An introductory word to a creative presentation

A classic rule of speech says - any oral or written presentation should be created according to this algorithm: the beginning, the main part, and the end. It took some time when that rule worked. Today many speakers use it while conducting presentations, opening events, or making an official speech.

It may seem that such a standard sequence can be killing for a speech making it meager and boring. However, it is a warped judgment that the structure of the speech makes it uninteresting. But there is still a question “How to make a creative presentation?”

Many speakers who perform in front of a large or small audience usually deliver their speech in the following forms:
  • Scientific reports at corporate conferences
  • Presentations of new products or start-up projects
  • A call to action speech
  • Advertising speech
  • Welcoming speech, etc.

The aim of many speakers is to present some information to the audience – in other words, inform them and give them food for thought. Very often a speech is good only in one aspect. one has an interesting topic, another - beautiful slides, others are full of exciting stories, sense of humor, dynamic transitions and so on, ideally, all these components when put together can make a creative presentation. One more important feature of a creative speech is the power to surprise.

This brings obvious benefits: first of all, draws attention to the problem of speech and to the personality of the speaker. It is noted that the more interesting the speech is, the more it is possible to establish useful contacts - the positive power of networking.

In addition, the status of the speaker, according to the estimates of others, increases his or her attractiveness for people of the opposite sex. And, of course, you should never forget that the people, who listen to you, will only be happy if in addition to broadcasting tons of information you will sometimes entertain them.

A non-standard presentation is a performance that leaves a pleasant aftertaste, forcing the audience to think, get to the point of the issue and act. whatever the presentation it should have two major elements – attractive visual design and the presentation itself. Of course, you should always remember about the adequacy of your creative ideas and their relevance for a particular audience.

In this article, you will find lots of useful advice on how to prepare a creative presentation which will impress the listeners. You will learn about the most effective strategies for making splendid presentations and many more.

How to support your oral presentation with effective visual aids

Obviously, the most effectual method to stand out is to provide your report with an interesting slide accompaniment. Here are ten simple ideas for interesting visualization:
  • Draw analogies, use metaphors to better communicate your information. If you talk about such concepts as size, weight, speed, you can draw parallels with cars, weather, animals, old and new technical devices, etc.
  • We are used to making a standard style of slide design: Times New Roman or Arial fonts, font size, and so on. In a creative presentation, try to use non-standard fonts and avoid boring text alignment. To improve your technical skills read specialized books or attend training.
  • Imagine the slides as comics: pick up images and add bubbles for text. Bring an action to your speech avoiding simple statements.
  • Use a minimalistic approach in designing slides. it concerns many things, like color, number of slides, pictures, animation, etc.
  • Demonstrate a creative approach by make graphs or charts from the materials at hand.
  • Use emotional images and pick interesting photos not ones from the standard clipart images. If you're talking about wider opportunities, ask yourself what's the first thing that comes to mind for visualization.
  • Use style for your presentation - twenty slides that automatically change every twenty seconds.
  • Use videos. If you talk about the fact that your social project helps people, then show it to people! Make an interview with them or even invite them to speak.
  • Rehearse your speech with the slides. If you really do this simple act, everything will be doomed to go smoothly and be pleasant to the eye and be different from the rest presentations,
  • Please remember that in the search for creative ideas you need to have a sense of proportion. It is important that the slides are not annoying. they should be balanced without attracting too much attention.

