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The dissertation is a complex work that requires a hard work in a long-term perspective. This is more complicated than writing essays or term papers. Thereby, such work leads to bigger obstacles and bigger problems with procrastination. In some cases, dissertation service online is the effective way to solve the writing problems. In addition to that, the dissertation is usually not the only one assignment at the moment, so even if you want to write it without professional writing help, you can hire professional to do some other assignments. Before you will start looking for the writing services, you should try to solve your own writing problems, such as procrastination.

Why procrastination happens to students

Before you will learn something about procrastination, you should understand that there are two types of people. The first type is quite rare. The person of the first type is successful and achieves everything he or she wants. 24 hours a day are enough for such person to do everything:
  • business,
  • personal life,
  • sport,
  • rest and etcetera.

The second type is about 90 percent of all people - procrastinators. Being a procrastinator is not at all disgraceful, moreover, procrastinators of varying degrees of severity are the absolute majority.

Procrastination is a tendency to permanently postpone "for later" unpleasant thoughts and deeds. Up to a certain level, postponement is normal, but by growing this limit, procrastination becomes a serious problem. Laziness and procrastination have much in common, but this is not the same thing. Rather, laziness is one of many components that form the phenomenon of procrastination.

Which students are procrastinators

What does a procrastinator person do when he has tasks on the agenda and he realizes their importance? Procrastinator, most often, is usually distracted and entertained until the last moment before the deadline. Students trying not to notice an unpleasant feeling of the unaccomplished task. However, the time is running out. So, if nothing has been done so far, you should seriously think about your self-organization. The procrastinator distracts to unimportant things just to forget about the tasks that need to be done.

A true procrastinator never rushes to do his tasks to the end. There are always many reasons for "the whole world will wait". Sooner or later it becomes difficult to start something new. Immediately there is a fear that the unaccomplished task will only bother with its presence. Thereby, sometimes to hire the dissertation service is to make the first step, to do something to fight procrastination.

Even if the procrastinator has found the strength to complete a particularly important or especially long-dragging task, the fact of its completion does not bring the former moral satisfaction. Because of many other unaccomplished tasks, the procrastinator will feel only a slight relief. Thereby, the problem solving should be always complex. The first way to fight procrastination is the time control.

Time control

The main rule of time is that to effectively manage it, it needs to be controlled. During the week, you should write down everything that you do. The list should include absolutely everything: from small daily affairs to complex tasks for writing. At the end of the week, calculate how much time you spend on doing important things, and how much time was wasted. Next week, select for each case a certain time, taking into account your own needs. If you hiring a dissertation service, put the communication with is into your time tasks too. Identify how effective is it and make your conclusions. As you can see, time control will not work without diary use.

Putting things off for good

This method to fight procrastination is quite unusual. To get rid of procrastination, you should make a list of tasks, divided into two groups:
  • important tasks
  • secondary tasks.

The tasks that you need to do urgently, should be at the end of the list. For some people, this will help to do the other tasks faster. Procrastinators are used to doing something only right before the deadline. So, such method will put all the urgent tasks right before the deadline in the very beginning. If you hiring a dissertation service, put it at the beginning of the list. This way you will get the final draft right when the other tasks in the list will be done.

Use the timer program on the computer – “GOOD” method

This is a fairly simple, but effective way to get rid of procrastination and distractions. Distractions often prevent a person from reaching an important goal. Suppose you want to spend less time visiting social networks. Write it down in a notebook. Next, write what you want to get as a result: stop visiting them at all or give it only 20-30 minutes a day. To control the visiting time, it is convenient to use the application for browsers with the built-in timer. Visited the social network - turned on the timer, left - turned off. Same you can do for the important work, use the applications to control your time.

There is a fun method here. For example, if you adhered to the desired algorithm for one day, you should write in the notebook the big letter "G". In the next days, write down the letters "O", "O", "D". Thus, you will get the word "Good". If on the third day you fell off and "hang" in social networks for longer than the specified time, delete all letters and from the next day start writing them again.

If you managed to survive four days, and your notebook has the inscription "Good", you can afford to sit in a social network for a little longer than usual. From next week, try to practice the method of "Double Good." Remember that if you fail on the eighth day you will have to cross out all the days and start all the writing again. And the last level is the "Triple Good". If you manage to overcome this boundary - you will easily get rid of bad habits, and also from the procrastination. Sometimes your efforts need promotion.


To use promotion to fight procrastination, you should divide your writing assignment into smaller parts. After you have divided the work into small subtasks, determine how you can encourage yourself to do each task. This can be going to the movies, buying new cosmetics, cake, etc. Performing work is always more pleasant if at the end of it some pleasant surprise awaits.

Writing the dissertation

When you writing your paper yourself or using the dissertation service, you should understand how the paper works. Here are the most important steps:
  • Carefully choose a topic
  • Do not feel sorry for your ideas
  • Do not be afraid to argue with the teacher
  • Less discussion, more writing
  • Start early and think about readers.

Carefully choose a topic

Not all topics of dissertations are equally successful, some of them are frankly bad. For example, some topics are very indirectly related to the area under study. Of course, it all depends on the author, but often the teacher helps with the optimal choice. In addition, to choose a good topic, you should think about the work that you would like to receive in the end. Do not feel sorry for your ideas. Nobody expects dissertators to turn the world by their work alone. Of course, it's good if it leads to changes in some area or changes people's perceptions of the topic.

Do not be afraid to argue with the teacher

Do not agree with all the teacher’s ideas and don’t be afraid to show your ideas. Of course, his opinion is important, but it's still not his paper. Thereby, you need to show your point of view. In addition, the scientific interests of the student and his teacher coincide very rarely. Most often, they only intersect a little. Try to do less discussion and more writing.

Meetings with the scientific advisor create a false sense of progress. Of course, such communication is important, especially when formulating the topic and solving key issues. But while the thesis is not written, it is hardly possible to talk about progress. Also, you should not turn these meetings into confession and repent that you write too slowly. The real feedback from your teacher appears only when some part of the work can already be read.

Start early and think about readers

Writing the dissertation should be made a habit. The student should start writing it as early as possible, even at the stage of developing ideas. You can always go back to the writing, pondering and improving the topic. It will be useful to make a schedule and, if possible, always adhere to it. As a rule, a very narrow circle of people reads a thesis. Therefore, it is worthwhile in advance to take care of the further direction of your research. Make sure that it does not turn into a useless work, but finds its reader. Remember, that you can always hire some professional writer to finalize the draft, so focus on the main direction and ideas.

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