Find your concentration zone for the essay writing contest

The contest can be a really stressful thing for many students, especially when a lot depends on such essay. To become the more effective writer, and not only, you need to learn how to get to the concentration zone in different circumstances. Surely, writing at home and writing behind the tutors are different things, but if you know how to concentrate, then you will feel comfortable everywhere. Here are the steps that you need to do to work with the concentration zone
  • Develop your scale of concentration
  • Identify the ideal level of adrenaline
  • Learn how to increase the level of adrenaline
  • Learn how to lower the level of adrenaline.

Surely, there are situations, where the high level of adrenaline is normal, for example when deadlines are very close. If you see, that you cannot cope with the task yourself, you should ask for professional writing help. Experiences professional writers can finalize your draft effectively, or write it from scratch.

Develop your scale of concentration

If this is your own scale, you can take a scale from 0 to 10, for example. Here 0 will be your most relaxed state, and 10 - the most stressful. Find out, what level corresponds to your current state? Your adrenaline level gives you the key to understanding how (slow or hyperactive) you feel and how to return to a relaxed-focused state. Unlike the original principle, you will not always try to reduce the figure to become as relaxed as possible.

The task here is totally different - to adjust the degree of excitement to enter your concentration zone. To start using the scale, you should fix the numbers 0, 5 and 10 for specific values. For example, it is useful to take real-life situations. Here are a few examples
  • 0 - spend your holidays in a hammock under a tree
  • 5 - you are successfully coping with work in college
  • 10 - waiting for news from a close person who got into an accident.

Remember at which moment of life you were in the most relaxed state, and fix the indicator 0. Tie the moments when you were in a relaxed-concentrated state to the number 5. Also, tie a very tense moment to the number 10. When you have control points, you can use the scale from 0 to 10. At different times of the day, ask yourself the question: "What level of adrenaline do I have at the moment?" If you accustom yourself to pay attention to this, then over time the process will pass in a natural way and you will advance along the path of self-awareness.

How to determine the ideal level of adrenaline?

The ideal level of concentration and adrenaline depends on the type of work being done. Different types of activity have different concentration zones. For physical activity (for example, for boxing or football), you will need a lot of adrenaline. To perform most of the usual duties for the digital era (for example, programming, writing essays, conducting a detailed study) you need patience. You need a stable average level of adrenaline to get to your concentration zone during the essay writing contest.

Most of the time in college classes, you most likely need an indicator between 3 and 7. A very low rate of 0-2 would not be the best idea for work. It is useful when you are relaxing in the swimming pool. But with such concentration level during work, you can just fall asleep. A level of 8-10 is too high for the concentration zone until you begin to play professionally in hockey, for example.

When you're screwed, you will not be able to concentrate on numbers. Since adrenaline directs the flow of blood from the brain to the muscles, you cannot give an adequate assessment of emotions: the scale may seem stupid and unnecessary. Therefore, when your indicators go off the scale, mental images help well. The best option here is metaphors. For example, you can imagine a pan on the stove, from which steam is pouring.

How to increase the level of adrenaline?

When you are bored during writing, you need some additional stimulation to stay in the concentration zone. There are different options to choose from
  • Listen to vigorous instrumental music. If no one is around, you can add the volume. It is important that you are pleased to work with music and at the same time it does not distract you. Unfortunately, there can be rules during the contest in class, that don't allow to wear headphones
  • Drink beverages that are low in caffeine. Mix fruit juice with water, drink cold herbal, white or green tea, decaffeinated coffee
  • Have a snack with healthy food. Eat fruit, properly cooked popcorn, nuts
  • Move your hands and feet. Spin in your hands massage balls or squeeze rubber, bend and unbend your toes or rotate your feet. Buy a massage foot roller, which you can roll back and forth. If no one is around, you can take off your shoes and put a tennis ball under your foot.

How to lower the level of adrenaline during essay writing contest?

