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Essays have become an integral part of the university and college curricular not so long ago. Students, who were the first to learn how to write an essay, thought that an essay is something like a composition or expository piece of writing. As it turned out they confused an essay with other types of academic papers.

Writing an essay requires a specific approach together with profound writing skills and particular knowledge of the subject of the research. Yes, an essay is a kind of a research as it investigates the following factors
  • The opinions that exist on the topic
  • The ideas, considerations, arguments, etc. on the problem raised in the essay
  • The facts that can back up the argumentation

However, not every student feels like writing all essays on his own. To save his time, he will definitely buy a paper from an online provider. If you are among those struggling students who are eager to learn how to write academic essays efficiently, you had better take a specific essay writing course or study this genre independently by reading best essay collections.

Get inspired by innovative ideas

Keep in mind that you will not be able to make a good essay if you do not use some custom built guidelines and the knowledge of the experienced essayists. Our seasoned writers have prepared a number of articles on essay writing topic for you to grab the information you need. We provide you with the viable essay writing tips so that you will master the new knowledge fast and finally will be able to create a perfect paper without someone else’s assistance.

However, there are still lots of students who have already decided to purchase essays from a specialized writing agency. Many students have a slight problem — where to find a reliable resource that has new and outstanding best essay collections.

You do not need to look for another resource anymore as you have found a notable provider of essay writing help. If you have any questions on what we do, you can read about our major services at this website. Moreover, you can contact our manager who will consult you on any issue and explain to you how to act in a particular situation.

Essays that inspire

There are dozens of essay collections that can inspire you to write your own paper. If an essay is really splendid, it can impress the most demanding readers no matter who wrote it – a famous writer or an unknown but professional author.

We believe that there are many best essay collections that are worth reading. From time to time we are going to provide you with the most popular and interesting books of this genre as it is impossible to review all the bestsellers and other trendy books.

Below you will find a short list of the recent essay collections that have gained wide recognition among the critics, experts and ordinary readers.

Today our list has three nominees that claim to be the best essay books at the moment
  • The Naive and the Sentimental Novelist by O. Pamuk is the collection of essays that deal with the novel of the European literature. Being impressed by their style, the author expresses his critical opinion regarding the language, style, characterization techniques, and the images of the novels. The book was first published in 2009 and therefore is fresh enough for the contemporary reader.
  • The essays of various styles and approaches are included into The Lost Origins of the Essay and The Next American Essay that make a trilogy collected and edited by J. D'Agata. This is a combination of different approaches to the essay writing. The writers being of various backgrounds and cultures are the representatives of a creative essay non-fiction style. Their core approach is to approach the problem or the thing in a non-standard way. Sometimes they seem almost impenetrable, but more often a reader faces new wave or bizarre ideas.

What essays by prominent authors teach

The books teach the reader that we do not need to apply a template to each essay we write. We should go beyond the limits in expressing our ideas and avoid producing template-driven papers. After reading this marvelous collection almost every student, who previously was indifferent to essays, will get interested in this literary genre.

Like this series of books, we recommend every student eliminate conventional ideas to the minimum and try to avoid typical solutions. The only things you should follow carefully are the proper formatting and referencing rules, user-friendly font and font size, and sometimes the number of pages. All the rest are your feelings, imagination, and opinions.

Typical rules mean typical essays. Of course, there are certain requirements to follow but the overall non-standard approach is preferable. Is it easy to persuade the teacher that your essay is well-designed? Yes! Is it easy to make him think it is the best of a kind, original and eloquent? Surely, not!

The conclusion is the following — stay creative while writing and your essay will be unique. Essay writing consumes much time, especially if you are just a beginner. However, it can be rewarding much sooner than you think if you combine basic essay writing rules and unconventional ideas when writing an essay.

Each student or writer should have a unique approach to the literary word. It takes time to create a compelling paper. However, there should be no strict restrictions for good essays. Given the fact that there is no simple way to essays, it takes particular effort to produce a decent paper.

Our services

Along with well-known essays, there are ones that are written by highly qualified experts. Their essays are no less interesting and professional than the ones produced by notable essayists. Our service has an incredibly big and friendly team of writers who are the best in the essay writing industry. They perform sophisticated essays on all basic academic subjects and can write a paper for you as soon as you place your order at our website.

There are numerous options we can help you with
  • Finding a writer who best suits your needs
  • Selecting you the materials necessary for the research
  • Providing you with reliable sources
  • Choosing a topic for the essay
  • Outlining the paper
  • Writing a draft
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Composing a reference list

Writing an essay is not as boring and stressful as you may think at once. They are much more vivid and exciting compared to standardized assignments like tests and exercises. Essays are the stories the writers tell the readers trying to reveal the issue as they see and feel it. Depending on the essay type, you can express your attitude to the cultural, political, social and other problems. Teachers use essays as a tool to check what students know and how they treat the issue.

Our writers generate new ideas for each essay they write. Also, they always present some personal opinions as to the subject of the essay. For a short period of time, our writers have produced thousands of essays to customers.

A final word about us

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