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Essay writing online is very common nowadays. There is a big offer of writing firms, however, it is not so easy to find the reputable writing service. If you still don't have the right firm to cooperate with, you should ask your friends about their writing online. Usually, such information is quite private, so it may happen that you will not get useful advice. Anyway, you can visit some student forums to learn more about the writing firm. Be very careful to not to fall prey to fake reviews. You should pay attention to such aspects
  • Privacy policy – make sure that the company doesn’t open the information about their customers to the third parties
  • The reputation of the company (look the feedback on the website)
  • The number of available free revisions
  • Discounts and price offers
  • The list of papers that the firm offers.

Writing the essay

Usually, writing the essay goes like this. First, you write two drafts, then check the structure and grammar, then write the final draft. Do not be too demanding of yourself, working on a first draft. Try to formulate most of the ideas worthy of coverage. Do not worry if the planned order of the narrative is broken in some way. You will have two more drafts to fix it. Now it is better to focus on the ideas. After sketching the first draft, you can begin to edit it. The main thing here is the pause between the writing and editing.

You should consider the essay as a whole thing. Evaluate the content. You can get carried away by describing things that are not relevant to the main idea. Remember that a good essay does not contain anything superfluous, including only the information that is needed to disclose your main idea. Evaluate the composition of the structure. To make sure that your draft is built in a logical way, make a summary of it. If this is not difficult, but after that, you will be sure that the logic of the narrative is respected. It is very important to do custom essays because teachers in college always see templates.

Why most of the students suffer from procrastination

The majority of the students are procrastinators. This is not something very bad, but it leads to the lack of time and burning deadlines. Procrastination is the tendency of a person to postpone business, decisions and even thoughts for later. This is not quite a synonym for laziness, because often in the process of procrastination we replace some tasks that we do not want to do, with the other tasks that are more pleasant for us.

During procrastination, we are busy with something, but not with what we need. Everyone can be a procrastinator - men and women, adults and children. Even talented and effective people suffer from procrastination. Any source has its own limited resource, including our brains. When a person takes too many serious decisions or concentrates too much on some task, the resource is depleted. After this, the processes slow down and the result, in the end, is procrastination. Let's figure out how students can learn to live with it.

For example, it's time to get down to writing an essay, but you cannot begin. Yes, it's normal to postpone it once, because of laziness, for example. But if you postpone something over and over again, then the reason is not in laziness, this is because of procrastination. It's about the fact that you already could start, but something stops you. Something is interfering.

Writers call this state "fear of a white leaf." Writers seem can sit down at the table, put a sheet in front of them and it seems that they are ready to write. However, most often it does not work. The culprit of this situation is your ego. For the ego, it is important to make everything perfect. Therefore, before the beginning of each case, the ego starts screaming in the ear
  • I should make everything perfect
  • I’m not ready to do this
  • I should prepare more.

You cannot start writing an assignment, because you are afraid of making a mistake. It's not so easy to fight with the ego, but here is one of the simple tricks how to start something. For writers, it's called "start with nonsense." Due to this method, you just start writing everything that comes to mind, and then smoothly turn to the right topic.

You can also do this in any other case. Before you get down to business, first do something preparatory: walk around, turn the knobs, do some sports. And do something simple. Gradually get involved in the process and do everything right. Sometimes the only way to stop procrastination is to order custom essays at the writing firm.

What is going into our brains while we procrastinate

Procrastination on the biological level is the result of the confrontation between the emotional limbic system and the logical prefrontal cortex in our brains. This tug of war between the emotional limbic system and the logical prefrontal cortex leads to the decisions that you make during the day. It's what makes us human. If the prefrontal cortex always wins, all our decisions would be perfectly logical and we would not be different from the inhabitants of the planet Vulcan from the "Star Track".

Our decisions would be based on pure logic and reason, without taking into account our own emotions or the emotions of others. On the contrary, if the limbic system were constantly winning, we would not be any different from animals that are guided by instincts in everything. Each decision we make is the result of the victory of either the limbic system or the prefrontal cortex.

If our limbic system takes over, then we go home with the girl we just met at the bar, we delay and postpone the important tasks. This behavior is often called "giving in to enjoy," and if you look at the scan of the brain of a person who procrastinates, you will see that this is happening on the neurological level. The prefrontal cortex transmits control levers to the limbic system, and we experience short-term pleasure. If you feel no energy to do something before deadlines, it is better to buy custom essays at the reputable writing firm.

How to switch our brains on?

The interaction of the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system allows us to do things that are fun, interesting and meaningful for us. We can learn how to play the cello, get money on an exotic journey, climb the mountain, become a volunteer, create a lasting relationship, achieve long-term results and follow our own vocation.

Interestingly, although battles between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex occur in our brain thousands of times a day, we usually do not notice them. As 90% of the iceberg is under water, so the prevailing part of the brain activity is hidden in the depths of the subconscious, and on the surface is only a small part of it. We are able to easily track it. People can fight procrastination precisely because advice allow you to combine the achievements of the science of thinking and behavior with the person's conscious intention to achieve more.Sometimes our procrastination leads to good decisions, one of which can be the decision to buy custom essays, when there is not the time to write it.

Why our brains work this way

Without the limbic system, the productivity is largely due to the formation of a strong prefrontal cortex. If necessary, it can show the limbic system, who is the master here. It can suppress the impulsive desire to once again check your email or Facebook, instead of writing custom essays. Of course, it is necessary for the limbic system to feel fine, but without a strong prefrontal cortex, it is impossible to realize serious achievements, create a strong relationship and maintain a commitment to its value system.

All this is easier to say than to do. The constant interaction of the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system is a necessary condition for the functioning of our brains, but it is known that the prefrontal cortex is much weaker than the limbic system. The limbic system has evolved over millions of years, while the prefrontal cortex has existed for only a thousand years. The most productive people manage not only to refuse to work on autopilot. The effective people learn how to use prefrontal cortex primarily and minimize the influence of the limbic system. What you should do if you feel the lack of time and energy
  • Realize your problems with procrastination
  • Identify the reasons for it (at least the main reasons)
  • Find out how to influence the reasons
  • Find the different ways of how to fight procrastination and try them
  • Identify which of the methods are useful for you
  • Just start doing your assignment.

Writing the essay is difficult because it should work in the free structure, but with the strict requirements to the style. Essay writing doesn't work with templates and usually needs fresh ideas of the author. To get a good essay, you should prepare well for it. You should also eliminate all the distractions and learn how to fight your procrastination.

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