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Need help in creating best essay introduction? We will happily help you with this and other paragraphs of the paper. For someone the introduction is the most difficult paragraph of the paper. Perhaps they are right because in the introduction you have to achieve several objectives and not to miss a single one. You are to set the tone for the rest of the paper – to introduce the topic and the problem, to hook the reader, and to make it sound interesting and original so that the reader can understand that your essay is individual and different from the paper with a similar topic.

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We care about the usability of our essays services and have created a convenient interface to let students easily find the information they need. If you know the theme or subject of your essay, you can find it in the related section. To do this, you should take these steps
  • Use the search in the header
  • Find the right menu. In the appropriate section, you can see all finished works on your subject or order an essay from scratch. Here you will get the information about the authors who specialize in this subject. We have placed a summary about every author and his or her sample works plus the customers' reviews on their work in each section so that it would be easy for you to find everything in one place.
  • Click on the essay you need. Inside you can find the links to other papers that relate to your topic. For example, if you are interested in a reasoning essay just click on the label «reasoning» and see a list of all essays of this type. If you want to find an essay of the level you need, click on the labels “4th grade”, “5th grade”, “6th grade” and so on. Or find the essay according to the level of your educational body by clicking the links: “college”, “high school”, “university”, and “post-graduate”.

What if you need another essay?

Some schools do not have strict rules as to the uniqueness of the paper. Primary and junior school essays are not tested for plagiarism and need at least 50% of the original text.

However, if you are a high school student or are taking a course at university, you need 100% unique content. That is why you will not be satisfied with a ready-made paper. A good solution in this situation is to order an essay. By ordering texts from us, you get
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When writing, we will take into account your gender, age, class specialization, teacher requirements and other important parameters. To apply, fill in the form on the order page, specifying the basic requirements for the essay and other instructions.

Frequently asked questions

Every day our support managers communicate with hundreds of customers who are curious about the way we provide essay writing services.

Before calling the manager, please learn more about us by reading these FAQs
  • What experience do you have in writing custom essays?

Our experience is more than impressive. Being in the industry for over 10 years we have prepared a million of different papers. Most of them were A-scored! We are proud of these results and are consistent in providing high-quality essays for every student.

  • Who are your authors?

Our employees are certified writers with ample experience in providing writing assistance in academic subjects.

  • Is it possible to order essays urgent?

Such issues are resolved individually. If you need an urgent essay, you’d better call our manager without delay. He will quickly deal with the problem and find you the writer who can fulfill the task. please note that urgent help costs more than an average price announced for an essay.

  • Do you write only in other languages?

Yes! As we work with students from different parts of the globe we prepare papers in the language they speak. Most often we write essays in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Chinese. If there is no language you need on this list, we can find you the writer among our part-time experts.

  • Is there a detailed price list on your website?

Yes, we have created a table with approximate prices for the papers we write. As each order is individual we set the price according to the final request of the customer. However, the basic price is calculated depending on the number of pages, the urgency of the order, the level and the type of the essay.

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