How to fight procrastination when do my economics homework?

Procrastination is the phenomenon of how a person continuously postpones some of his or her assignments for late. The procrastinating person is not a lazy person. Usually, when someone procrastinates, the performing of the important task is replaced with some less important, but still very time-consuming. For some reason, procrastinator postpones the task until the last moment and only then starts performing it. Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late.

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Here are the basic steps to fight procrastination
  • Understand that you should not do this, that procrastination is bad for you. Yes, there will be consequences, and this may be unpleasant. However, you always have a choice
  • Name the motivation that should push you to achieve success in the fight against procrastination
  • Imagine in detail the first step of the performing of the task – only next five minutes. When you have it in your mind, you should start performing it.
  • The above written sounds very simple, but it is hard to do. Thereby, you should fell it with your heart. Now, variations and improvements to this method:
  • Feel that there is no turning back
  • Split the task into smaller parts that it is easy to perform
  • Make a simple scheme of how you will do the task
  • Prepare the plan in the evening to start doing the task right in the morning
  • Make a habit of doing a schedule.

It is critically important to make the first step

It does not matter whether the task scares you or it's complicated and incoherent, a great way to move forward is to understand that you just cannot brush aside of doing the task. I plan that, for example, in two minutes I sit to my working place and do my economics homework. The method is trouble-free, therefore using it, it's very important, to be honest with yourself.

If you did not get involved after a 2-minute break, encourage yourself for trying and try again later. But do not use this trick as a cover to deceive yourself. Yes, the first five times you will succeed. Anyway, you should be very honest with you. Soon the brains will understand the trick and will stop using it if you will not be honest with you.

Split the task into smaller parts that are easier to perform

Instead of a large untenable task, you need to name the simplest concrete piece of the task that you will be comfortable doing. As an option - to name the time interval, in which you will be comfortable doing this part of the assignment. Imagine that you are bargaining with yourself on the market. Call yourself conditions and listen to the body. Bargain with you until you will make a deal.

Just be honest with you and work until the part of the assignment will be done. The task should be very clear for you. Otherwise, this will not lead to the successful end. Set the task not like “to do my economics homework”, but like, for example, “to write the thesis part and the first chapter”.

Creative people often face the syndrome of a clean leaf. The best way to overcome this barrier is to make a "false" draft of the task (draw out the task plan, draw a micro-draft). This first step gives us the necessary starting point from which we can build on and develop the assignment draft further. Don’t be a perfectionist here, because this can lead only to a further postponement of the task. When you are trying to do something just perfect, or not to do it at all, this will just lower your productivity. Start making the draft, do something. In the end, you will always have a chance to give your paper to the manuscript editing agency.

Plan your working schedule effectively

Sometimes there is simply no energy to do my economics homework. For example, it's already evening, as if you do not have time, the 2 minutes writing will not help. In this case, it helps to prepare an assignment for tomorrow's start. You only need to take care of your writing process. Prepare the desktop, put in order your favorite tools, open the necessary information, remove anything that distracts. When you start writing tomorrow, everything will be ready for the effective work.

Identify and use your working ritual. Nothing adjusts to the working mood more than a working ritual. Think about your own rituals: five minutes of laying out the instruments on the table or opening the programs in which you work. This can be anything that tunes your brains to the right working mood. If the above does not help you, then you should ask for a professional writing help. You should start fighting procrastination in those moments when you catch yourself thinking
  • "I'll do this thing in the evening"
  • "I have a lot of time"
  • "I cannot just take it and start, I need to look at this one more time..."
  • "Now I'm just making coffee" and etcetera.

All these reasons for your postponements are a signal to action for you. Fight procrastination, until it is not too late. Make the first step, then another one, until you feel yourself on the right way.

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