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Whichever college you apply to your entrance essay is often an important component to make the admission officer decide whether or not to accept you further on. In most cases, an entrance essay is the first paper the selective admission officers look at. The first impression does matter, therefore a good entrance essay is your chance to impress the readers and make them think that you are the student they are looking for.

When writing an admission essay, keep in mind that it matters more than your academic achievements. If your entrance essay is not good enough, the admission board will not consider other papers and changes even though they are perfect. With so many troubles with this single piece of writing, it is no surprise that our best college admission essays service gets hundreds of students’ requests saying produce a good entrance paper for me.

It is not an easy task to craft a successful admission essay but our competent writers know how to get the right tone and flow to the essay to make it sound persuasive. We write essays that will sell you for any admission body. Not everyone has a self- marketing skill. This is the skill that must be learned. However, we know that students have no time to practice it and therefore offer the assistance of professionals in this uneasy situation.

How to suit the requirements

Admission essay writing is a skill that cannot be acquired within a short period of time. The secret of a perfect admission essay is the balance kept between selling yourself and appearing humble and diligent – showing that you are a studious student but still have other interests outside the academic world.

Whatever the paper is that goes to the desk of the admission officer, it should be proofread to perfection, especially if it is an entrance essay – the first thing that shows who you are.

Having at least e few mistakes, your essay has all chances to be put onto the rejection pile. Ask our specialists to edit and polish your essay for all typos and errors or ask us to write an essay from scratch. In this way, you will get assured that the admission committee will read your paper with more attention.

What to focus on

Most admission committees tend to evaluate every applicant in detail. On average, they read over 3,000 essays every year and have a limited time on each essay. Every applicant should know that an admission officer skims good essays and reads great papers. Therefore, in your entrance essay, you have to showcase your uniqueness in the first line.

All higher educational institutions look for the best applicants. To discover who of the potential students can contribute more to college life they use admission essays. If you are not sure that you are able to guess what an admission body what to hear from you, you’d better ask the experts for help.

We are a reliable partner in the matter that concerns entering the college of your dream because
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Essay writing tips

We have collected the tips to ease the pain of telling who you are to the reader you do not know. Please follow these recommendations to make you essay decent and interesting
  • Be honest. Do not exaggerate your achievements or lie about titles and positions. In fact, it is great to be a florist, a tutor or a green club volunteer, not the President. You cannot be ideal in everything. You will feel more comfortable at the interview if you do not strain to flash yourself.
  • Be brief. Although a basic general-purpose essay has a recommended minimum of 250 words and has no upper limit, every admission manager has a large pile of much longer essays to read every day. Keep in mind that he or she is going to spend minimum 30 seconds on the essay and no more than two minutes. If your essay exceeds 600 words, you are challenging their patience, which no admission officer wants to do.
  • Be an individual. When writing an essay, ask yourself, "How can I stand out from thousands of others who apply for the college?” please keep in mind that what distinguishes you from the others is not in your activities or hobbies. If you go straight from high school to college, first of all you are a teenager living a teenage life. Your mind and your activities as a person under 20 are the things that are distinctive. Of course, it's hard to explain, but it's the key to the whole matter.
  • Write accurately. It goes without saying that you have to use spell check software or ask someone to polish your essay for different errors. However, you should be as accurate as possible yourself. Take care of the good writing mechanics like conventional rules in punctuation - the use of commas, semi-colons, exclamatory marks, adverted commas, etc. avoid making content mistakes – when you are writing about Shakespeare, use the name correctly and so on.
  • Be coherent. You do not have to talk stuff and nonsense, but write about one thing at a time. it is impossible to cover everything in an essay and tell your whole life story. Babbling can make you sound busy, and therefore your speech will be scattered and perfunctory. The feature of an admission essay is that you highlight the most important events and achievements of your life. Colleges expect that the essay will be inevitably incomplete. Just focus on the things that contribute to your development as an individual.
  • Be smart. A college is an intellectual place. Admission officers can pretend easy-going asking about your hobbies and other exciting things. But you should always remember that fact that they expect to see a clever serious person able to overcome the academic challenges. It is vital to sound intellectual and show that you are more excited about the studies not about extracurricular things.
  • Tell a vivid story. A good essay is like a story. In most situations cases it is an anecdote of some important moments. Provide the setting with some information to help the admission officer see what you are going to tell. It is good to use real names or invent them for other heroes of your story history. In this way you will sound more human.
  • Be likable. Colleges are communities where people have to get well with others in classrooms, in dorms, at the sport ground, etc. show that you are the one they would like to socialize with, do some activities, cooperate or just have lunch with or hang out.
  • Be careful in using humor. You cannot predict how someone you do not know will respond to your story, especially if you tell something humorous. Then think twice when joking not to sound stupid.

Successful admission with our writers

Our writers work day and night to prepare top-quality entrance essays for students who want to compete effectively with lots of other good applicants. They work responsibly and never miss a date when your essay should be sent to the college.

A finely completed admission essay will be sent to your inbox or you may download from your personal dashboard at our website. The next step you do is to approve it or ask for changes if you are not fully satisfied with the paper. Keep in mind that free revisions are available within two weeks after you receive the essay.

A final word about our service

We are committed to providing you with the papers that you will love. All the changes you may request we make free of charge to make you feel secure and comfortable. This is a sign of your utter respect and care to all customers. Your satisfaction is our core objective no matter how hard we have to work.

The key feature of our services is affordable prices. That is how we value your money knowing that every student often has financial difficulties. We want to assure you that selling papers cheap we never lower their quality. Our pricing policy is flexible enough to make every customer come to our service again.

Tell us to write your admission essay and it will be a killer paper ever! With the essay produced by our experts, you will be noticed by your college admission body. Make your future as bright as possible by ordering an essay from us! 100% guarantee that lots of colleges will want you to become their student if you apply with the essays ordered from our specialists. We wish you good luck in your new academic life!

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