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The essay expresses the writer’s own position on a certain problem. This is a type of work that has features of both a scientific article and a brief essay-opinion. Rough narrative isn’t required. Your work should be somewhere in between the journalistic and scientific style.

To write an essay, revealing the question completely isn’t necessary, it’s sufficient to simply show your own position to the issue that is being considered, supporting it with appropriate citations.

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Why essays?

A short essay in one or another variation is the main format, which students use to share their opinion on a certain topic or issue they care about. This genre that allows the examiner, and first of all the author himself, to do the following
  • Understand how much he/she has mastered and grasped the course he/she has studied
  • How far they can orient themselves in it
  • How ready they are to reflect on the problems arising in the process of this course

In addition, the essay demonstrates the ability to understand the problem, consistently build the argument, and clearly state the thoughts.

What to write in an essay

The essay should reflect your personal point of view on the issue, which is usually formulated in the title of the topic. If the proposed topic does not contain a direct question, you must state it in the first sentence. The title of the topic can also include someone’s judgment on a particular issue. In this case, the implicit question is whether you agree with this statement.

How to state your position

Your views on the question should not necessarily be original, you can fully join one of the already existing points of view. It is much more important
  • To know whose position you share
  • To understand its internal logic
  • To own arguments that allow refuting opponents

Remember that at least two answers can be given to any question: it is expedient to immediately show that you understand the alternatives, determine possible approaches to the topic and one or two main arguments in defense of each of them. The more convex and conflicting the points of view are, the better. However, do not get carried away by enumerating existing approaches, otherwise the whole size of the work and all the time will go to retelling other people’s opinions and you will not have time to state your own.

Opponents should also be known in person, that is, imagine who and why holds a position that seems wrong to you. The tone of the polemic may well be tough and even harsh if you consider it justified but avoid caricature and aggressiveness. Try to formulate the essence of the position that you are going to reject, so that its supporter can admit that you correctly stated his point of view. Try to provide for objections as well that can be made to you by opponents, set them out and briefly refute. Do not forget also that you can both support only one of the existing points of view and prove that both have the right to exist. Try to formulate a compromise approach.

The form of the text of the essay (from I, from the author’s “we” or completely impersonal) does not matter – write how you prefer. When ordering an essay at the best essay writing service, you can specify how what form of the text you would like to have for your paper.

What should be the structure of the essay?

Remember that the unit of your thought is a paragraph. Make sure that each paragraph contains one position (no more, but no less), and also that each paragraph adjoins the previous one and prepares the audience for the next one. The natural structure of the paragraph is the thesis plus the argument (it can also be a supporting example). At the end of the essay, briefly summarize your position and, if possible, state the conclusions that follow from it.

Do you need to give examples?

The most important thing is that your argumentation should not be speculative but based on facts and supported by the material you provide. The more historical facts your essay has, the better. At the same time, you should not abuse examples. The order of presentation should be determined by the logic of your thought. One or two examples that confirm this or that provision is usually enough. Do not try to push too much into the limited size of the essay: it’s better to clearly argue three or four theses than to only name ten.

Do you need quotations and exact dates?

Quotations from the documents of the era, about which you write, adorn the essay, if brought to the place and with a sense of proportion. Do not use quotations that are too long and do not turn the work into the montage. Knowledge of the basic chronology is mandatory, but if you do not remember the exact date of an event, it’s not that serious, the main thing is to understand which epoch (what period) it belongs to. Write simply, do not abuse scientific words. To use scientific terminology is highly commendable, but only if you are absolutely convinced that you understand the meaning of the term.

Avoid citing secondary sources, that is, the works of researchers who wrote on this topic. It is better to expound their views in your own words (of course, referring to the author). The quotation is acceptable only if it is so brilliant that you are not only interested in the expressed thought, but also in its verbal form – or vice versa, if you are going to smash the quoted point of view and try to present it as accurately as possible.

How not to lose everything

Direct copying of others’ works and plagiarism are inadmissible and will immediately disqualify your essay. When referring to someone else’s research, it is necessary to indicate the author and sometimes the name of the work. Exact bibliographic references are not required. Do not send essays downloaded from the internet: it will be discovered, and you will forever lose the opportunity to participate in any essay contests.

Rules for writing an essay

Some of the rules for writing an essay include
  • From rules include one thing – a title.
  • The internal structure can be various. Since this is a small form of a written work, it is not necessary to repeat the conclusions at the end, they can be included in the main text or in the title.
  • Argumentation can precede the formulation of the issue. The formulation of the issue can concur with the final conclusion.
  • Unlike the abstract, which is addressed to any reader, therefore it starts with “I want to talk about...” and ends with “I have come to the following conclusions...”, an essay is a replica addressed to the prepared reader (listener). That is, a person who in general already has an idea of what will be discussed. This allows the author to focus on the disclosure of something new and not to clutter up the presentation with service details.

The main mistakes in writing essays

In comparison to tests, there is no need to choose an answer in essays (when you’re given a choice of multiple answers). Writing is not limited in time, you can write it as many times as you need, and then ask someone to look at it. Apply all the possibilities and attempt to stay away from usual mistakes.

Bad check-up

Don’t think that checking the spelling is sufficient. Read the paper again and make sure that there’re no ambiguous expressions, unsuccessful turns, etc. Examples that you should not use include
  • I am proud to be able to resist the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco
  • To work with you, in a wonderful place, where there is a lot of Gothic architecture, will be an exciting thing for me

Tedious forewords, lack of detail

Very often, a good essay loses in what is an enumeration of statements without illustrating them with examples such as the importance of hard work and persistence, learning from errors, etc.

Too many words

Papers should include a particular number of words, so use this size intelligently. It may mean to give up details or ideas, particularly if they have already been noted somewhere or are not connected to the matter. Such moments only distract the attention of the reader (listener) and obscure the main topic.

Long sentences

The longer the sentences, the better – some say so. But, this is a wrong belief. Long sentences don’t yet prove you’re being right, and short proposals often have a greater impact. It’s best when long sentences follow short ones and vice versa. Read the paper aloud. If you see that it’s hard for you to read, break one big sentence into a few smaller ones.

Avoid overloading the paper

When working on a draft, discard scientific notions. Incorrect use of such terms distracts the attention of the reader, diminishes the value of your work. Avoiding such common mistakes, you can interest the expert commission.

Checking the work

Great value in writing an essay is the verification of its first version. When working on a draft, build an argument, improve the basic thoughts, and put them in a strict order, adding illustrative things or extra data. After finishing the first option, leave it for a few days and then return to work on checking and improving.

When checking, concentrate on the following
  • Essays are of a subjective genre and therefore its evaluation can be subjective. Do not focus on all at once.
  • Presented data: regardless of which question you are responding to, you need to achieve particular goals.
  • Communication/writing skills. Essays are also made to test how you can express your thoughts in writing. A poorly written essay will not help you be well-appreciated.
  • The image of a real person. The expert commission wants to see in the essay the image of the person who wrote it. Not only the test results, work experience, but also the character of the candidate is important. It’s important to be honest, sincere, and unique.
  • Individuality. The only way to make the commission see the image of a particular person behind all documents is to make an element of personal in your work. Your essays will immediately become more interesting and attracting. They will help you stand out among hundreds of other contenders.
  • Details. All that you write needs to be confirmed with examples. Make references to your experience. The details will make you look interesting, unique, and specific.

When ordering a paper at the best essay writing service, you can be sure that there’ll be no mistakes and all your individual requests will be taken into account.

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