The essence of essay review service

It is a common fact that teachers often return many writing works for additional improvement. It happens so because students neglect editing their essays or they do it so carelessly leaving lots of mistakes. Editing is as important as other essay writing stages because when finished an essay needs to be improved in terms of structure, format, wordy sentences, and different mistakes.

There are some more reasons why you require editing papers:
  • Harmony. Making a paper euphonious means changing the order of words, work on the rhythm and dynamics, the replacement of colloquial, and removing clichés.
  • Brevity. A short and succinct text is better than the one which is redundant and dull.
  • Truth. A paper must contain only proven facts.
  • Accuracy. To proofread the paper is to correct all types of errors like punctuation, spelling, syntax, typos and other things that violate the rules of the language.

Very often fascinating texts can go to the waste bin because they are full of mistakes and inaccuracies. Students can be very creative and imaginative when writing their essay; however, most of them lack elementary language skills. As a result, their papers always get low scores.

Our essay review service provides editing help for all who are not well-versed in grammar, punctuation and other linguistic peculiarities.

Still having bad marks for your writing assignment? The diagnosis – you need professional editing help! It is high time to turn this around! We will edit your essays with detailed explanations and comments from an expert writer. You will feel a big difference and will be pleased with the result.

What are the editors’ duties?

While working on the order, our essay review service attracts not only writers but also competent editors whose duties are:
  • To correct the text for technical errors
  • To check compliance with the original formatting
  • To ensure the unity of the style of the text
  • To format the paper according to the specified standards

Editing is a mandatory procedure. Every client can ask for several editors to improve his essay if he doubts their accuracy. Please note that in this case, it is necessary to provide the original text in a format suitable for editing.

Our essay review service also offers stylistic editing by native speakers. Stylistic editing implies that the native language checks the text for style, spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes but most importantly he adjusts the paper content to the real language.

When ordering editing, you pay for the service per page. The scope of work is determined by the number of pages or characters. We edit the papers in such languages as:
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Hebrew

High quality in due time

The high quality of the editing procedure is the main goal of our company and we do our best to achieve it. We select the best specialists from thousands of candidates through questionnaires and testing. We cooperate with professional editors who check manuscripts for compliance with terminology and style. We work on a system of a mandatory two-level control, in which the text is reviewed twice or even more times.

To optimize the order processing process, we have developed our own project management system, which allows us to quickly distribute orders between editors and monitor the progress of their implementation.

Our essay review service team understands that the time factor often plays a crucial role in business, so we always try to offer our clients the best time for editing, and are ready to meet the requirements in case of urgent orders.

Customer’s comfort is the priority

We are a client-oriented company. For the convenience of our customers, we have provided various payment options for our services and several ways to transfer papers, including free courier delivery. To fulfill the orders, we try to involve the most professional experts in the field so that the paper will have the unity of terminology and style. We pay great attention to the quality of service - our customers can always get a full consultation by phone or a detailed response about the cost and timing of the editing process via e-mail.

Some facts about us. When starting our business in 2006, we did not even imagine how many talented and competent people we will be able to find and attract to our team. If at the very beginning we had 20 editors, today we employ over 200 leading editors, best graduates and writing experts from different countries. Thus, ordering service from us means to combine the experience of many people and get the best result!

A package of provided services

We understand that a full-fledged company that seeks to provide its clients with full editing support must provide a range of services. In this regard, we offer the following assistance:
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Translation
  • Referencing and citing the text
  • Layout and formatting
  • Conforming to the author’s preferences as to the language variation and style
  • A summary that outlines the corrections made to the document
  • An editing certificate
  • A plagiarism report

Reasons to order editing service from us

We believe that the reasons stated below will convince you to purchase a splendid package of editing service from our company.

There are 6 reasons to consider before your final decision:
  • You get access to the knowledge of highly qualified teachers and specialists in different fields including mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, economics, foreign languages, literature, and history. We will edit essays on any topic. Overall we can cover more than 120 subjects of school and university curricula.
  • We always take into account for what kind of institution (school, vocational school or university) you submit your essay. Therefore, the paper will be adapted to the level of your educational institution.
  • You can contact us with any task! You can order editing term papers, essays, reports, case study, reviews, dissertations, etc.
  • Prices are available to students.
  • You save every minute! To order our services you need only 2-3 minutes to fill in the form on the website or a minute to call the manager.
  • Due-to-time delivery and 24/7 communication. When making a request, each client has access to his personal account on the site, where he can monitor how his paper is reviewed.

What we guarantee to the clients

Guarantees are needed to ensure you that by contacting us for essay review service you will get premium class assistance and the papers that correspond to all requirements. We work efficiently and competently!

We always care about the confidentiality of the client's personal data. All the information you provide is not transferred to third parties, except for the conditions defined by the legislation of the country.

Finally, you can rest assured of our integrity and honesty. Any client has the right to sign a contract for the execution of the order, as well as to receive a receipt with the company's stamp. We are an officially registered service. Apply for a free evaluation of your paper right now!

Our motto is being as efficient as possible! We will execute the order, in the shortest possible time - from 3 hours to 2 days if the paper is urgent. In a regular mode, we can fulfill the tasks within two weeks depending on the level of the paper.

We are ready to accept orders at any time and consult our customers around the clock, 7 days a week on request on the website. Waiting for your call!

Also We Can Offer!

Other services that we offer

If you don’t see the necessary subject, paper type, or topic in our list of available services and examples, don’t worry! We have a number of other academic disciplines to suit the needs of anyone who visits this website looking for help.