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A dissertation or a thesis is a long and laborious work carried out by the holders of master’s degree and postgraduates, as well as the candidates for the Ph.D. degree. The main task of a thesis is to present an innovative solution to a specific problem of a particular scientific sphere. The theoretical calculations in this type of a scientific paper should be confirmed experimentally.

A doctoral dissertation is a huge work focused on obtaining the highest scientific degree. The basis for performing this paper is a thesis - the previous work conducted by a graduate or a postgraduate. It takes years to conduct the research, analyze the results and confirm them with the help of the experiment. However, not all postgraduates can cope with this task within this period. Often they need to prolong their research for another couple of years which creates a nuisance to an applicant for a degree.

We offer post-graduate students and applicants urgent implementation of a candidate's theses. If there is very little time left and you do not have an opportunity to write a thesis yourself, and the agencies where you have been looking for writing assistance ask a big sum of money for the urgent order motivating it with a small amount of time for completing the paper, you can always ask for help from us. Here you will find relatively loyal conditions as to the cost of the urgent order of the thesis. Also, we render other writing help from outlining your papers to dissertation formatting.

The advantages of choosing our service

Below, you will see all the benefits you get if you decide to order a dissertation from us. We hope by offering these advantages to the customers we can persuade them choosing our service.

Learn what we do to provide the candidates for a degree with high-quality dissertations:
  • When writing a Ph.D. thesis we use the latest sources of information, i.e. we research the most recent knowledge, statistics, and achievements of modern science in a particular field.
  • We write original scientific papers that are checked for plagiarism in our control quality department. Before you pay another half of the sum for the paper, you get a plagiarism report confirming that the paper is completely unique.
  • Only qualified specialists who are mostly Ph.D. holders will perform your paper. They are well-oriented in their specialty and field and know the latest paper writing standards. They will customize your paper to the requirements of your professor. Huge writing experience of our writers makes them unrivaled specialists who can produce splendid, competent and scientifically related papers.
  • We offer reasonable prices for our services as well as do not charge b huge prepayments or extra money for the complexity and the urgency of an order. We will fulfill your order for a decent price.
  • We provide the highest degree of confidentiality. We do not request a customer's name and other personal information. A phone number or e-mail address is not given to the third parties.

Urgent dissertation delivery

Why people want an urgent delivery of a dissertation? It is not a secret that despite being given several years on writing a thesis, only a few post-graduates start writing it immediately.

Many graduate students begin to research their topic closer towards the end of training. After all, it is not easy to start the work wherever you are in your first year of studies or at the final year. Unfortunately, universities often do not teach the skills of independent scientific work to the level that is necessary to perform a dissertation research without a big difficulty. Supervisors often do not show sufficient care over the dissertation of their postgraduate students. During the study at the university, teachers train, consult, and monitor their students. It is quite another thing with the postgraduate studies. Most of the supervisors do not lead their students in a proper way giving them maximum independence. But this independence is not always useful in practice. It often turns out that the training in graduate school ends, but a student has not achieved any tangible result – a thesis is not finished! If the problem is not solved urgently, the time and money spent on a graduate course are wasted.

On the other hand, most graduate students work hard climbing the career ladder, have families, raise children and do other everyday things that distract them from writing their thesis. They simply have no time on it. As a result, the thesis is postponed for later, then, again and again, they put their thesis into cold storage. But day after day the deadline is approaching.

In such cases, you can order immediate execution of the thesis in a specialized organization. This will be a good way out of this situation. With our help, you will achieve the ultimate goal of training in graduate school – a thesis defense and a Ph.D. degree. Please contact us for assistance. We will help you to achieve success in science!

Rules and requirements for dissertation writing

A dissertation should be carried out according to the standards. Every person is able to do it. No talent for research or analysis is needed. This requires a certain amount of time, diligence, and accuracy.

For example, you have to be very careful with the quotes and references in your dissertation text. a thesis is a serious scientific paper that requires you to follow strict formatting rules. Do you want it or not – you will have to submit a well-designed and properly formatted dissertation to the committee otherwise your paper will not be accepted and all your efforts will be wasted. Here is some advice from our professional writers on citing and referencing:

Avoid lots of citation in a thesis. Extensive citations of other studies may be justified in several cases. First, you can site another author if his or her statement is accurate and well written and you are not able to interpret it better than it is. Second, if you do not agree with the author’s opinion, it is necessary to quote it precisely that there was no impression that you distorted his idea.

Otherwise, don't abuse the quotes. It is better to briefly retell someone else's thought. A dissertation with an endless collage of quotations produces a painful impression. Try to avoid references to works that you have nothing to say about - leave that for the bibliography list.

During the research, you are going to use different types of sources. You need to cite the most relevant ones, but it is important to think about a literate spin. If there are many materials to cite, it may be better to give them in the enclosure or tabulate them. Each phrase in your thesis should be clear either you retell or you quote it, or speak for yourself. When you use sources and find something important, make notes immediately: copy the quote, and then fix the source and the date of viewing. Never put it off for later.

This is a one-second action will save you from the horrible trouble. Memory eventually deteriorates and you may never find the information you need if you do not fix it right after spotting this fact.

Typical mistakes in dissertation writing

When your first draft is finished, you need to edit it and polish for mistakes. It seems that there is no difficulty in making some corrections, especially if you can use many online editors. However, dissertation formatting requires much more effort and knowledge than you think. Postgraduate students often make mistakes when preparing their dissertation. Here are some of them:
  • A dissertation has certain standards of design and if you do not comply with them it can lead to a negative result. Keep in mind that a thesis consists of chapters and sections, paragraphs and subparagraphs which have to be arranged and formatted according to the rules. Sometimes student fails following the dissertation formatting rules.

Writing in a wrong format shows that a student ignores the requirements. Therefore, he risks failing the paper during the defense. To improve the situation, you should decide which format to choose (a manuscript, a monograph, a scientific report, etc.). Once the format is determined, you have to find all the writing rules on a chosen paper type and write accordingly to the instructions.

  • A wrong choice of materials. Recent scientific sources should form the basis of the theoretical part of the thesis. The information you take from different sources should be new and accurate to ensure qualitative analysis, comparison and writing of your thesis.

Overall there are dozens of rules to follow.

Editing services from experts

Having problems with your thesis? We can solve any of them in a professional and quick way. Students often ask us about our formatting services and are happy on hearing that we provide comprehensive editing and formatting services.

Our editor will prepare a flawless paper for everyone! This is what he does:
  • Adjusts the text to the formatting standards - margins, font, spacing, indentation, page numbering.
  • Edits the table of contents, titles, illustrations, tables, etc.
  • Polishes the text for spelling, grammar, and stylistic mistakes
  • Improves the style, language, and narrative logic

Order dissertation editing help right now and you will avoid numerous revisions and other unpleasant situations connected with the wrong design of your paper.

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