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At first glance, an essay is just a basic task that every student must be able to do. It is not that difficult to simply take several sources, choose the most important information from them, and make a structured text on its basis. But should you do if you have to perform 10 or 15 such tasks in one term? Then, of course, students begin to think about how to reconsider their personal schedule, in which there is simply no time for rest. By the end of term exams, students feel so tired that they need a lot of time to enter into the rhythm of their usual life. What can help them in this situation? The easiest way is to find the best essay writers online who will do your student tasks for you.

There are a lot of sites that are engaged in writing works for students of universities. It’s not a problem to find such a company. You can find many different offers online. But how you can understand that a certain firm is worthy and qualified, and that the authors who write essay for students really understand the proposed topic. Check out these recommendations on how to choose the best author for your college paper.

Who is a good essay writer?

A good essay writer is first of all a person who already has a higher education. That is, if you find out that a student writes an essay for you, who understands the proposed topic a little more than you do, then it is better to refuse such a candidate. There is a little more confidence in graduate students, as usually this is how they make their money – by writing various college papers for students. But the main emphasis should be placed on professors of prestigious universities or outstanding specialists, for whom such help to students is an additional or basic income.

Secondly, the company that you are applying to for writing an essay must provide certain guarantees. For example, if you buy some equipment, then you first think about what will happen if it becomes unusable and you cannot use it. The same goes for your essay. There were cases when after receiving the finished work, students understood that the work does not correspond to the specified topic or does not belong to its discipline, that is, in fact, they simply do not need it. So, initially providing guarantees for their activities is the first criterion for any company in writing student works.

Thirdly, any activity of this kind should be documented. That is, you should not pay attention to the company that does not have any legal documents. It may turn out that such a company one day will just close their website, through which you make an order, and you won’t be able to prove anything in case of poor performance of the order.

Fourthly, it’s good when the firm for writing college works has its own office. Have you seen somewhere a conscientious and reliable firm that provides certain services directly from the house of its founder? So, this also applies to the activity of training centers. When choosing a site where you can order a college paper, then first of all pay attention to the actual address of this company, not the electronic one. You should at any time know that you can visit the office of the company and solve all the questions with them personally, not online.

Fifth, the conclusion of an agreement with a company or training center is a mandatory measure of ordering. The contract prescribes such complex issues, which can be a big plus for you when disputes arise. Imagine that you’ll be asked to make some changes in the essay after sending it to your professor, but you basically will not do it because you have already paid money for quality work. But at the same time, if there is no clause in the agreement on amendments, or the contract does not exist at all, then no one will make corrections to your work. So, try to take this into account because the contract prescribes information not only about editing but also about many other things, for example, about the terms of delivery of the material and the way it is received and paid.

Sixthly, you can choose not the intermediary firm but a private author. In this case, you need to be extremely cautious because now there are a lot of scammers who provide such services. The ideal option for finding the best essay writers online is the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. That is, the student must have assurances that he is addressing a professional, and only those people who recommended the performer will be able to confirm these guarantees. Now you know several criteria for selecting authors for your essay. If you have even the slightest idea of who the author of the essay should be and about the company that performs such services, then you can save yourself from a number of inconveniences and difficulties that often lead to negative consequences associated with studies.

How to write an essay yourself

To begin with, there is nothing supernatural in writing an essay, and to do it yourself is not necessary to have genius abilities.

Writing an essay has its own logic and is conditionally divided into stages with a corresponding sequence of their implementation. Requirements for the content are usually indicated by your professor. The requirements describe the nature of the work, scope, timing, and standards of design. If you’re just getting experience writing an essay and have no idea of how it should look, then you can ask your professor to tell you more about it.

Writing an essay is very similar to writing any other paper
  • Everything begins with the selection and approval of the topic
  • Then drawing up of a plan is followed
  • Then there is the collection of information
  • The conduct of research
  • The layout and writing of the theoretical part of the work, the practical part, drawing conclusions on the basis of the material of the work and the results of the research
  • Drawing up a list of literature, writing an entry and preparing for defense

In some cases, the sequence of implementation of these steps may change, for example, the plan can be made after the collection of material, or using the practical part, and start from precisely its availability.

Choosing a topic

Before writing an essay, students are offered to choose a topic, or offer theirs if it relates to their specialization.

You can choose a topic based on its interest, the recommendations of the supervisor, the availability of material on it, the availability and accessibility of techniques, as well as the possibility of conducting research and obtaining research materials.

What is the concept of work and how to define it

An essay, like any other scientific product, starts with an idea. That is, sorting out the options of what you can write on a given topic, what to consider within the topic, how you can study or explore. In other words, this can be called the development of the concept.

When developing a concept, it is necessary to take into account
  • The subject of work, so as not to go beyond it
  • Availability of material
  • The nature of the work and if the work is practical, it is necessary to choose the most suitable methods for studying the subject of research

Plan for the work

If you have chosen the most suitable concept for your work, divide it into two or three main parts, determine the sequence of consideration of these parts, taking into account the following
  • Logic
  • The chronology of thematic blocks and subsections
  • The importance and the minority of the constituent parts

Then transform it into a plan that will become the basis or the structure of your work.

The main parts of the work in the plan will be called sections, which, in turn, are divided into several subsections.

The title of sections and subsections should clearly indicate their content and not go beyond the scope of your work.

In the work itself, the plan is transformed into the Content, which is made out on the second page and includes
  • The introduction
  • Several sections with subsections
  • Conclusions
  • A list of used sources
  • Applications if any

Analogues of the plan for your topic can be viewed on the internet, performing a search on a given topic.

If the work is practical, the plan should include a section devoted to the practical part with the appropriate title.

The structure of work in the form of a plan should be coordinated with the teacher, this will in future save you from all sorts of mistakes and shortcomings, and subsequent improvements or rework.

Do not forget also that the plan for the course work can vary depending on what material you collect, and what techniques you will use, in which direction the research will move, therefore, having coordinated it with the teacher, it is necessary to proceed to the next stage – the collection of information for writing the work.

Where can I find material for the work?

Essay is carried out on the basis of sources on a certain topic. When writing, it is allowed to use books, textbooks, scientific articles, publications, encyclopedias, dissertations, monographs, periodicals, magazines and newspapers, thematic sites, and online publications as a source to form your own opinion on an issue. The desired number of used sources should be at least 10–15.

Begin to search for sources on the internet – this is the easiest and fastest way to collect information on a given topic. You can specify a search by the keyword of the topic or the title of the book. Also, necessarily pay attention to the resource level. If there is not enough information on your topic online, visit the library of your educational institution, if necessary, you can visit the libraries of other universities.

Interesting material can be scanned or photographed – always mark where you take it from, and record the full name of the source, the authors with the year of issue, the code, the publisher – it will come in handy later when compiling a list of sources used. It is necessary to take into account that it’s better to remove some material than to return to search again, therefore, save everything that you find necessary and useful for your topic. Even if this does not fit into your concept, it can be adjusted if you do not find the material according to the developed concept.

The collected material is assembled into files or folders electronically, marking to which section the information relates.

For convenience, the assembled material can be printed and folded in the desired order according to the work plan.

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