Usually, students need to lower the level, no to increase it. Studying in college, with all its additional activities, tough schedule, and pressure, is already stressful enough. To lower your level of stress, you can
  • Listen to relaxing instrumental music. Music will help calm nerves, but it is important to find something that will not drive you to sleep. This should be not the music that you would put yourself, blissfully at the fireplace. For effective work, the adrenaline level should be 5-6 points
  • Reduce the level of stress with the help of rhythmic breathing techniques. Teach yourself to take a deep breath every time you finish the paragraph
  • Do small changes (for example, a lighted aromatic candle) may seem insignificant, but nevertheless, they also help. The brain department responsible for touch is closely related to emotions
  • Drink warm herbal tea
  • Find some snacks. Carbohydrates stimulate the biosynthesis of calming chemicals in the brain. Carbohydrates contained in whole grains are the most useful
  • Stretch and relax the muscles. Squeeze your fists for about ten seconds, then relax.

With the help of special exercises, you will feel warmth, heaviness, and tingling in the hands. The muscles of the hands will relax. This method is called progressive muscle relaxation. Try to relax the forehead, jaw, arms, legs, feet in order.

This exercise can be performed with any muscles, except the cervical. You cannot severely strain and relax the muscles of your neck because you can easily get injured. Sitting all day in a chair, we accumulate tension in the shoulders. To get rid of it, strain the shoulder muscles and then relax, lift the shoulders up and down, move forward, then relax, pull back and relax again.

Write and think boldly when taking a part in the essay writing contest

As you know, procrastination is a terrible disease. Luckily, there are many ways to fight it. The knowledge about these methods and techniques in itself can be a good way to improve the effectiveness. Experts advise fighting with the habit of postponement with the help of hard time management.

Overloading of the brain prevents students from managing assignments on time, which keeps all our plans and tasks for a day, a month, a year and a lifetime. To offload the "central processor," experts recommend to write down all the cases and targets in a notebook or smartphone, using a special scheme.

You can daily divide your tasks into categories (important urgent, important non-urgent, urgent unimportant and etcetera). The essay writing contes twill be the important urgent here. This will help you to calculate the time that can be allocated to each of them, and make a schedule for the day to the nearest minute. Of course, our plans do not always depend on us, so you can provide some extra time in the schedule. The system has one serious minus: for serious procrastinators, it is simply impossible to plan every moment.

Fortunately, not all methods of combating procrastination are equally harsh. The main reason for our procrastination is the negative thinking, filled with the phrases "I must", "it's very important", and "I'm always busy". No one wants to feel obligated, because we are trying to calm down the anxiety associated with making decisions. Students do it, distracted by social networks and other irritants.

The more we obligated, the more anxiety grows. In order to break this vicious circle, the psychologists advise replacing "I must" with "I choose" and try to feel yourself not a victim, but a master of the situation. Always remember that you have the responsibility, which means that you completely control the situation. In addition, you should reject the perfectionism. Knowing that you do not have to do the job perfectly, you will take it more willingly.

The structure of the effective contest essay

The type of the essay in the contest will depend on the topic and the requirements. This means, that you cannot prepare the paper before writing. However, you can prepare to different kinds of papers to be ready for any kind of assignment. For example, the effective structure of the motivational essay consists of such elements
  • Introduction with the main purpose of the paper
  • Who are you, the thesis – do not rewrite the resume, but describe its content in 2-3 sentences
  • Reasons for choosing a program - as well as the country, university, faculty. Tell here about your feelings towards them. Show how the program correlates with your story (and your background)
  • Describe - based on your history - how this particular program will be useful to you
  • Explain why you are really suited to this program
  • Describe what you will give to the program and the group
  • Add what you want to do after the program, and why it will be useful for you in the future
  • Give thanks and make a call to action at the end of the story. For example, you can invite tutors to call or write to you if they have any additional questions.

In the essay writing contest, a lot depends on the personal attitude. Studying at college is a mutually useful process. Here you give not only money, you share your knowledge and experience with the group and the teachers. In the essay, you should show which exactly experience do you have that will be useful for the team. This is especially important when applying for a scholarship.

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