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The essay for application is important for many reasons – it shows your goals, your good qualities, and achievements. Due to such paper, you can get the position or not. Thereby, it is very important to use all your efforts to get the perfect paper. It is also hardly important to write separate papers for different colleges, based on their main features and needs. Sometimes it is the very limited time for that, so it makes sense to use the professional writing help. You can do this to find a qualitative professional help
  • Go online and make a list of the ten best writing firms
  • Visit student forums and make the other list of five best advice
  • Ask your friend from college to get another five pieces of advice about the writing companies
  • Check all of the companies in the lists on prices and select the ten best of them
  • Pay attention to the feedback and reputation of all companies
  • Learn more about the qualification and the writing team
  • Make sure that company offers free revisions
  • Make the final selection.

Writing the application essay correctly

Here are several useful advices on writing a good application essay
  • Write only what is important and in your own words
  • Prepare a spate application essay for each college
  • Start with something that will interest the reader
  • Stick to a high level of grammar.

Avoid writing application essays with high-sound phrases and metaphorical expressions. At the selection stage, no one is interested in digging into your inner world and comprehending the subtleties of your nature. The college managers skim through the application essays hoping to find the information for which these letters were requested.

Namely, this should be: why do you want to study in a specific college and why you are worthy to take this vacancy. Therefore, you do not need to duplicate your skills and experience in the paper. Tell only what is very important and valuable for the position.

In addition, a well-written application essay is an excellent opportunity to explain the controversial points in your resume. For example, to say that the annual gap in the studying is related to participation in a charity project or the resulting injury and subsequent recovery.

Do not be too lazy to prepare an individual application essay for each college. Instead of the standard listing of skills, describe something significant. Do a little research and find out how the college sorts the essays. Always use the keywords to make your essay in the context of the college needs.

If you want to make the reader read your essay to the end, then start it right away with the main thing. Tell about your achievements, highlight your experience and etcetera. However, it should be always something interesting, that will work like a trigger, in the very beginning of the essay.

It is a very difficult task that the applicant faces. At his disposal only a few seconds to stand out among the others, to have time to make the right impression and (which, perhaps, the most difficult) to do it in the writing form. Candidates should be fairly concise and self-confident, be able to correctly articulate their skills and pay attention to the main professional achievements that are important for a particular position.

Don’t ruin the impression of the essay with the low grammatical level

As with any other written material, double-check the application essay on grammatical, stylistic and punctuation mistakes and typos. Even the most minor misprint can serve you badly. Do not forget that you will be evaluated by a person who can be all scrupulous and exacting.

The main steps to improve your writing process
  • Make regular rests to avoid stress and overload
  • Find the reasons for why you postponing everything and fight procrastination
  • Don’t be a lazy person – find ideas on how to fight with that.

Overwork and stress

It often happens that people who do not know how to rest complain about laziness. It is surprising, but if you will as a procrastinator to schedule the day, you will see that there is not planned time for rest. That means that a person doesn't take the rest as a process as significant. However, the rest is very important for the normal work of the body, and our brains. In the end, the body will take the needed, however, this may happen in the time that is totally not useful for you.

While the need for the body at rest is taken for laziness, the working process will not be effective. The body needs to rest. If you will not plan the rest time in your schedule, instead of allowing your body to relax, you suffer from feelings of guilt and worthlessness. It this case both processes will not be effective – neither rest nor work. Sometimes delegating tasks saves the situation. For example, to get best college application essays, you should ask for a professional writing help.

To avoid overwork, you must necessarily understand the fact that any work requires a break. Of course, there is an opinion that the best rest is a change of activity, but this rule does not always work. It is not recommended to change one serious activity to another. If you will do that, your brains will think about two tasks at the same time – your first tasks that you have already done and a new one. Thereby, it is better to have a real rest – take a small walk, for example. Ten minutes of a real rest will be enough to refresh your energy. What you can do to make a rest while writing your application paper
  • Exercises for the eyes
  • An easy yoga
  • A cup of tea by the window.

Find the reasons for your procrastination and fight them

Procrastination is another common problem that becomes an obstacle for the majority of students. It looks like laziness, but this phenomenon is different in its manifestations. What is the difference between the procrastination and laziness? In simple terms, laziness is a reluctance to do anything. Procrastination is the constant postponement of important tasks under various pretexts. The reason for this behavior is not laziness at all, but fear of criticism, condemnation, failure.

