How the best personal essays are written

Personal essays are usually made by applicants to go to college. A lot depends on such kind of writing, thereby, it should be taken with all serious attention. Admission commissions in college always want to find interesting, talented candidates. They are trying to assemble a team (probably everyone would like to collect such a team) from a vast group of smart, motivated, innovative, unique personalities who can bring something interesting to the multi-layer community of the college.

They need people who are integral, able to find the common language with others, in every way diversifying life on campus. In addition, they need stable, self-assured applicants who have already achieved something in their lives. Therefore, before you start writing an essay, make a list of the most significant events in your life. Here are some questions about the events in your life that can help you to write the personal essay
  • Which of events in your life really changed you, made you who you are now?
  • Have you grown up abroad and learned several languages?
  • Does your cultural environment favorably distinguish you from others?
  • Perhaps you have an inherent flaw that made you stronger?
  • And maybe you are a master of Thai medicine, a marathon runner or a pianist?
  • Do you have an unusual interest that fills your life with meaning?

Some tips on writing a personal essay

After highlighting unique events, mark those that helped you to find your way in life. This list will influence the structure of your personal essay. Those events that helped to understand the values in your life and prioritize your activities are very important. Ask yourself: do the personal essay shows me as an emotionally unstable, unreliable, ambiguous person? If so, then such events should not be in the essay. If the events in your paper make your essay stronger and wiser, be sure to include them. A few tips more to write a successful personal essay
  • Be honest (the admission committee feels an exaggeration from the very beginning)
  • Explain as much as you need, but do not overdo it with unnecessary and uninteresting details
  • Humor is always welcomed if it is natural
  • Tell readers not only about the event but also about what it gave to you and how you are going to use this knowledge
  • Read the essay to the person you trust and see the feedback
  • Re-read the essay to yourself and find out does it describes you correctly. If you can be proud of what you wrote and this shows you in the favorable light, this is what you need.

The personal essay is a great opportunity to share interesting and unique moments of your life with the selection committee. But many applicants for understandable reasons are afraid to "look at the camera" and talk about personal when it still important to try to make a bring impression.

How to control your emotions before deadlines?

Students go through stressful situations in college. Mainly this is due to a tough schedule, procrastination, the lack of time and the lack of motivation. Surely, to resist stresses, mainly you should identify the reasons of them and try to solve them. However, it is also important to do the basic steps against panic and stress behavior. Here are the main steps to avoid panic behavior in college
  • Don’t let your emotions control you, control them instead
  • Don’t dramatize what is happening around
  • Look at the situation from the outside

Though some people are slaves of their emotions, you can always try to refuse this judgment. Try not to be the slave of your emotions, even if the situation going out of control. Even if you are an explosive person by nature, do your best to keep yourself calm and not lose self-control. For example, if you are in the situation of burning deadlines, it doesn’t make sense to panic. It is better to realize the situation and take the most useful decision. If you can write your essay in the limited time, then do it, if you cannot do it – then you need to find a reputable writing service. Good essay writing companies can provide best personal essays in a very short time.

Look at the situation from the outside

Learn to look at yourself from the side. Many overly emotional people, fortunately, do not even guess how unattractive they look, reacting violently to any failure. The thought that you will seem to some hysterical person, can shake and give more power for self-control. Some people tend to unnecessarily dramatize what is happening around. The most trivial problem, trouble, which is not worth the attention, deprives them of peace.

Sometimes something seems almost the end of the world. Therefore, in this emotional state, people hurry to react and throw out their emotions. However, this not only puts themselves in an embarrassing situation but also unnerving others. If you are in such situation, you should first mentally say to yourself: "Stop! I will consider this problem again! ". In case of writing an essay, if this is not enough time for writing an assignment, the good idea of how to make it, can come only if you are calm.

Work on your reaction to obstacles

Even a calm, phlegmatic person finds it difficult to maintain endurance, if, for example, college schedule leaves no time to rest at all. Try to regulate the regime of the day, pay special attention to a healthy, full sleep. If possible, take at least a short vacation on your weekends. Your main task is to refrain from immediate reaction, to show patience.

You can first mentally pronounce the phrase that you were going to say out loud, or mentally count to a certain number. These methods well calmed and, in some cases, help to stay away from the emotional outburst. At first, it will be hard for you to restrain yourself, but then you will get used to it. Much depends on relatives and friends: they need to try to create a quiet, comfortable atmosphere at home. Try to less talk about crime, diseases, disasters, politics, and etcetera.

Be sure to recall the cases when you managed to successfully solve any problem while maintaining peace. This will increase your self-esteem, inspire confidence in your abilities, and at the same time will help you to learn how to be cool. Anyway, if you see that there is no time to work on the paper before the deadline, it is better to hire a paper writing company. The personal essay is highly important for the career, so there is no chance to spoil it.

How to be a cheerful person

People who take the decision on the personal essays, like cheerful applicants. Our tough rhythm of life leads to the fact that even the calmest person very quickly feels the lack of a natural charge of happiness and cheerfulness. We are increasingly plunged into problems with health, in difficulties in college and in relationships. Sadness and boredom kill our happiness, that flows through our fingers in the end. So how to become a truly cheerful person and learn how to love life? There are several tips that can help
  • Wake up with a smile
  • Develop a habit of being cheerful
  • Take brakes to be in a calm state
  • Develop a healthy sense of humor
  • Leave your college problems there and don’t bright them at home.

Usually, in the morning we already wake up sullen and engrossed in cares. While some students are serious, many cheerful and positive people make their day pleasant and happy from the very beginning. And this is not so difficult. It is enough to smile in the mirror and show the tongue when you brush your teeth. Smile to all the people, especially relatives and friends. The smile is able to cheer up, relieve tension and please people around us. This is how our brains work – when you feel good, you smile, when you smile, you feel good.

Learn how to fight procrastination

Procrastination is the thing that bothers students a lot. It is very ineffective to show you procrastinating qualities in the personal essay. However, it makes sense to show how your self-improvement helped you to overcome the procrastination. To fight procrastination, there can be different steps. First of all, you need to identify the reasons for your procrastination, because this will help you to fight against it. Basically, there is such main advice on how to fight procrastination
  • Learn how to effectively plan your time
  • Eliminate distractions and make the effective working process
  • Find the most time-consuming activities in the schedule and examine its importance
  • Split big tasks into smaller parts
  • Make your own deadlines that are earlier than those that your teacher gave.

Procrastination can cause many troubles because it leaves you very nervous and distracted. The only way to effectively fight it is to identify the real reasons for the procrastination. You should be honest when you do that because only in this case something good will happen.

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