Is it possible to find cheap essay writers?

Essay writing cannot be free, because it needs the professional work of the writer. However, there is a chance to find the firm with the discount period at this time. Many reputable writing websites also do discount to the regular customers. Anyway, to find cheap essay writers, you should make your small research. Ask your friends in college and visit some student forums. If there will be no useful information, try to find something online. When you will be looking at the pricing policy, also pay attention to the revision policy.

Writing essays with procrastination

Before you will use the online writing help, you should also develop your own productivity. Try to eliminate distractions during your work. Procrastination usually is one of the biggest obstacles on the way to the assignment done in time. However, there are several steps that will help you to avoid procrastination when you writing your essay assignment
  • Setting goals and understanding the problem
  • Don’t think that this can’t be fixed
  • Think about the seriousness of the consequences of the procrastination
  • Plan your working time and follow your plans
  • Imagine the final result, when you have already done the assignment
  • Fight with your fears, insecurities, challenge yourself if necessary
  • Do not deprive yourself of all the joys, even if the deadline is really burning.

Setting goals and understanding the problem is one of the most important steps. To do this, you should analyze your problem first. If you can realize its existence, you should write on a sheet of paper and put it near you. Write down the details of what you can do to solve the problem. Do not be upset if there are not so many things that you can do. You need to clearly understand and be aware of what you are fighting, and continuously follow your goal according to a thoughtful plan. Do not be lazy, do it right, and the result will not be long in coming. Otherwise, everything can end as always.

Procrastination is not something that you cannot solve

In no way take yourself as a mentally ill person, because this will further exacerbate your emotional state and open all hidden fears. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, cases where a person already simply needs a compulsory observation of a psychologist. However, you should understand, that 90% of the world's population suffers from the procrastination too. Procrastination is an anxious nervous condition, not a disease. To push yourself to write something, you can think about the seriousness of the consequences of the procrastination. It can stop you on the way to achieving goals.

Plan and motivate yourself

Try to always plan your working time and follow your plans. If you will do that, the organization of work will help you to focus on the existing goal and also on the amount of work that needs to be done at a certain time. Imagine the final result, that you will get when you will do the assignment. The feeling of satisfaction with the result achieved will not let you go, even if it is not real. Strive to feel this feeling in real life, and motivate all your actions with this. This is a fairly effective tactic.

Fight with your fears, insecurities, and challenge yourself if necessary. Understanding what is happening, and how it can end up, will definitely give you the strength to change yourself. The planning will help you because it is easier to work when it is already clear how to deal with the assignment. Do not deprive yourself of all the joys, even if deadlines are burning. Every person simply needs to have some rest time on the schedule. Otherwise, your protesting subconscious will make itself felt, and everything will start again with the procrastination.

Write down a list of cases that are already in your head

After drawing up such a list, a little positive reinforcement follows: almost every person has this list in his head much larger than it is on paper. And this means that there are not so many cases as it seemed. The mountain to be climbed is not so high. For a "neglected" procrastinator, this is a good sign and some relief. Immediately after drawing up a list of current tasks, it is strongly recommended to determine priorities. This means that it is required to show the importance, urgency, and need for each individual item.

Divide your assignment into parts

Try to break one big task into several small ones. In this case, you can quickly begin to perform an important task and do not feel fear. Split the task into small subtasks and show this on a piece of paper - the brain will take it better in this case. For example, you need to write a term paper. This task can be divided into several steps
  • Analyze the literature in this issue
  • Find examples of papers
  • Draw up a plan of a term paper
  • Read the requirements and etcetera.

You can write as many steps as needed. Performing each step will bring you closer to the main task. In the end, you can write the course work well and meet the deadline. Distribute your assignments. For example, if you have to show two writing assignments in a week, but have the time only for one, do just one of them. The other assignment can be done by cheap essay writers. Surely, you need to spend some time on searching for the reputable writing firm. However, you need to do this once, and you will always have the help option.

Use the tomato method

This method was invented by the Italian Francesco Cirillo. The idea of a "tomato" came to him at a time when he was close to losing his place in the university because of the burning deadlines. The invented time management technique solved all his problems. He not only met all the deadlines but also was able to finish the university with honors.

"Tomato" is a special timer, designed for 2 periods of time - 25 and 5 minutes. Psychologists have established that a person can work productively for half an hour. Francesco broke this time into 2 segments - one for productive work, and the second - for rest. The timer can be installed in the browser; you can find an application for your computer. So, after installation does the following
  • Define the task that you need to do by a certain date.
  • Break it into timepieces for 30 minutes.
  • Set the timer for 25 minutes, wait for the beep.
  • As soon as the audible signal sounds, distract from work, execute a few small cases that do not belong to the main one. For all this, you will have exactly 5 minutes.
  • After you complete 4 "tomatoes", you can make a big break.
  • As long as the timer counts down 25 minutes, you should only do the main task. You cannot be distracted by social networks, answering calls, etc. All this can be done during the break.

Maintain a diary

Everyone knows that the famous people keep a diary in which they write thoughts about their lives. Why not take this experience into service? Get a notebook or a text document, in which you will write down all thoughts about the performance of an important matter. You can record anything you want. For example

"I am writing an essay. Analyzing the topic. While the chaos in my head, I decided to highlight a few interesting points and wrote them on a separate sheet. Looking for the cheap essay writers". With such diary, you will learn how to express your thoughts clearly. Moreover, there will always be an example of successful work before your eyes. It is easy to restore the current state of assignments in your head after a long break. If you decide to delegate some tasks, you can give the records to another person so that the task can be performed more quickly. It takes a certain amount of time to keep a diary, but it saves you time to do the main task.

Procrastination, unfortunately, does not know the age and can manifest itself in all ages. Frightened by the upcoming exams, a student can very easily become a procrastinator and, in the end, fail the tests, without understanding what happened to him. Therefore, a very important action on the path to emotional health is prevention. To prevent procrastination, you need to plan your tasks, divide it into smaller parts and keep the diary of the process. Never avoid the outside writing help. If you know where to hire cheap essay writers, do that for some of your assignments. When the part of work will be done by the professionals, it will be easier for you to do your part.

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