How to get the best college essay ever?

There are many things that influence the essay writing
  • Time resource
  • The knowledge of how to perform the assignment
  • The understanding of the main requirements
  • The ability to eliminate mistakes, typos, and etcetera.
Mainly, students have problems with the assignment writing because of the time resource or the lack of knowledge of how to write essays. To perform a qualitative essay, you should do this
  • Learn more about the essays, the requirements, and structure
  • Plan your time, schedule the writing activities and fight procrastination
  • Write your essay or ask a writing firm to help online.

How to write the essay?

Basically, the structure of the essay consists of such elements – introductions, causes, solutions, and conclusion. To perform the essay writing correctly, it is very important to follow the essay requirements. Such requirements lie not in the sphere of structural characteristics of the essay, but in the requirements to the language of writing. The main requirements of the essay writing
  • Task response
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Lexical resource
  • Grammatical range and accuracy.

The essay should have the specific number of words, which is often said in the assigned task. Paragraphs of the essay should have the thoughts that respond the task. The author should use the rich vocabulary and various grammatical structures.

Advice on writing the essay paper

Often essays are performed at the exams, where you cannot use the computer. However, even if you do that at home, it can be useful to not computer too. When you write your essay on the paper, you cannot copy and paste interesting paragraphs, so you should think about the structure and the order of paragraphs from the very beginning. This disciplines you and helps to learn how to write the essay faster. Here are the advice on writing the essay
  • Plan your writing before you start writing
  • Write your essay without the computer
  • Schedule time for editing your essay.

Do not rush to write your essay, if you haven’t the exact plan of writing. Often try to spend a few minutes thinking and sketching a plan with basic ideas and arguments. Otherwise, then you might need to erase a bunch of text when new brilliant thoughts come up in the process of writing. Learn more about where to get ideas and how to develop spontaneous thinking skills.

Write by hand when you do your assignment. This will help you get out of the convenient editing function in the Word and remember the forgotten skill of writing with a pencil on paper. This also will help you to also get rid of the constant counting of words by a program. You will learn how to visually understand how many words you wrote.

Be sure to schedule some time at the end of the writing process for editing your essay. When in a fit of inspiration, you have to write in 40 minutes with high speed, small mistakes inevitably wedge in. Surely, the essence of the essay is in your ideas and vision of the problem. However, the grammar and the overall view of the paper means a lot. Typos and same disadvantages of the paper can lead to a significantly lower mark. As the main sources of the information for different essay assignments can be
  • Arguments from fiction
  • Documentary and classic films
  • Examples of popular science literature
  • Stories from different scientific fields
  • Facts of a historical type
  • Personal life examples and observations
  • Reports from the media.
The requirement to the different essays can differ depending on the subject of the essay. For example, requirements to the essay in public relation can include such requirements
  • Introduction is optional
  • Show the meaning of the thesis in two sentences after the introduction
  • Write the theoretical part based on the thesis of the essay
  • Write the factual part based on the above
  • The conclusion that summarizes the thesis and both theoretical and factual parts.

Learn more about the structure of the essay

An optional part of many essays is an introduction. The general meaning of the problem (several sentences), should be shown here. In the essay on social studies, for example, this point of the plan can be removed and student can immediately begin to interpret the proposed quotation. However, it often becomes difficult for students to depart from the official scheme of writing. Without the introduction, the essence of the judgment should be based only on general reasoning. That's why, if it's easier for you to start your plan with an introduction, then use it to lead your writing. If this is not important for you, then you can safely exclude this item, since the overall essence of the paper does not change.

In the essay writing, you should often disclosure of the meaning of the initial aphorism - 2-3 sentences, if such requirements are in the task. Part of the theory (3-4 sentences) goes after the thesis part. In this part it is necessary to prove, or, on the contrary, to refute the idea of the author of the quotation. The student should rely on the knowledge received before, and also apply special terminology. If you adhere to the point of view of the task’s thesis, then to a greater extent this part represents a change in the initial state in the language of the textbook. In this case, you can also add examples of aphorisms of other economists, philosophers and famous people who can confirm the idea of expression.

The part with facts (4-6 sentences) goes after the theory part. In this part of the essay, it is necessary to give about two examples that will confirm the theoretical statements from the previous paragraph. In this paragraph, it is not necessary to use general expressions. However, it is highly important to use specifics, and always indicate the source of information. For example, you can write that "in the popular science literature, experiments devoted to" or "As we know from the course of physics..."

Since the work of the essay on the social science is represented only by the presence of evidence and arguments of the theoretical situation - you can finish the mini-composition, creating a conclusion to everything written. For example, "Thus, both examples from life and reader's knowledge will help to assert that..." After this phrase, it is necessary to change the aphorism and give it a new form.

What is the difference between laziness and procrastination?

Procrastination can be characterized by such sentences
  • The habit of postponing business
  • Unconditionally recognized as important
  • Gradually becoming a neurotic pattern of behavior
  • Causing a procrastinator persistent disorder or feelings of guilt.

As you can see, it is different from laziness. The only thing that is similar, is the result – not provided assignment. However, the reasons for procrastination are totally different. Procrastinator feels uncomfortable about not doing the assignment. He usually has the energy to do something, but cannot head it in the right direction. Thereby, procrastinator is often doing something else, instead of doing what he exactly needs to do. Meanwhile, a lazy person doesn't feel uncomfortable about not doing an assignment and doesn't try to change the situation.

Procrastinators, in general, are much more optimistic than ordinary people. Anyway, as the tests showed, hypertrophiedoptimism does not prevent procrastinators from calculating their strength and time. Fearlessness and belief in miracle relate only to assessing the risks associated with non-fulfillment of the case. If you cannot write your paper, but want to get the best college essay ever, you should find a reputable writing firm.

Why do you need a writing company?

Paper writing online gives many students an option to free their time to use it for different tasks. When you haven't time or energy to perform some assignment, the online writing help gives you an option to meet deadlines. It is quite difficult to find a reputable online writer. To find what you want, you can go online, ask your friend in college or place a topic at the writing forum. You should be ready to spend some time on searching the writing firm. However, in the end, you will have the firm that can be an extra option for you to help in performing assignments.

The main mistakes when you solving the problem

In most cases, students make the following mistakes
  • Misunderstanding how to highlight the main problem
  • Inability to consider the problem
  • Inability to correctly disclose the essence of the expression
  • Substitution of the problem with the author's point of view

Misunderstanding how to highlight the main problem in the essay. On the one hand, this is due to the small amount of knowledge in this area, in which the phrase is chosen. On the other hand, students want to adjust the question obtained to the previously reviewed task variants. Inability to consider the problem is also a serious mistake in the paper writing. This error is often characterized by a small stock of terms in the basic sciences and disciplines.

Inability to correctly disclose the essence of the expression is also a significant mistake. It is characterized by a lack of understanding or incomplete understanding of the content of the statement. The reason can also be the lack of some knowledge on the course of studies. Substitution of the problem with the author's point of view is the last mistake that students do during assignment writing. The meaning of the statement is a personal opinion of the author himself. The thesis in the tasks is only one opinion from the numerous existing ones. Thereby, the author should use this to open the topic, not to show only his opinions.

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