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One of the conditions for admission to the defense of the thesis is the writing and publication of scientific articles that indicates the conduct of the scientific activity of a graduate student or candidate of science. An important point in writing articles is of course the choice of topic. In order for the work to be scientifically valuable and relevant to the future dissertation research as much as possible, it is advisable not to dwell on the narrowly focused topics and, conversely, not to try to cover the entire thesis. It is necessary to avoid a simple analysis of the literature in this area, it is desirable to present the final parts of the thesis sections and the results of empirical research in order to show your own contribution to the development of the research.

All papers must be published according to a certain formatting style. As for the number of articles, there are no clear requirements, often it depends either on the supervisor or on other factors. As a rule, they try to publish one article for each chapter of the thesis. This helps present your own dissertation research.

Why do students need to write a research paper?

Most students publish articles under the pressure of external factors. In many universities, especially when studying in a magistracy, only those qualifying works are accepted for the defense, according to the results of which there are already publications in magazines. Sometimes the head or administration of the university requires students to publish papers to increase the position of the university in the ratings.

Some students have an internal motivation for doing science. Then the availability of published articles can be very useful when applying for participation in a variety of seminars and schools, the costs of which are compensated by any fund.

When enrolling in a master’s program, a resume is required, and the number of scientific publications of the applicant will be an important advantage in the selection of candidates

There are universities that pay additional scholarships to students with high publication activity.

Why do graduate students and applicants for academic degrees write scientific articles?

According to the requirements, it is not possible to obtain a Candidate of Science degree without the presence of 2–3 (depending on the branch of science) publications in journals indexed in special databases. Therefore, applicants for academic degrees and graduate students should take care of the availability of the required number of published scientific papers before the defense of the thesis.

The salary of a researcher depends on the publication activity of a researcher.

How to write a research paper

The way a research paper is written depends on its type.

  • There are reviews, in which the author analyzes contemporary literary data on a topic, assesses the state of its study, indicates unresolved issues, and prospects for research in this field. Usually review articles are published by famous scientists who are well-oriented in their topic.
  • Another type of scientific publications, whose authors may well be students, are experimental articles. Independently or with the help of a scientific adviser, you set a goal, tasks, formulated a hypothesis that you intend to test, plan, and perform an experiment. The results were analyzed and you are ready to start writing the article. But how to start writing a scientific article?
The process of writing can be divided into three phases
  • Preparation for writing, collecting information
  • Writing a draft
  • Adjustment

Many miss the first phase and immediately begin writing papers. This popular way cannot be considered effective. Imagine that you opened an empty Word document and started writing an introduction to the article. You wrote the first phrase, then began to formulate the second one. And then you understand that you need to insert some statistical data. You remember that they are published in this or that article for the year of 2015. You open the search engine and try to find it but you only find the summary and the output. Then you try to find it in databases, after some time you can download a pdf file with the full text, but now you need to find the necessary statistics in the body of the article. The whole process will take you on average 20–30 minutes. This is how much time you’ll actually spend writing two phrases.

Do not neglect the stage of preparation for writing an article. Find all the information you need, organize it so that it is always at your hands. And only after that, open a new Word document.

The second step is writing a draft. Students consider it to be the most difficult stage in writing a research paper, which they spend most of the time on. If it takes a lot of time and effort to write a draft, it means that you have chosen an ineffective approach.

Instead of quickly describing your thoughts in the form, in which they come to mind, you are trying to combine the writing of the draft and the next stage – the adjustment. That is, you start to edit each sentence in the course of the writing, trying to immediately bring it to the perfection. You start paying attention to the details, but you lose sight of the overall picture of your work.

It is better to write down all your thoughts in a simple draft as it is. And then correct the already finished text and bring it into line with the requirements for writing a research paper.

Experienced authors recommend learning how to allocate your time in the process of writing the publication as follows
  • Preparation for writing – 70%
  • Writing a draft – 10%
  • Adjustment – 20%

Choosing a topic for your research paper

In order to write with enthusiasm, you need to choose a question that will be of interest to you as an author. At the same time, the article should contain scientific novelty and be within the framework of the topic popular for modern science. You can evaluate the relevance with the help of specialized search engines
  • Natural sciences
  • Articles on all branches
  • Scientific electronic library
  • Google Scholar – a service to search for publications on all areas of science

If on the topic of your scientific article there has been an increase in the number of publications in the last 5–10 years, you can consider that you are on the right track.

Journals accept publication of a size of no more than 15 pages, so the topics for scientific articles should be formulated as concretely as possible. Focus on one aspect. For example, the theme “Memory” can be narrowed to “Molecular mechanisms of memory formation”.

Plan of the research paper

When the topic is selected, it is necessary to begin compiling the plan. It can be formal or informal.

  • An informal plan is your working option (for personal use). It can be drafted in any form and should help you organize and present your ideas during the work on the article. It can be reviewed and added, some points in it may be deleted along the way, without paying special attention to form.
  • The formal plan for writing a research paper is the document that you will submit to the scientific supervisor for agreement before beginning the writing of the article. The formal plan must contain all headings and subheadings. They should be indicated with Roman or Arabic numerals. After each item name, it is necessary to briefly describe what you are going to set out in the relevant section of the article.

Structure of the research paper

To understand how to write a research paper correctly, knowledge of its structure will help. An article in the scientific style usually looks like this
  • Article title
  • Annotation
  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Object and methodology
  • Results
  • The discussion of the results
  • Final part
  • Bibliography

The size of the article is measured in printed sheets. Journals themselves set limits on the volume of publication, so you need to ask in advance about the maximum number of printed sheets that you can take.

Reasons to order a research paper

To order the writing of a research paper on the service for buying research papers online means to get the expected result in the shortest possible time for an affordable price.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s worth ordering the research paper online
  • Quality execution. Your scientific article will be prepared by a candidate (doctor) of sciences, not a student. Only a qualified author can prepare a paper on a top scientific level and organize a publication in the journals.
  • Conformity with all the instructions. Any paper has to be written in accordance with strict instructions such as conformity with the structure and established norms for the content of the article, design, mandatory indication of the bibliography, and extremely concise deductions in the end.
  • Original and literate text. After writing your article, the text will be checked for mistakes and corrected. It will also pass a rigorous and thorough test for plagiarism. You will not even have a second doubt about the originality of the work.
  • Reliable information sources. When preparing your paper, specialists use modern literary sources such as various periodicals, monographs, and scientific publications.
  • The shortest possible implementation time. There is no need to worry, thinking about if your paper will be made in time. The writers will organize the process and prepare the paper so that you will receive the ready work strictly at the agreed time.

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