What are the reasons to buy college essays online?

Online writing of college and high-school assignments become very popular nowadays. The market share of such service grows, which leads to several positive tendencies
  • The bigger number of qualitative reputable writing firms come into a market
  • The average quality of the papers increases
  • The bigger competition leads to better offers for students
  • Writing firms cover the majority of assignments and improve their specialization.

The above positive tendencies are the positive reasons of why students can be not afraid of hiring websites to write assignments. Students usually use the services of writing websites, because they decide to free their time for more important tasks. People cannot be multitasking, that means that sometimes we need to make the hard priorities. Sometimes it is better to focus on some important assignment, while the writing professionals’ team does the other assignments for you.

One of the biggest obstacles – procrastination

One of the biggest reasons of why students feel the lack of time and have to use the outside writing services – is the procrastination. Only 5% of students do everything that they should on time. The rest of the students have a propensity for procrastination. The statistics say that 25% of all procrastinators regularly push the implementation of even the most interesting, but important tasks in the long box.

A typical example of procrastination

To make sure that you are a procrastinator, or not, you should see, how the procrastination works. For example, it's time for the student to do the thesis work. He or she decides to start it right now because the deadlines burn. A student turns on the computer, opens the necessary materials and decides to pour his coffee. Coming to the kitchen, he discovers that there is no favorite coffee. He or she postpones business (writing a paper), goes to the store and buys coffee.

When the student comes home, he or she again sits down to the workplace. Then the student decides to check the email or new messages on social networks. He looks, answers and enters into correspondence. After all, several hours passed, and the work has not even begun yet. Unexpectedly, the student discovers that the day has passed, and the paper is still left at the zero stage of implementation.

Why students procrastinate?

Why do we behave so strangely - fully aware of the need to act, but persistently ignore it? All people are the same. However, some researchers believe that, by and large, people are not guilty of their procrastination. It's all about the colossal number of duties that are loaded on the shoulders of a modern student. The same is also with all the distracting factors - to take at least the Internet. We concentrate on many things, subconsciously hoping that we will somehow meet all the deadlines.

The news is worse: the case itself does not resolve, but the quality of life of the ordinary student-procrastinator is gradually deteriorating. According to observations of scientists, chronic saboteurs do not differ in heroic health - after all, they till the last postpone visits to doctors. At the same time, the decline of forces is often compensated by coffee and energy. They are not too successful (they meet deadlines with delinquencies, for example).

Students-procrastinators are not so also happy, because they constantly chew themselves on procrastination and the lack of willpower. If you feel stuck in the procrastination, you should do something. For example, you can buy college essays online and meet deadlines. This will give you a chance to start everything the right way. If you feel procrastination, you can ask yourself these questions
  • What are the reasons for it?
  • Can I fight it or not?
  • What assignments should I give to the outsource.

What goes into our brains during procrastination?

For example, let's see what happens inside our brain when we delay and postpone. When you procrastinate, a fascinating internal battle rages in your brain. First, you are trying to come up with a reason why it's okay to watch another episode of the "House of Cards" series, but then you remember that you need to pay the rent soon. After that, you are tempted once again to check Facebook or Twitter. Finally, you decide to prepare for the report that you pass next Friday.

These thoughts are the tug of war between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex of the brains. The limbic system is the emotional, instinctive part of the brain, and in it is our pleasure center. From an evolutionary point of view, the limbic system is an ancient part of the brains, which is also found in animals. This part of our brains pushes us to instinctive actions, it inclines to succumb to emotions and temptations.

This is the part of our brain that forces us to postpone something important to instead look at the new episodes of some series. The prefrontal cortex is the logical part of our brain. This part wants to make us sit down for the preparation something important. Among other things, it is responsible for logic, reason and helps to keep long-term goals in view.

Switch while performing your assignments

Experts believe that it is difficult for the brain to concentrate on one task for more than 30-40 minutes. This means that after this time you need to give yourself a little rest or switch to something else. It is better to make coffee, drink water, or walk around the house. Some students say that the anti-stress ball helps a lot.

Sometimes just a few minutes to look out the window is enough to bring new energy for the assignment writing. It is more effective to be distracted by small things that require little time for execution. When they will be done, you will be free to concentrate on more ambitious tasks. Sometimes you need to switch globally. If the schedule is too tough, you should sensibly assess the situation. If you cannot meet the deadlines yourself, then you need to buy college essays online.

The first step to the effectiveness is the understanding

If you will realize yourself the fact that at the particular moment you are procrastinating, this will help you a lot. It often helps students and brings a good feeling to life. Admit to yourself that you do not want to write some assignment, because you are scared or afraid of failure. You should be brave to understand that you do not undertake a new assignment because you are afraid of the new start. Recognizing the problem, you are already halfway to solving it. What you should do to become effective in this
  • Recognize the procrastination
  • Identify the reasons of it
  • Fight it.

After you honestly confess, you should say to yourself that this assignment still has to be done. Do now and forget about it, or place an order at the wiring website. Once the task is completed, the fears will go away. And the sooner this happens, the faster you will feel good. It is very important to feel good because emotions play a huge role for the student. The student life is full of emotions, and many important things happened there. Start living your life effectively.

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