How to find the essay writing service UK?

There is a big variety of essay writing services over the globe, not only in the UK and the US. However, to provide the assignment in the UK college, it is important to find a reputable writing service. If you are going to find a perfect writing firm, you need to focus on such things:
  • The specialization of the writing company – which papers it provides the best
  • The prices on different kinds of writing, the discounts to the regular customers
  • The revision policy – how many free revisions can you get (it often happens when revisions are needed)
  • The feedback on the main website and also on the Internet. Make sure that the company is reputable.

It is very important to make sure that the writing company is reputable, to guarantee the qualitative result. Many things depend on the quality of the paper, sometimes even the whole career in college. Unfortunately, some new companies on the Internet provide papers of low quality or even plagiarized. So, use all sources of information to find a good writing firm. Ask your friends from college, it is possible that they already use some of the writing firms and will give an advice. Anyway, you can also find the information at student forums and on the Internet. You just need to prepare to spend some time on the search.

What to do if you cannot start writing the assignment

Sometimes it is hard to start writing the paper. To fix that, you need to find the real reason. There can be for main reasons for that:
  • The tough schedule
  • Distractions
  • The lack of knowledge
  • Procrastination.
However, all these four reasons canintersect, influence each other and call each other. For example, procrastination always lead to the lack of time and to the growth of distractions. The lack of knowledge can lead to a procrastination. The tough schedule can be the reason for the lack of knowledge in some courses. Thereby, to solve your problems, you need to do the complex actions to improve your effectiveness:
  • Plan your time to deal with the thought schedule
  • Eliminate distractions and fight procrastination to solve the lack of time problem
  • Split the big tasks into smaller to cope with them easier
  • Schedule your activities to improve your knowledge
  • Find the perfect essay writing service UK.

How to split assignments and stop being a procrastinator?

When undertaking a complex and large task, always try to divide them into many small ones. The main thing is to let the brain know that you are not going to execute a whole project at a time. During the working day, do small tasks one at a time, and eventually, you will find that you are passing the project on time without any complaints or violence against yourself. This rule is called the rule of the tasks-elephants. The idea is that it is really hard to eat something big as an elephant. However, if you will split it into smaller pieces, you will see that this is not so difficult.

This applies not only to college assignments but also to every else activity. For example, if it's hard for you to take on a spring cleaning on any of the days off, create a schedule for each event. The point is to unload yourself as much as possible, but do not overload yourself at the same time. To do this, you need to split the main assignment. Thereby, for each day of the week, there will be only one or two small assignments that will be executed only on the specific days.

Use your smartphone as a useful tool, but not as the distraction

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram – all these platforms are useful at the right time, but they are not likely to be a useful tool for your assignment writing. Usually, they only distract you from work. Thereby, you should make the strict time frames for when you are available on Facebook and the other platforms and when you are working. If there is such a possibility, it is better to disable various notifications on the phone and on the computer for the time of work, to make sure that nothing will distract you.

There is a variety of applications for browsers that can help you to concentrate on the work by blocking some of the websites that you will put on the list. If you cannot close the communicational channels at all, you can move them on the computer. The Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp have the PC applications. Thereby, they will notify you when something important came and you don’t need to continuously check your phone. There is one other method.

You can use bright stickers that you can stick even on the phone or in the corner of the screen, where notifications of a new message come. And as soon as the hand is pulled to the smartphone or a look by habit falls to the notification window, you will see a motivating phrase. This can be some message like: “Do two pages and you free”. There is another option to fight distractions – try to work in some quiet coffee house. This can be a good idea because distractions often are tied to home place. If nothing works, you can always hire the essay writing service UK to provide an assignment before the deadline.

Plan your actions and make a schedule for all activates

It is a good idea to use the to-do list. The to-do list is very useful for three reasons:
  • You won’t forget anything
  • You have all tasks behind your eyes, so you can estimate the amount of the work
  • You don’t need to remember everything.

Our brains are like the RAM memory on the computer. It does many useful things, but it cannot contain everything at the same moment. This means, that when you don’t use the to-do list, you have to hold all the information about your tasks inside. This takes your energy and distracts from doing something that you need to do at the moment. When you use a to-do list, your memory is free from holding such information. It is like delegating the authority. And it is also like when the information when you don’t need right now it held at the hard disk of your computer, not in the RAM memory.

If you want to use the to-do list, then it should be prepared in the evening. This habit is worth working out from the very beginning since it greatly simplifies your morning. When you set yourself up for productive work from the very beginning of the day, then it is harder to postpone the task. Here are the other tips that can help to organize your working process and fight procrastination:
  • do not forget to praise and encourage yourself for each completed task. This method acts subconsciously not only on pets but on humans too
  • Try not to snack during work. You better do this during the breaks
  • Those who like to start work only when the deadline is coming, it is better to set own deadlines, earlier than the actual ones
  • Never start a new task right after the old one. Be sure to arrange a break, to give the brains time to switch from one project to another smoothly.

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