Tips on how to perform effectively

Along with the slide experiments to make your performance unique, you can try to change something in your behavior, structure and the way of presentation. Here are some ideas to push you off:
  • Before you appear in front of the audience use this trick – record your or someone else’s voice and play it. Also, you can ask the organizers to turn off the lights in the room for a while and come to the “stage” in the darkness.
  • Another trick. Of course, it is not necessary to dartle knives into your partner or takes a rabbit out of the hat tricks with money or other valuable things can be rather impressive. However, do not forget to make a link between the trick and the topic of the speech.
  • Show the things, if you are making a presentation of a product. People are interested in looking not only photos but to hold and touch the object with their hands. Remember the presentation of cell phones, kitchen utensils, and test drive cars given the opportunity to learn from one’s own experience about all the benefits.
  • Propose a riddle to the audience. However, you should keep in mind that if you perform in the morning, solving a puzzle might be quite difficult for the audience, so first, warm them up.
  • When presenting some product, try to find a non-standard way to use it. In a playful way, you can show how it can be used to knead the dough, make sandwiches, assemble furniture, cool drinks, etc. Do not hesitate and make fun of yourself! In this way, you will fascinate more people.
  • You can go on stage to the music. Presenters do it rarely fearing that music may distract the audience from a serious tone. However, the music perfectly creates an emotional mood and excites. But keep in mind that you should not go out to the music just because of the love of some artist or group because your listeners may think that you have a too refined taste.
  • Start with something unexpected. The audience made themselves comfortable to listen to your speech. Instead, you suggest them to stand up, ask them to perform some activity and move around. the variants are numerous: blow balloons, draw pictures, do exercises, make a call, write something on the board, etc. it is a kind of icebreaker and at the same time the way to set the audience's minds on the topic you are going to present.
  • Arrange a small reality show, for example, call or make a video call with those who can evaluate your product or idea. The main thing is to think over the details of the conversation.
  • Use the images familiar to everyone - the face of a famous character, a popular expression from the movie, an idiom, etc. Make it your slogan or change it so that there are new meanings. Note: a phrase or character must be 100 percent recognizable.

Strategies that will help you organize your presentation

When you prepare a presentation, you have a lot of work to do. You need to write the text of the presentation, formulate key thoughts and make sure that your innovative ideas are presented in the best light - they are creative and attractive.

Here are some strategies to help you plan, write, and design a creative presentation:

Capture the attention of your audience

As a speaker, your goal is to focus the audience's attention on your theme. a presentation should be like a fascinating story. Compelling stories capture the listeners at the beginning, guide them through the process of transformation and ultimately lead to the decision to act.

Before you start thinking about the design of your presentation, focus on the essence of your presentation - it must be clear. To start productively you need:
  • To formulate a clear purpose and compelling story
  • To create the introduction that will engage your audience from the first slide
  • To structure the arguments to support your main idea and add context to your presentation
  • To draw a strong and meaningful conclusion rousing to action

To reveal more secret of a successful presentation you can by reading the articles from our blog section that are prepared by professional speakers and speech writers. They have hundreds of perfect ideas and recommendations to offer!

The process of preparing a presentation begins with a brainstorming session, and only after it you move on to the draft. At this point, your presentation ideas begin to take shape and transform into something concrete.

Next, you need to write down the general ideas and start working on them.

Focus on the essence of your speech

Now it's important to simplify your speech so that you can fit key elements into the slides. Remember that limitations are useful for creativity. They will help you focus most significant intentions and select just a few key points for your story with the help of which you can design a presentation.

Your audience's attention is limited, so it's better to have only one idea on one slide. Also, try to avoid too much text in the slide. Be brief, express your thoughts clearly. There is no need to read out loud your slide as the information on the slide should complement not replace what you say. Learn how to write focused speeches so that they convince and influence your audience with the help of competent trainers to form our writing team.

They are committed to teach you lot of interesting things and provide you with original ideas. Bear in mind that the aim of your visual aid is to strengthen and intensify the idea, illustrate and support it.

Make your presence felt

The audience doesn't need bright animations, loud sound effects or overloaded slides. They are looking for your good ideas. Have you got an important idea that you have been cherishing for ages?

Use these tips to share it with others. Give your innovative idea the voice it deserves, complete with a design that will help it present well visually. Present clear arguments, clear information, and emotional context that will help you connect with your audience and encourage them to do something.

At our website, you will find presentation templates and tips on how to design your innovative presentation. Professional managers, writers, and admen will help you illustrate your unique ideas and impress the audience!

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