. During the exam week, most students are used to focusing their efforts on preparation for tests and exams entrusting writing assignment to professionals of our company. They appreciate us for the customized approach, cheap prices, unconventional solutions, and creativity.

Here are the basic categories of the academic course we are specialized in better than other writing firms:
  • Law courses (history of the state, civil law, theory of state and law, etc.)
  • Technical disciplines (engineering, mechanics, theoretical mechanics, etc.)
  • Social disciplines (political science, international relations, sociology, conflict studies, philosophy, etc.)
  • Economic disciplines (economic theory, statistics, financial management, personnel management, administration, and management, etc.)
  • Natural science disciplines (biotechnology, chemistry, mathematics, nanotechnology, physics, microtechnology, etc.)
  • Humanitarian disciplines (history, linguistics, and languages, literature, art, religion, education, mass media, etc.)
  • Computer science disciplines (information retrieval, database management, soft computing, cloud computing, programming, graph theory, etc.)

Enjoy the services of a company with transparent and user-friendly policies. Buy papers without paying to the agents and other intermediaries. Have an opportunity to select the writer on your own. Get free offerings. Improve your personal self-esteem as well as your college academic performance with the most compelling and accurate papers from us!

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If you don’t see the necessary subject, paper type, or topic in our list of available services and examples, don’t worry! We have a number of other academic disciplines to suit the needs of anyone who visits this website looking for help.