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Every students wonders how to write a dissertation quickly. However, note that writing a dissertation is not a quick thing. This is due only to the fact that this is a great achievement in life and should be approached as responsibly as possible. On average, the dissertation can be written from one year to several years. All this time, the applicant performs a well-designed plan, which he will make even before the preparation. But there are several secret techniques that will help you write a dissertation quickly.

First, you should acquaint yourself with the book by Peg Boyle Single called Demystifying Dissertation Writing where the author talks about five strategies that correlate with the successful completion of a dissertation. They include:
  • Setting a consistent writing routine
  • Working with a support group
  • Consulting your advisor
  • Understanding the expectations of the committee
  • Establishing a timely and realistic schedule

How to write a dissertation in 3 months

The dissertation is an important step towards science, which is by far not for everybody. The dissertation is a proof of your qualifications in the field of science. It is not that easy to write a dissertation quickly and qualitatively, as it may seem at first glance.

The most important aspect in writing a dissertation is the choice of an interesting and relevant topic. The topic of the dissertation should be live and interesting to the public. In this work it is important to choose a topic that will not just interest you but will literally entice and make you work on it day and night. Such a topic will surely arouse the interest of your colleagues, and if it is successfully disclosed, honor and respect are guaranteed to you.

It is possible to write a dissertation within the limited timeframe and the book Demystifying Dissertation Writing confirms that. However, to do this successfully, your full concentration on the goal and skipping entertainment is required. This problem will be especially relevant for those who have a full-time job – this means you will have little time to work on your project.

The most important thing in the preparation of a dissertation within the limited timeframe is not to skip sleep and set time for rest because you won’t be able to work on your dissertation for 20 hours a day – your body needs to recover.

Things that you should avoid when actively preparing your dissertation include:
  • Conversations
  • Frequent phone chats
  • Social networks
  • The internet

Try to set a rule for yourself – not to distract until you finish working on some part of your work such as a chapter. This will enhance your productivity.

Keep in mind that sometimes it’s better to take a nap when you feel you’re getting distracted too easily. At night, you can try and wire some parts of a dissertation because this is the time of the day when maximum concentration in the preparation of a dissertation can be achieved.

How to split work for 3 months

In the first 3 weeks, it is recommended to carefully study the literature on the subject and draw up a rough outline of the dissertation. It will be your starting point, after which it will be much easier to write the text.

You will have a month and 3 weeks to write the main content part of the work. This time will be enough to achieve the set purpose (except for days off, when you should physically and mentally recover).

As a result, you will have two weeks for adjustments, additions, and proofreading of the prepared work. It is possible that, as a result, the original plan will change and logically restructure, this should not be feared.

It is important to follow the set time schedule, do not miss days of work and rest, only such observance of the working schedule will allow to quickly prepare scientific work and save moral forces for its protection.

Remember that establishing a timely schedule is one of the principles to successful completion of a dissertation described in Demystifying Dissertation Writing.

Clear planning

This item is perhaps the most important. Without planning, it is impossible to start more than one important thing. This is useful not only for you to study. Planning is an integral part of the following:
  • Doing business
  • Prosperity in the workplace
  • Promotion through the career ladder
  • Even in family matters

In fact, most people simply do not know how to plan their time. Especially it concerns the issue of writing a dissertation. The first thing to begin with is to determine the timing of the planning. An ideal option is a week. You probably will think why not a day or a month. In fact, it has long been proven that a week is an ideal measure for planning only because the most important priorities are placed only for a week.

If you plan your activities every day, your thoughts will be focused on current plans and tasks. For example, you are planning to write a work plan. But for a day you will not be able to do it anyway. Therefore, this goal will wander in your schedule day after day. Later you will lose the incentive because you do not realize your goal. Planning for a month is too long. For a month there may be a number of changes in your personal schedule, so you also do not realize your plans. In addition, as practice shows, people tend to postpone the implementation of ideas till the last day. So be prepared for the fact that by planning your plans for a month, you will try to fulfill them on the last day.

So, the first rule is planning for a week. Buy yourself a diary. Modern diaries are made in such a way that they are divided into weeks. This is very convenient, in addition, you can use this idea in later life.

Collect quality sources

When writing a dissertation, you cannot do without using third-party sources. This is a mandatory item. You will need to specify all the sources used in the appendix to the project. And, according to the text, you should also specify where and what source you used.

Where to find sources of inspiration? Today this is not a problem. The richness of the virtual network is striking in its availability. You can find any source on the internet. For example, online you can read a book Demystifying Dissertation Writing and get inspired for the dissertation writing process. But be careful – most sources are not unique and irrelevant. Naturally, you can apply data that is of historical value. But it is not necessary to refer to them as topical.

And lastly, if you are preparing for a dissertation, then for the time being you should give up small weaknesses – sitting with friends in a café, spending time watching movies, and even vacation. All your strength and time must be given to the preparation for your dissertation. Only then you can write a paper quickly.

Tips for writing a dissertation quickly

Here are some of the tips described in Demystifying Dissertation Writing for writing a dissertation quickly:
  • The first thing to do when writing a dissertation is to make up the content of the work. Having compiled the content, you will briefly outline the work plan for the coming months.
  • Distribute your time, according to the content, to fulfill each item of the dissertation. This way, you will be able to correctly plan your time in the process of writing a work.
  • Participate in conferences, topics of which are close to the topic of your dissertation. This way, not only you will expand your horizons, but also get acquainted with examples of works that are close to the topic of the dissertation.
  • Write down your thoughts on the topic of the dissertation in a file to later return to them and re-comprehend. This approach will help you properly form thoughts and, subsequently, express them in your work.
  • Pay attention to the works of your competitors. It is important to be able to correctly evaluate other people’s work in order to be able to evaluate your work objectively.

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