A descriptive essay about a place – my house

My house attracts the eye with its simplicity and at the same time decoration. It is always neat, which is because of my mother, who follows the order. The windows in the house are traditionally white, the front door is matched by color. Earlier, when there were no plastic constructions, my mother also painted everything with a snow-white color, and some details were blue.

The facade of the house is finished with a beautiful paint. Decorative finish is chosen because of the ease of application and subsequent care. Nevertheless, the house looks elegant and neat. The outer covering is made of a simple roof tile, which covers the roof of the house for years. Sometimes you have to change some sheets that are damaged during a bad weather. Near the house, it is a beautiful flower garden, pleasing the eye during the period from early spring to late autumn. Near the flower bed are hives, which give the house an interesting style.

Interior decoration of the house

The house is very big and spacious. It has five rooms, a kitchen, a veranda. Once all the rooms in the house were connected to each other. It was made at a time when the house was built, because before the family was more united. However, now everyone wants maximum privacy. This is why the doors to the adjoining rooms are furnished and the entrance to them is possible only through the corridor.

All rooms are bright enough because there are large windows everywhere. Only in the children's room is sometimes gloomy, as it is the smallest and the windows look out into the garden. The sun's rays just hide behind the branches of the trees. In the rest of the rooms, the sun plays all day and the mood rises. The largest room in the house is used extremely rarely. This is the living room. Here the whole family gathers for holidays: Birthday, Christmas, New Year and others. Because of this, the room looks uninhabited. In addition to that, it is the coldest.

All rooms always have a fresh whitewash, which gives a certain solemnity of the interior. On the walls, there are beautiful wallpapers, the color of which matches the other colors. In all rooms, wallpapers of different colors. Most of the rooms are made in light colors, only in children's room, the wallpaper is made of deep terracotta color with huge voluminous flowers like roses. What I like about my house the most
  • It is simple
  • It is honest
  • It gives my family energy.

In general, the interior is simple and uncomplicated. All the details are a combination of different styles and times. Furniture was selected not as a whole, but individually from what we liked most. The way in which this or that piece of furniture will fit into the overall picture was taken into account least of all. But it gives the house some special tenderness and depth and causes admiration.

The descriptive essay about a place - my favorite room

My parents and I live in a three-room apartment. It is very light, spacious and cozy. All the rooms we have are rather unusual and correspond to the preferences of their owners. The parents' room is decorated according to their taste, and my looks like a real fairy tale. The third room is the living room.

In this room we spend a lot of time: watching TV, meeting guests, celebrating important events. In the center of the living room, there are two armchairs, a roundtable, and a large leather sofa. It's so nice to sit here with a cup of tea and sweets, which we always have in our house! If it's raining outside, I like to sit back in my chair, wrap myself in a warm blanket and read my favorite book or watch an interesting film.

All members of the family participated in the arrangement of the living room. We equipped it with a huge screen to watch movies. Mom chose beautiful curtains and embroidered a tablecloth with flowers. And I arranged cute figures made by myself on the shelves. The room turned out to be really cozy: it's nice to relax here after a busy day. Our guests also say that they do not want to leave this place. And we do not mind!

Descriptive essay about a place - grandma's house

My grandmother lives in her own estate. Her house can already be called old. It is built of bricks, they are so interesting and say a lot about history! Around the house are planted cherry trees and different flowers: marigolds, pansies, marigolds. Frames and shutters of windows are always painted in blue color. White lace curtains hang on the windows.

Inside the house, I always feel cleanliness and comfort reign. Grandmother turns on the TV only in the evening, because during the day she is busy with the household. Therefore, the house is usually quiet. The floor and walls are covered with carpets. My grandmother's furniture is heavy because it is made of natural wood. The old-fashioned mirror is shining because his grandmother carefully polishes it. The coffee table is decorated by my grandmother.

My grandmother well preserves folk traditions. In the hall on the wall hangs the icon of the Virgin. In front of her, there is a lamp, which is lit for holidays. Although the house is heated by a modern gas boiler, the kitchen has a fireplace. Now it is decorated with elegant pots, jugs, vases and other "ceremonial" dishes. The kitchen always smells of something delicious, which is cooked by the grandmother.My favorite places here are
  • Kitchen and living room
  • The hall with the fireplace
  • My bedroom.

A descriptive essay about a place - my children’s room

Recently, my room was repaired – and it turned out to be very beautiful and modern. The style of my room is marine. And I feel like she's the captain of a big swim. The walls in my room are painted in a pleasant blue color. Also, I have a 3D drawing on the wall with the sea. The window in my room is round. With such a window, you can imagine that you are in a cabin.

The parquet is dark brown, and sometimes, when I rub the floors against dust, it seems to me that I'm a young boy, on training. The bed on which I sleep is in the shape of a ship. In my opinion, this is a very original idea. The wardrobe in the room is decorated with a thick rope. The chair has the same decor. In one of the corners, I have a small anchor that complements the style of the room.

A room is a small world, my universe, which I myself created. For my little universe, space is important, so there is very little furniture in my room. The main furniture is a table, a sofa, and a wardrobe. All the furniture in my room is made of dark wood, with gold accents. Also in my room, there is an aquarium. I really like to take care of fishes and observe how they grow up. Of course, in my room, there is a computer on which I play very often. I also do lessons with it, read books and watch movies.

The most important furniture I think is my desk. On it, I have a computer and a small built-in shelf for books. I love reading, so I have a large collection of books. Most books about astrology. I really love to watch the stars, so there are stars on the ceiling of my room. When I turn off the lights at night, they shine like real stars. Every night I fall asleep under a starry sky. Besides the stars, I have a moon on the ceiling. It is big and shines at night among the stars. When writing the essay about the place, it is important to use such elements
  • Descriptions to use the senses of the reader
  • Powerful details
  • The personal attitude and emotions.

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