How to write the English assignment?

The English assignment is one of the many difficult assignments that students perform in high-school and college. If you feel the lack of time, you can use the professional writing help to get your assignment in English done on time. Anyway, if you want to write it yourself, there are such steps:
  • Understand the given topic
  • Research it well, learn the background
  • Gather the information, it should be relevant
  • Understand the structure of the assignment
  • Write the effective introduction
  • Work on the main text of the assignment
  • Set the high grammar level
  • Proofread the assignment
  • Ask someone to be an expert, if it is needed.
English assignment, like the other assignments, a lot depends on the topic. Thereby, to be effective in providing any topic, you should improve your writing skills as the whole system. Here are the steps you should do:
  • Improve your creative thinking
  • Plan your time
  • Fight procrastination and eliminate distractions.

Start thinking creatively when you write your English essay

Even when you write your English assignment, it is very important to think creatively. This helps students to get new ideas and to write the assignment in the original way. In the end, this is very important, because helps to stand out of the crowd and interest the teacher. There are many methods of how you can improve your creative thinking. Here are ten thoughts that will help you to feel yourself in a more creative way:
  • Creativity is not something specific. If you are able to be creative, you will be able to move quickly from one job to another without special preparation, but to be successful. In each work only 10% are made by the special technical knowledge, and 90% - by the creativity
  • Describe in detail what you are doing: so you can understand what did not work
  • You do not need to know everything. For example, you do not need to know all the notes, when you're standing on stage and doing solos, just play and improvise
  • Just get off the path you are moving on. Give freeway to your creativity. As soon as your ego starts saying "Oh, I do not know what to do now," you can eliminate it
  • Everything is never going accordingly to the plan
  • Everything cannot be perfect at any work, it is necessary to think how to turn the situation around so that you can see its positive side. This will help you to get much more results
  • You should only be concerned with one thing: to live a creative life
  • When you do everything creatively, then everything suits you
  • Don’t be afraid to be naive and stay naive
  • Find freedom in constraints.

The influence of the art and the creative thinking

Researchers found a significant correlation between the creative activity of children and their success in later life. According to one of the researchers, teaching arts and crafts in childhood significantly increases the likelihood of future success in such areas as inventions or the creation of new companies. Skills obtained during art classes are ideal for complex thinking and solving various tasks. Creative skills, such as the ability to imagine, intuitively understand complex thoughts and draw analogies, will help you create new ideas and gain new opportunities in everything (even if this is just an assignment in English).

These skills are formed almost by any creative process, from composing music to creating sculptures from metal. The main thing is that a person is always actively engaged in creativity. It's not enough to just listen to music and look at the picture, you have to play the musical instrument yourself or hold the brush in hand. Creative skills help us to define the connection between things, to combine images in the head, and to invent something new. This explains why so many children who were addicted to creativity in childhood grew up in successful businessmen. Einstein valued music as highly as physics when he was creating a new theory.

How to think creatively: Einstein's method

Einstein divides the development of creative thinking into three stages:
  • Define a specific task
  • Use imagination and creative intuition to study the task
  • Engage in creativity to facilitate the development of your thinking.

It is the fact that creative thinking often goes along with the procrastination. It is not surprising, because creative people are not so organized. In addition, the creative thinking often goes deep inside our brain. Thereby, what we can take as the procrastination, can be the thinking process and the preparing to the actual writing. Anyway, sometimes there is no time before the deadline, and you still need to submit your assignment on time. Thereby, it is very important to develop a technique to fight procrastination.

Fight against procrastination to do your English assignment on time

Opportunities are the chances that surround us. There can be big or small. It depends on the characteristics of your working system and the ability to see the opening prospects. It is important to prioritize properly - choose only key directions. This will help you to avoid a trap called "paralysis solution." It is noticed that as soon as a person has the opportunity to choose, the probability that he will be stuck at the decision-making stage increases.

Often it happens that we are afraid of something, but this does not happen. In other words, if you think about threats in a calm environment, you can eliminate the fear of the future and reduce anxiety about it. To fight procrastination, it is important to develop the positive thinking. Make a list of personal achievements in life, at least 20. Write everything that comes to mind. Describe why you are so proud of it. Such a list will charge you with positive emotions every time you reread it. To fight procrastination when writing the English assignment, you can do these steps:
  • Split the big assignment into smaller parts
  • Start from the assignments that are easier for you and do them faster
  • Eliminate all distractions and set the effective workplace
  • Analyze the activities that motivate you
  • Set the breaks to relax
  • Plan your time
  • Schedule everything in details
  • Learn how to make priorities.
To fight the procrastination, you need to analyze the activities that motivate you. There are four groups of them:
  • Developing activity. It includes sports, a healthy lifestyle, education
  • Activities that create a legacy. This is what will remain after us, for example, raising children, planting a tree, building a house, writing a book
  • Activities that build relationships. Man is a social being. Forming relationships with family, friends, colleagues can also be motivating
  • Finally, altruistic activities. Help other people or society on a voluntary basis. It carries a deep meaning.

If the procrastination has settled in your life, it alone will not go away. To stop putting off doing things, you need a strong-willed effort, and you need a self-discipline. Without the self-discipline, you will procrastinate – there are no other chances. Procrastination and self-discipline are two mutually exclusive things. To develop your self-discipline, you need to learn how to manage your emotions.

Manage emotions consciously

Self-regulation is the basis of the self-discipline. A person capable of self-regulation literally gives himself commands and performs them. He does what is needed - a commander and a subordinate for himself. Failure to self-regulation leads to procrastination – this is the rule. The older structure of the brain, the limbic system, exerts a stronger influence on us than the young neocortex. Self-regulation is the ability to control emotions consciously. We will make a reservation, not to drown out emotions in ourselves, but to put them into service, to make sure that they do not hamper us in making a decision and moving to action.

As an illustration of how the procrastination works, you can consider the model of an elephant and a rider. It is widely used in a modern psychology. It is said that in each person there live two beings: the naughty Elephant and the Rider that controls it. The elephant is the symbol of our emotions, and the Rider is our mind. In this model, the size of the Elephant and the Rider well illustrates the proportions of the influence on the human limbic system and the neocortex. You cannot get rid of Elephant. Thereby, you have to learn how to control it. More precisely, it is important to guide the Elephant along the route of our personal vision. This will require effective interaction with it. When you do your English assignment, it is always more pleasant to turn on the Internet, but you should control yourself to meet the deadline.

The cognitive resource to improve your writing skills

What does self-regulation depend on? Scientists have found out that it depends on the cognitive resource. This is the potential energy of the mind, and its ability to control the limbic system. For example, you need to convince yourself of the need to perform an action. You can plan, that the energy will be spent. As a result, the cognitive resource can be depleted. The rider will lose the ability to control the Elephant. What will happen next? The elephant will rule the Rider. He goes where he wants! He watches TV shows, sits in Facebook, smokes, gets drunk, eats at night, buys unnecessary things at sales, procrastinates and etcetera. This is not what you want for sure.

It is important here to answer the question - how to avoid depletion of cognitive resources? First, you should train them during the day. Preventive measures work well here. We planned them in advance and did not allow depletion of the resource. These can be short breaks, for example, walking through the park, practicing yoga, simple physical work. Studies show that the resource depends on nutrients. Therefore, a glass of juice, fruit is also a good update for the resource. You can compare your energy with a glass of water, which during the day is emptied. It is important not only to "add water to a glass" but also work to make it bigger. The more powerful the cognitive resource, the stronger the mind. In the end, this will help you to fight procrastination.

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