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Before obtaining a scientific degree, every academic is faced with rather a task — to write a dissertation. Given the importance of this work, it is safe to assume that plenty of students struggle with it more than with any other academic writing text. It is a serious analytical work that requires a researcher to put a lot of time and effort into writing it. Usually, it is a summary of one’s scientific interest and research background and it consists of a complete study of a particular subject through various methods and theories. A researcher is expected to choose a scientific topic that holds a substantial importance and to provide a new outlook on.

Dissertation title

The title of your dissertation should be easily reformulated into a question. Unfortunately, the title itself cannot be a question, but you should think of an interrogative sentence that can be articulated into a title. Your title needs to address exactly what you are attempting to find out and what piece of information your readers can derive from your conclusion.


Once you come up with a research question that is to be transformed into a title, you can proceed with deriving the parts into which your dissertation will be divided. Those are, simply put, the chapters. The outline of chapters is then composes a structure of it. Make sure you understand the structure of your dissertation and have a clear vision on how your final draft should look like from the very beginning of writing process. You cannot start research without having a structure outline.

The questions (and, correspondingly, the contents of the chapters) can be refined and changed throughout your writing process. If the original plan has not changed, then it's a bit suspicious, since then you have most likely adjusted the material to the existing questions and hence the answers, too. The original structure can and should be revised. But it is the original structure that sets the direction for your writing. The very basic structure consists of, expectantly
  • Brief explanation of objectives and methodology
  • Dissertation summary
  • Introduction
  • Theoretical part and/or literature reviews
  • Practical part (value-added research)
  • Conclusion

Introduction is perhaps the most important part of your dissertation. For as bad as it sounds, opponents often do not read further your introduction. Even if someone reads your whole dissertation, their idea about your work is being formed at the very beginning when they go through the introduction. The introduction usually takes up a fifth of your dissertation length, thus there is no suggested length because it is proportional.

First of all, you need to explain the rationale and relevance of your research objective. TO elaborate on it, simply ask yourself the following questions
  • Why does this topic deserve attention?
  • What makes it relevant here and now?
  • How can your derivations be applicable in further research?
Next, you need to give a brief overview of already existing research related to yours. Again, ask yourself the following questions
  • What is already known about the topic?
  • What derivations have already been made by other researchers?
  • Which questions or points that you will be looking at have already been attempted to be answered?

Make sure you are being concise with your answers: give particular examples, dates, names of researches, or literature references. There is no need to give a full overview of every paper and study you have read. Instead, you should retell only what is relevant to your research questions.

Last thing, you need to explain the logic behind your dissertation structure, that it, how do you intend on breaking your key research questions into smaller ones. Once that is all set, you can proceed with sharing everything you have learned or discovered throughout your research. Once you are finished, you need to write a coherent conclusion that sums up your findings. Conclusion should be much shorter than the introduction, and the following questions should be answered
  • Which research question has been asked?
  • Which research questions are left with no established answer?
  • What perspective studies or research can be conducted drawing on your findings?

Writing standards

Your academic institutions sets up formatting and editing requirements, which is why there is little advice we can provide aside from some common sense things that you need to keep in mind when writing your dissertation. That being, avoid incorporating long sentences, first-person language, and vague, irrelevant points of information.

Do not go too hard on citations. It is better to briefly recount someone else's idea, derive their main point and elaborate on your own—that is the process of your thinking. However, if you quote too much you are risking turning your dissertation into a college textbook. There is no need to reference everything you have stumbled across when researching; leave that for the bibliography.

Last but not least, you might want to proofread your final draft multiple times lest you submit it with grammar mistakes. Your dissertation is the main work of your academic career and it needs to be essentially flawless to reflect on your academic qualification and professionalism.

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The dissertation is a serious scientific research; it is carried out in written form and has a qualifying character. As a result of the defense of the thesis, the applicant is awarded the academic degree of a master, candidate or doctor, depending on the type of work being carried out.

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