Most often procrastination happens because of the lack of motivation and self-confidence. To overcome this state, it is necessary to analyze the reasons. It is also important to motivate yourself right. Preparing for the assignment is much easier when the student is personally interested in the quality of his knowledge and does not do it because of fear of parents and teachers. And when fulfilling other people's requests, it is better to think about the joy and gratitude that relatives will experience.

How to deal with laziness – fight it or not?

When the task in college seems too energy-consuming and difficult to perform, it's hard to find the strength to start it. It will be much easier to take the first step if you break a big task into smaller parts and take breaks when they are done. For example, pausing for 15 minutes at the end of each hour of work, you can keep working and enthusiastic mood until the end of the day.

How to determine the reasons for the procrastination?

There are several reasons for explaining why a person does not solve his problems as they arrive but postpones them for an indefinite period. Most often, Procrastination happens because of the different psychological barriers
  • Emotional discomfort
  • Uncertainty
  • The lack of planning.

Emotional discomfort is the most regular companion of the procrastination. In this case, the person understands the task, which he needs to do. However, for some reason, it is unpleasant to him. Therefore, he does not start the writing immediately. There is a rule of performing tasks-frogs. If some task is unpleasant like a frog, you better do it as earlier as possible. The reason is simple, if the task is unpleasant, you will feel bad anyway, but if you will do it later, this will spoil the whole day.

Uncertainty is often lead to procrastination. Fear of failing is what causes people not only to postpone the most important tasks but also to refuse to fulfill them at all. The person always pushes the fulfillment of the task because of the fear to do something wrong. In this case, only the understanding of the task helps. If the task is big, it is better to split it into many smaller assignments. This is the rule of the elephant-tasks. You cannot eat the elephant, so you need to split the task.

The problem with the lack of planning

Lack of planning always leads to the not effective use of time. Procrastinators do their tasks at the last moment. They say that they have very little time to do everything, but in fact spend a lot of time on unnecessary tasks. This points to the fact that procrastinators don’t simply have a clear plan of action and have no motivation meet deadlines. Thereby, instead of engaging in what is really important, the procrastinator is distracted by something insignificant.

The task assigned to the person is important not as he sees it. Sometimes it can be completely uninteresting. In this case, there is a lack of motivation. The procrastinator seems to lose control over his life and feels the power of other people and their interests. For example, when you need to write an obligatory term paper on the subject you don’t like, this leads to the lack of motivation.

The other question is that why you need to study the subject you don’t like? Anyway, students often cannot explain the reason. This leads to uncertainty, anxiety and because of this there is a fear losing the control on the situation.If some assignment is too unpleasant for you, or you don't have the time at all, you should ask for professional writing help. If you will find the reputable writing service, you will always have an option where to find the best college application essays.

To compose an application essay in the right way is a serious task and very energy-consuming. Despite its small value in pages, it has a significant importance. Because in writing form, it's very difficult to tell about all your talents and abilities. For this, a personal interview is usually necessary. But this is the meaning of the application essay. The main thing here is to know how to stand out of the crowd of the other applicants.

How to fight procrastination

Before you will start fighting against procrastination, you need to realize that it really exists. The understanding of the problem will prevent you from continuing it. We all know that people are divided into those who do things, and those who leave behind anything that is unpleasant or uninteresting to them. Don't worry, the majority are procrastinators – 90 percent suffer from procrastination in some level. A person should ask himself the question: is it really important and necessary to do what he is doing at the moment? Here are a few tips on how to become more organized and begin to reduce procrastination
  • Set a clear goal
  • Split big tasks into smaller
  • Make a to-do list.

It always important to set a clear goal. To move forward, you need to clearly see the purpose. If you know your goal, it is best to write it on paper and attach somewhere in front of you. Divide one big target into several small ones. If you do not, your potential achievements may seem too far away and impossible. Achieving more small goals, you will repeatedly get the motivation to work further in order to achieve bigger goals.

Make a list of what has not yet been completed. This is called a to-do list. It helps to ease your way to the goal. The things there are accumulating your baggage and does not allow you to go forward. They can also sometimes even push you away from a few steps back. Thereby, you should ease your working process and gradually clear the to-do list.

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