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Despite the fact that the college time is one of the most important in a life, it can be stressful. In this time people get the basic knowledge in the profession, get the ideas about the future life and form a worldview. It is also a very important time for communication. At the same time can be very stressful and even decrease your productivity. Some things without a doubt can make less smart that you already are. Here are these things
  • Group Thinking
  • Overused multitasking
  • Sitting all day at classes
  • Jogging in the city
  • The lack of sleep and long lectures
  • Stress.

Students under the high pressure, sometimes need a professional writing help. A busy schedule often leads to stresses, lower level of productivity and burning deadlines. Sometimes the outside writing help solves all the problems and helps to overcome the college obstacles.

Group thinking

The college or the university is the place where the learning process is often provided in a team. There is not enough time or resources to train each student separately, so thereby eventually groups of 20-30 people are created. Often it happens that the teachers split the groups into even smaller parts, but working in small groups does not make you smarter. Some of the researchers say the opposite thing.

Researchers from the research institute in Virginia asked students to pass IQ tests first individually, and then in groups of five. In the second case, the results were significantly worse. Researchers think that apparently, this is because social status plays a huge role in how our brain works. Thereby, when people have to focus on their social role in the group, even subconsciously, it is no longer possible to concentrate on the main current task.

Researchers believe that for five years of training, this behavior is fixed and can manifest itself after the institute, for example, during business meetings. In other words, for most of the people, it is more important to play the social role, even at the expense of their own productivity.

Overused multitasking

A busy schedule often forces students to try to do several things at the same time, but in fact, it does not help at all. The researchers say that it is always better to concentrate on something first, and then do the other things consistently. When you try to do several things at once, you will make performing of each one worse.

Those students who want to be multitasking, perceive new information and, after a short time, remember that it is too difficult. Often, students could not determine whether a number is even or odd, or a letter or a vowel in front of them. For example, when they were shown an alphabetic sequence, they could not indicate how often the same letter was repeated. Researchers believe that people who regularly work in multitasking mode, thus weakening their ability to filter out unnecessary data. The researchers also say that for multitaskers it is difficult to focus on one subject. So the next time you decide to do math in a sociology lesson, you can just leave the audience. This way you will learn more, and save your productivity, how paradoxically it sounds.

Sitting all day at classes

Most of the researchers say that sitting in one place all day reduces mental abilities. Dr. James Levin from the Mayo Clinic conducted a series of tests to find out how long sitting affects human health. Unfortunately, the results were disappointing. First, the main task was to understand how a long daily immobility affects weight gain. However, the results showed that sitting in one place also affects the brain activity.

Researchers found that people who sit in one place for more than two hours a day, significantly reduce their metabolism. This factor is directly related to cognitive abilities. The human brains use glucose as fuel in the body because of burning calories. So a few hours of studying before the exams can lead to the fact that the brain will begin to perceive information not so effectively. You should always remember this to make your paper writing more effective.

Jogging in the city

It does not matter whether you run to relieve stress after a busy school day or drive out the morning hangover. For many people jogging down the street is a great way to cheer up and an increasingly fashionable hobby among the young. However, for your studies, the hobby can be a hindrance. Jogging in an urban environment or in any place where pollution is more or less present, reduces your ability to perceive new information.

The group of researchers divided the runners into two groups: some regularly run in the city, others - outside the city. It turned out that urban runners reduced the concentration of attention and reaction. This is due to the high concentration of harmful substances in the blood after an hour of running. If you want to do jogging but still save your productivity, the solution is to run on a windy day or in the rain. When it is the windy or rainy day when the city becomes cleaner.

The lack of sleep and long lectures

The need to constantly get up early or spend sleepless nights preparing for lectures can also make you stupider. The group of researchers made an experience on hamsters to find out exactly how sleep deprivation affects mental ability. The hamster sleep schedule changed every 6 days, and as a result, the neuronal activity of the animals decreased by 50%. Some of them could not even find the wheel. You can imagine what unpleasant result can be for the more complex human organism.

Hamsters showed a decrease in mental abilities during the month after they returned to normal daily routine. Thus, lack of sleep can have long-term consequences. Thereby, if you feel the lack of sleep, but your deadline burns, it is a good idea to find the best essay writing website and make an offer.

Statistics show that we spend most of the time at the university listening to someone else's monologue. This way students try to learn something. But at the same time, this way of training reduces the ability to make reasonable decisions. In one research, the group of students answered questions about how they use this or that financial opportunity, whether they will take advantage of the opportunity in certain circumstances. Simultaneously, they made magnetic resonance imaging of the brain. In some cases, subjects received advice from "experts", in some cases - no.

For the most part, the study participants did exactly as they were advised, even if this involved a risk. And when they did not receive any recommendations, they took the risk into account and made a decision independently. Such decision was based on all known data. The results were better when students got now lectures about the topic. So, the lectures are a good way to lose the independence of thinking.


Stress is a constant part of university life. Students are constantly in sight and their future depends on their grades. They often have to hide their actions, which lead to the lower psychological stability. In such an environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to adequately respond to stressful situations.

The results or the studies show that the greater the stress experienced, the greater the impact the cortex got. This area of the brains is responsible for controlling impulses and emotional stability. These abilities are also important for students’ ability to learn new from the actual experience. Moreover, stress reduces the number of neurons in the brain. Unfortunately, this reduces the ability of the brain to process and store new information.

How to find the perfect writing website?

As many students worldwide use online writing services, and the great variety of offers, sometimes it is hard to make a right choice. Some of the services have the undefined reputation, the others say less than it is needed in terms. If you want to select the perfect writing website for your college activities, you should pay attention to several details
  • The list of the assignments that the service provides
  • The provided pricing policy
  • The number of free revisions and the way of the communication between customer and writer
  • The time terms of providing a final draft
  • The guarantee of the confidentiality
  • Plagiarism free papers
  • Feedback, the reputation of the website.
Some of the above details are easy to find, while the others are not obvious from the first view. Thereby, you will need to make your own research, which can be based on three main groups of information
  • Friends and colleges from college
  • Students forums
  • Online search and the articles with the top lists of writing services.

Take some time to make your choice and use all the available sources of information. In the end, you will find the perfect writing service and save yourself from some of the stress situations in college.

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