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Like in other markets, in the market of online writing services, you have to pay to get something qualitative. However, as usual, you can find a good combination of the price and quality. As you can see, the main thing here is to find a company with an attractive pricing policy and still reputable service. If you want to find a writing service, you can use these sources of information:
  • Student writing forums
  • Articles with top lists
  • Colleagues from college.

When you will get all the information, you can form your own list. Go through the list and pay attention to the pricing policy and the academic papers that the service offers. Also, pay attention to the reputation of the service (you can learn something about it if you will pay attention to the comments or other feedback). When you will be ready, you can make your choice. Anyway, if you want to write the essay without professional help, you should learn more about it.

The difference between essays and the other papers

The artistic and journalistic genre of the essay is interesting in that it gives the author an unlimited opportunity for self-expression. Modern school programs include the teaching of writing essays. This is a kind of creative work, in which the ability to express the author’s own opinion on an actual topic is required.

Essays - a kind of sketch genre or a kind of creative work presented in the form of reasoned writing. It reflects the subjective author's position in relation to the socially significant problem of social, moral, ethical, scientific, cultural and historical plan. Some of the other academic writings are creative work on a given topic, which can be performed as a description, narrative, reasoning or analysis of artistic text, literary images, and aesthetic concepts.

The purpose of writing

The purpose of writing as one of the types of creative work is the development of written skills related to the ability to formulate the author’s own judgments on problem questions. The author makes that to analyze individual phenomena, facts or fragments of the text. He also makes that to express thoughts in the logical sequence, and to make generalizations and draw conclusions. There are such close and connected elements:
  • Description;
  • Narration;
  • The reasoning of a problem nature;
  • Comparative characteristics of images;
  • Analysis of the artistic text.

The composition of the essay should include an introduction to the identification of the relevance of the topic, the main content, and conclusion. The content and form of the essay correlate with the narrative and argumentative essay. However, the author faces a more difficult task: to encourage readers to reflect, due to the persuasiveness and brightness of the presentation. The other goal is to evoke an emotional response from the readers to what they read.

The essay, like any kind of composition, requires a creative interpretation of the topic. However, the most important thing in it is the author's position, personal vision of the problem situation and the ways to solve it, based on knowledge of the material and own intellectual experience. The essay needs a clear definition of the problem, in the interpretation of which the author's argumentation with elements of independent analysis is fundamentally important.

The free structure and composition of the essay allow the author to use in the construction of phrases various techniques that enhance the impact on the reader's perception. The author can talk with inversion, antithesis, associative series, metaphorical generalizations, irony and other kinds of allegory. In the essay, it is appropriate to use assumptions, rhetorical questions, phraseological units. They give speech expressiveness and stylistic expressiveness. The final part of the essay does not always contain a conclusion.

What is the main difficulty during writing an essay?

Most of the writers (not only students) suffer from procrastination. It is not surprising, because the procrastination is the usual companion of the most of creative people. Luckily, there are ways of how to fight it. If you are not lucky to find some cheap custom writing service, you have to write your papers. Thereby, sooner or later you will need to find out how to fight procrastination. Here are the main things that help to fight procrastination:
  • Identifying the small achievements
  • Setting the realistic goals
  • Controlling the internal dialog
  • Focusing on the result

To fight procrastination, it is very important to identify the achievements, even small. There is nothing more pleasant than removing the completed cases from the scheduled list. To cope with procrastination and feel satisfaction, try to delete everything done from the list.

For students, this works on the physical level. Small victories, make the brains work in regions, which are responsible for reward and motivation. A growing number of androgen receptors affect the production of testosterone, which increases self-confidence and the desire to cope with new challenges. For students, this means new pages and the finishing of the assignments.

Sometimes it is enough to delete a few small tasks from the list in order to develop the willpower to overcome a more significant task. But this should work not for the sake of carrying out small tasks. The author should try to avoid more significant ones.

When writing your essay, set realistic goals

Setting deliberately impracticable goals can deprive you of the incentive and enter into a bad mood, which only leads to procrastination. When you set realistic goals for yourself, you remain on a positive wave and move in a suitable mood for writing. Control the internal dialogue, to stop it from making obstacles for your writing.

Saying to yourself, "I will not procrastinate," you are already mentally programming procrastination. Participants in one scientific experiment were asked not to think about the polar bear. It turned out, it is almost impossible not to think about what is forbidden because the mind begins to work towards this. The secret is to turn your attention to something completely different and preferably positive.

You do not have to convince yourself not to procrastinate - instead, think about the wonderful feeling of the task accomplished. So your mind concentrates on the desired action, and not on what you want to avoid.

Do not set the idealistic goals

Most writers spend hours thinking through the characters and the plot. If you even write a lot of pages that, as they know, will not enter the book. The thing is that the author needs time to find the right idea. Sometimes we freeze before the start because our ideas seem imperfect or unsuccessful to us. But is it possible to write something worthwhile without even starting and not letting the ideas develop? You can edit the page, but only if it is not empty.

Always try to be focused on the result. Nobody likes going to the dentist. This is far not a pleasant procedure. However, all the people still go to the dentist. That is why because they think about the result – they want to have healthy teeth. The other reason is that because it is better to wait for an hour before a preventive checkup than to carry a painful filling. You go to the dentist because you know it's worth it.

You should do the assignment with the same logic when you have a difficult task. Even if you feel uncomfortable before starting, do not focus on it. Just think about how well you will feel by doing it, and how much worse it will be if you start pulling it all to the last. Forgive yourself - there is no point in blaming yourself if you are a little out of the way and started to procrastinate. Some students think that self-punishment will help to avoid procrastination in the future, but in reality, you will achieve the opposite effect.

Procrastination is tied to our emotions and understanding this, you will be able to defeat it. Use the strategies described above to cope with procrastination and become more productive. Accusing yourself, you will only tighten the loop of procrastination in your neck. If nothing helps, you can always find a cheap custom writing service.

Characteristics of the essay writing

The essay is an artistic-journalistic genre or a kind of creative work with a free composition structure. It is not a creative work on a given topic, having a clear structure with a mandatory introduction, content, and conclusion. The essay reflects the subjective author's position on the problem touched on in the topic. This subject is not under the objective analysis.

The form of the paper doesn’t depend on its type: narrative, description, reasoning, comparative characteristics or analysis of the text. The form of the essay is inherent in reasoning with elements of analysis. The purpose of the essay is to encourage readers to reflect. This is something more than just a tool to develop the skills of the written speech.

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