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There is a big variety of writing services on the internet, thereby, they include options for every customer. Students usually make their choice based on such information about the online firm
  • Its pricing policy and the system of discounts for regular customers
  • The list of papers that the firm offers
  • The terms in which it can provide the final draft
  • The number of free revisions
  • A reputation of the company reviews about the firm.
When you will find a perfect writing firm for you, you can buy argumentative essay. This helps to avoid stresses and save time for the other assignments. However, if you decide to write your argumentative paper yourself, you should learn more about it. Common characteristics of the argumentative essay are such
  • The main idea of the paper is the author's intention to use personal experience to make arguments about surrounding his reality
  • The essay is focused on understanding the most important concepts, as a result of which the author uses argumentative types of speech reasoning and description as the main ones
  • The presence of the plot line in the essay is acceptable only as an argument or illustration to the point of view presented
  • From the point of view of stylistics, the essay is in the context of the simple style of speech.

In academic writing, it is prohibited to write from the first/second person (do not use I, we, you, our). As often as possible, try to write large noun phrases, use passive voice. Do not use explicit non-academic spelling. If you will buy argumentative essay, the final draft will be already made due to the requirements.

The purpose of the argumentative paper

There are two main goals of the argumentative essay
  • To convince the audience in a certain point of view and to persuade it to the author’s side (with much attention paid to the opposite position)
  • To clearly formulate why this position is preferable, and not the other one.
  • The author, during the writing of the essay, conducts a kind of internal dialogue. During such dialog, he or she is evaluating statements, proofs and support, assumptions, hidden arguments and internal contradictions. Finally, the author comes to the fact that one point of view becomes better than others, while the rest of the people can disagree with that from the beginning.
Argumentative essays open various topics: from social and political to personal. The main thing is that there are at least two reasonable points of view about each topic. The argumentative essay consists of the following elements
  • Introduction
  • The thesis part
  • The argumentation
  • The conclusion.
You should include such elements in the introduction
  • Formulation of the topic
  • The relevance of the topic
  • The divergence of views on the topic
  • Structure of the argumentation on the topic.

If you don’t buy argumentative essay, you should think about how to interest the reader. That means that you need to use the “hook” in the introduction.

The main part of the paper - argumentation

In the argumentation part, you should describe the reasons that you have already shown in the thesis. Make small paragraphs with a separate argument in each of them. Make sure that each of the paragraphs is completed correctly. There is an important thing – each paragraph should continue the previous logically. Only this way you will make sure that the argumentation goes correctly. Here are the elements that the argumentation should include
  • Subject
  • Sequence
  • Chronology
  • Contrast.
When you write your essay, try to base it on these principles and form the main part. Remember that the thesis can be shown again at the end of the work. Always make sure that the sequence of the paper is correct. If you buy argumentative essay at the reputable writing service, you save yourself from mistakes. These are mistakes that students do during their argumentation
  • Wide repeating
  • Extra information
  • Inconsistency

Write the powerful conclusion

In the conclusion of the argumentative paper, you just need to finish the idea of the essay. Here you should sum your arguments. You should also show the thesis again, but briefly. Give the thesis if you decide to arrange it after the arguments. Here are the main mistakes that students do in the conclusion of the argumentative essay
  • Use new arguments, which are not shown in the main text
  • Repeat the information that was already mentioned

You should understand that the conclusion is not the informative part. You should take it as some summary of the paper. Do not add new causes at the end. If you have some extra argument, then just put an extra paragraph. Buy argumentative essay at the reputable writing service to get the desired result.

Opinion argumentation paper

In this kind of writing, you express your thoughts on a given topic. It would seem that any work is an expression of one's own thoughts. However, this kind of essay has its own specifics. In Opinion Essays, you need to not just reflect your point of view, but also to look at the proposed topic from different angles. Consider all aspects of the issue, write your opinion and necessarily confirm it with confident arguments.

Argumentative essay-opinion writing should include
  • Introduction. You specify the topic of reasoning here
  • Main part. You express your opinion and confidently argue it. Here it is also desirable to consider the opinion opposite to yours, and explain to the reader why you do not share this point of view
  • The conclusion. You sum up and finally formulating your point of view on the proposed topic.

Don’t waste your time on struggling in the argumentation

Get to work right away, no matter what you should do for that. Sometimes it's hard to start, even if it's your favorite job. Some students can sit for a long time, staring at an empty text document or standing barefoot on the beach on a cold winter morning. The first step is not easy, but as soon as you do it - write the first paragraph, catch the first wave – this will give you a colossal charge of energy.

You should never concentrate on the difficulties - this will steal all the hunt for action. If you immediately plunge into the work, just as a diver sinks into the water, the mood will quickly rise and the task no longer will seem so complicated. Divide the work into small segments when you writing your argumentative paper. Often we procrastinate because of the fear of the volume of work ahead. Try to break the project into small parts.

Find small areas of work that do not take too much time and effort, and get them first. For example, you can take up to 10 hours looking for the topic for your argumentative paper, but if you take just a short introduction, you will spend 15 minutes on it. Another 10 minutes will go to write a thesis and after all, you will be into work. You will not notice how small segments will gradually fill the void of a large project, and it will make the writing process more efficient.

For and against argumentative essay

The name speaks for itself: in this kind of writing, you give arguments "for" and "against" some statement or idea. The essay for and against should include such elements
  • Introduction. In it, you lead the reader to the topic of discussion.
  • Main part. You give arguments "for" and "against" some action or phenomenon. At the same time, the author should not express one's point of view, adhere to neutrality.
  • The conclusion. Only here the author expresses his attitude to the topic and makes a conclusion.

How to start writing the essay and fight procrastination

The main thing here is to understand the causes. When you are not ready to work, procrastination can point to something important. Perhaps you just need a short break or a snack. And maybe you are dragging all the responsibility for the scientific advisor and it's painful and not joyful for you. Whatever it is, do not engage in self-flagellation because of procrastination, you should better try to see what its cause is. This can be the most productive step on the way to solving the problem.

The other thing that you should do is to remove obstacles. Before doing the work, you should think about what can stop you. Create a plan to remove obstacles. For example, you have a technical task for the project that waits for you in the mail, and every time you look there, you are distracted by incoming letters. Before you begin, just move the file from the mail to another location. Thus, when planning ahead, you can maintain concentration. It is easier to maintain concentration consistently than to be constantly distracted to renew it.

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