What makes the best common app essays

Common application letters, also referred to as motivation letters, are among one the key milestone points in the process of entering any university. Its structure, method of composition and outlining often scare university applicants, which is why detailed manuals on writing common app essays are always relevant and useful. To help you compose an absolute best essay, we have drawn our advice on the advice of Vince Gotter — the professor of the University of Northern Iowa, who, apart from teaching, knows the process of common app essays revision firsthand as he is a member of the university admissions committee. The following checklist based on Gotter’s suggestions will give you an overview of the most important points to take into consideration when writing your essay.

Types of entrance essays

There are two types of motivational essays -- non-structured ones and those structured as interviews (or any other type based on of answering specific questions). In the essay which has no particular structure, the applicant is expected to provide information about himself or herself. The information should include his or her achievements, personal qualities, interests, experiences, and goals for the future. The essays in the form of answers to questions are often written by candidates applying for overseas MBA programs. In this case, a letter will contain short essays answers to certain questions.

The format of non-structured application essays can be as follows

Type 1: Yesterday — Today — Tomorrow

  • I have enough experience to be a successful university student at this particular program;
  • My goal is to acquire knowledge for further improvement;
  • Your course is absolutely suitable for my personal career objectives and personal development.

Type 2: Me — You — Us

  • Description of one’s accomplishments, skills, and interests;
  • The chosen algorithm fully corresponds to my aspirations and interests;
  • My potential in combination with your academic capacity will bear the following fruits...

Type 3: What — Why — What is the goal

  • What is it that I want to study;
  • Why I want to study at this program, what is my motivation behind this decision;
  • How can the chosen program help me to achieve the set goals which I expect to fulfill?

Creating a concise yet coherent outline is the first step to achieving success. Since your essay will be read by professionals, you now only want to stand out among the other applicants, but also to prove that you are a responsible student who takes the requirements seriously and already has knowledge of academic writing and self-positioning. This is why, while being original is a plus most of the time, it is also important to follow the guidelines and to give the admission committee exactly what they are expecting from you.

Your application essay

How to outline a common application essay
  • First, pay special attention to the requirements of a particular university that you are applying to. This is especially important for applicants to graduate programs because grad schools often request two motivational essays for different master's programs. Some universities explicitly require sending handwritten copies of motivational letters, indicating even the color of the ink that is to be used. It is advisable to browse the official website of the selected university to get familiar with all such requirements. Do not hesitate to contact the admission office of the university of your choice if in doubts. Applicants often take full advantage of college enrolment advisors since they can provide the most accurate and relevant information and suggestions in line with the program that you are applying for.
  • Make sure you mention the most significant or interesting facts about yourself at the beginning or early middle part of your essay. Sometimes the members of the admissions committee do not read the whole essay if they feel like the first paragraph does not describe an applicant as a potential student at the institution.
  • Write a logical and consistent narrative; as the essay goes, the character — that being you -- in it must undergo a development in all aspects of his or her life. Try to follow with the chronology of your development and focus on the features or times that are most relevant to the field you are applying to study.
  • The division of the text into small paragraphs and the absence of long ornate expressions is the key. Essay paragraphs should have its own little story with a hook, culmination and finale. It is also important to stay away from complex participial and adverbial turns in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes and disorder with punctuation. Your writing should be simple, concise and easy to understand, but it is still encouraged to use special terminology since it tells the admission committee that you are familiar with the field of your future study.
  • An introduction is better to start with an original quotation or a fact from your life. Since there are tons of essays that the admission committee has to go through, the first paragraph decides whether or not the reader will finish your essay to the very end.
  • In conclusion, it is necessary to summarize everything that has been written and to express the hope for further cooperation with the university. Upon reading your essay, the committee member should be left with pleasant sediment so try not to mention any negative events and not to criticize yourself in your essay.

How we edit application essays

Editing is conducted as follows

Stage 1: The client goes through the examples and instructions provided by the proofreader and writes a rough draft of his or her essay.

Stage 2: The proofreader checks the rough draft, points out mistakes in structuring, writing logic, emphasis, etc, and makes recommendations to improve the essay. The rough draft is finalized by the customer.

Stage 3: The proofreader reads through the edited draft and suggests further outline or coherence shortcomings.

Stage 4: The proofreader checks the final draft and corrects misused expressions, words, grammatical and lexical errors.

Final result

  • Terms of editing services provision

Each document is to be edited up to three times. Each check takes between one to three days. The editing process is limited to a total period of three months.

  • Editing price list

The length of the essay is up to every university's requirements for admission. In case it is not specified, the minimum of 800 words is considered a default.

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The algorithm of essay ordering

Where do I begin with the website?

  • To start, press “place an order” option.
  • When placing an order, you can additionally inform the selected authors from the rating section that you want them to work with your order. To do this, you need to go to the "authors' rating" section and click on "order from the author" for each selected author.
  • Then await replies from the authors. When an author accepts your offer, you will get an email notification or a chat message on vbaze.com.ua.
  • You can chat with all the authors that have accepted your offer and decide which one is the most suitable one to complete your order based on his or her ratings, price list, qualifications, etc.
  • Once you have decided on the author, you need to confirm his or her price offer so that he or she can proceed with your order. Once done, the status of your submission will change from “in auction” to “in process.”
  • When the price is approved on both sides, sit back and wait for your essay to be delivered. Once the author is done with the first draft, the status will change from “in process” to “available for a check.” You will be notified of any status changes via email that you mentioned when creating the account or via vbaze.com.ua chat window.
  • Download the essay and double check if it aligns with all the requirements that you have submitted when placing the order.
  • If everything looks alright, change the status to “succesfully completed.” Only then the author will receive the payment. If you have comments or suggestions, change the status to “to be revised” and the author will correct and finalize the paper.
  • Once the author sends you the final version back, you will have 14 days to make sure no other amends are needed.
  • If you still have any concerns, simply change the status to “moderation” and indicate all your suggestions.


  • Payment Guarantees

We guarantee the safety of your transfer when paying for the order. While you pay 100% of the price in advance, we first reserve the payment in the system and freeze it until the work is finalized and approved to be completed in accordance with all the requirements. Only then does the author received the payment. You will have 14 days upon the author’s submission of your final essay to request alterations; once these 14 days are up, the order status will automatically be changed to "successfully completed" and the payment is to be credited to the author's personal account.

If the author does not deliver the essay, the money is returned to the customer's personal account. In this case, we reserve the right for you to select another author for the order.

  • Quality Guarantees

Before being allowed to take on orders, all authors go through professional checks and testings. The author is required to have a minimum of 50% rating to assess and accept the orders.

Before choosing the author, you can see his or her detailed profile that includes feedback about his work from other customers, the amount of orders he or she has completed, rating, status, specialization, education, and short summary. The author only gets to accept orders after performing one of the following actions
  • Passing the test task according to the indicated qualification of the author;
  • Sending papers ready to be sold that are checked for compliance with service’s quality notion. The information that needs to be provided by the author includes the footnotes and bibliography of sources used. If the paper is unique, plagiarism free, and high quality, the author is allowed to join the team of service writers.

Before the author receives the payment, you check his or her output yourself. In case something is missing, all it takes is to change your order status and it will be revised again.

Successful application

Most of the best common app essays are in line with the above recommendations. However, the article only covers as many points and suggestions. To receive a more detailed outlook on common application essay writing, feel free to contact us anytime. We also offer our help in completing electronic admission applications to the universities and assisting in the editing all the application documents. Based on our many years of professional experience, we can prepare your documents quickly and ensure further enrollment to any foreign university.

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