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To improve the effectiveness, when I do my programming homework, it is very important to also plan the time right and fight procrastination. One of the significant reasons for the procrastination and the low confidence is the imposter's syndrome.

The imposter's syndrome in college

The imposter's syndrome is a belief that your successes are not deserved, but are explained by reasons from outside. Students in this situation think that they are lucky and that they misled real experts, or have been shown condescension. A person is sure that he is in fact far from being an expert in his business. A procrastinator with the imposter syndrome has a huge fear that his deception can one day unfold.

For the first time, the term "imposter syndrome" was used in an article in 1978, when it told that many successful women believe that they were overrated and they are not clever at all. Stereotyping in society strengthens this syndrome for many women: many for some reason still consider masculinity to be able to achieve goals, analyze, think logically and work in certain areas.

Don’t believe in things that make you weak

If you believe in such structure of the world, then a successful woman can either assume that she has a male character, or that she is an impostor. Men are also pressured by their stereotypes, and they are also inherent in the imposter's syndrome. It doesn't matter, whether you are a specialist or a student, this can lead to serious obstacles between you and your career.

The imposter's syndrome is a psychic reaction to events and circumstances, which arise from a certain life experience. It is not a natural trait or a disease. There is an opinion that people who are competent in their field are affected by the syndrome. They can evaluate what else they could achieve, and compare themselves with experts.

Use positive experience to overcome procrastination

Most often this is a consequence of low self-confidence. In every new case, anyone can feel insecure, this is absolutely normal. With the advent of positive experience, this syndrome usually passes, the person gets used to success. However, in some cases, it happens that a person cannot adequately perceive his success. This happens if a person in his childhood was not supported enough and it hurts him still.

There is a phenomenon that is in part the opposite of the imposter's syndrome and can support it. It is called the Dunning-Krueger effect. This is when people are mistaken because of their low qualifications and hypertrophied self-confidence at the same time. Because they are not able to realize these mistakes, therefore they overestimate their results.

While the "imposters" refuse to perform their tasks because of fears not to cope, the Dunning-Krueger effect contributes to the fact that incompetent specialists fail these tasks and do not even realize it. Thereby, don’t be afraid to do something that you can. At the same time, don’t overestimate your knowledge and ask for a professional writing help, when you need it. I do that, for example, when I do my programming homework.

How to improve your self-confidence?

It happens, when negative events lower the self-confidence of the student in college. In this case, it is very important to act in the right way to change the situation for better. In our life, there are a lot of moments that we regard as luck or no luck. But more strongly we, of course, perceive the moments of bad luck. Sometimes we do not give the proper account of what really influences our luck. Here are several things that will help to improve the situation
  • Try to take everything in a positive way. Smile, and make this a habit. When you smile – you feel better
  • Don't believe in destiny too much. You are the main reason for your events and results
  • Try to always notice the good things which happen with you
  • Identify the reasons and make conclusions.

A person who holds a positive position day after day attracts good luck. The simpler we will treat life the more fate will reward us with lucky moments. Man unquestioningly believes in destiny. Any person with any religious beliefs believes in signs from above, foreshadowing success or failure in business. But usually, people cannot understand that the reason for their success or failure is primarily themselves only. People tend to postpone in memory only negativity and failure.

Try to always notice the good things

Start by trying to notice only the good. To notice the good moments that happen to you is a perfect way to think positively and stay in a positive tune. Keep this in mind and at the right time use this as a positive experience. Remember all the bad things that happened to you. Then, remember all the good things that have happened to you.

Draw conclusions. Think about what the outcome would be in the failure, if you did otherwise. In the future, this will help you find a way out of the unlucky situation. Because it happens that situations are repeated. And this will be a good reason to understand that you yourself are the master of the situation. And in your power you have everything to cope with each situation that happens with you. When I cannot do my programming homework, I blame me only. This helps me to make a right decision and hire a professional writing service on time before it is too late.

How to deal with dependence on social networks

It is important to watch your behavior to determine if you need to take some actions. If you cannot go on without socializing, do it unconsciously, it's already an addiction. If it is just a hobby, this is totally normal. If a few days without social networks is not a problem for you, then you should not be worried at all. With dependence from Facebook, almost all of life is reduced to the online existence, and with this, you need to fight for sure. In severe forms, such dependence is as serious as and any other.

Try to not impoverish your life by the lack of real communication, friends and try to leave a full life. You can take steps on your own. If you notice a craving for social networks, which is difficult to resist, then try to take the phone less consciously. It will be difficult and unusual, but gradually you will get used to living without gadgets. In some situations, we do not need them at all. Here are the reasons of why you should be careful with the social networks
  • They lead to a lack of time if this is an addiction
  • You miss the real life
  • This makes you unhappy sometimes.

During training in the park, on the ice rink, in the theater and in many other situation, you need to concentrate on a real life. You can also set yourself a timer for the duration of your online activities. Try to learn how to enjoy real life. Around there are many reasons for joy: good weather, delicious dinner, training, favorite people and interesting activities for which social networks are not needed.

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