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Online writing provides a thousand papers to students in the US and Europe. The reason of why the paper writing online is so popular is the lack of time and growing requirements for students. Sometimes there is not the time to write some paper, so in this case, paper writing will be a perfect idea and the solution of the problem. To find a perfect writing firm it is very important to pay attention to its prices, the number of free revisions and the privacy policy. You should also pay attention to the feedback on the website to make sure that the company has the good reputation. When you will find a perfect company, this will become an option for you to fight procrastination and free your time for more important tasks.

The purpose and the object of the paper

You should specify the scientific concept of the whole dissertation. It is very important to note the academic result which is the purpose of the assignment. The purpose of the dissertation research, as a rule, is indicated by one or several goals. The main objective of the study should be always highlighted. When writing a dissertation, the research tasks in the paper should contribute to the realization of the scientific goal. It should also be taken into account that the tasks of the dissertation research are formulated and indicated sequentially, in accordance with the plan and structure of the dissertation. The chapters and paragraphs of the paper should be written a special way to follow the purpose.

When formulating the research tasks, it is necessary to clearly represent the stages of the research and to set a clearly formulated task for each of them. When formulating problems, try to use phrases
  • To reveal the essence
  • To formulate and justify
  • To reveal factors
  • To consider
  • To determine the place and etcetera.

At the end of the formulation of problems, it is recommended to show why you need the solution to the problem. In addition, it must be remembered that the formulated tasks determine the title and content of the main chapters and paragraphs of the dissertation.

The relevance of the dissertation research

This is the most important aspect of the dissertation paper. It emphasizes and substantiates the relevance of the dissertation topic for science and practice. The relevance of the research topic is one of the main requirements of the dissertation research. As a rule, the urgency of the topic of the dissertation is conditioned by the necessity of its scientific (academic) and practical (applied) study. If the problem solved in the dissertation is claimed by science or the national economy at a given moment and in this situation, then the paper is relevant.

The relevance of the dissertation research is divided into two main components
  • The need of the society
  • The social query in the study of a specific scientific problem.

If earlier this topic was not considered by any author or was considered only partially, then this should be mentioned. However, this is not sufficient argument for the relevance of the topic. In the relevance section, the timeliness, necessity, and urgency of researching a topic are justified. It is also important to set out a couple of phrases about the fact that the thesis is very demanded. Show that the research is focused on achieving the latest scientific results. Their introduction into scientific circulation or public practice should contribute to solving a theoretical problem or a practical problem.

How to fight procrastination during dissertation writing?

Procrastination is the process that often happens to many students. It is difficult to avoid it at all, however, there are several useful steps that can help
  • Don’t be a perfectionist
  • Plan your time
  • Plan the fixed time for your work
  • Eliminate the distractions
  • Start using special programs for scheduling
  • Split the task into smaller tasks
  • Use your own deadlines.

What are the levels of procrastination?

There are five main levels of procrastination. To know what stage of procrastination do you have might be useful for you to understand what actions can help to fix it. Here are the main levels of procrastination
  • Procrastination because of the fear to make a paper that teacher will not like
  • Procrastination because of the fear to do something not perfect. Students wait for the perfect time and perfect mood
  • Student starts to see the schedule with stress
  • Students don’t feel stress and don’t think about the problem
  • The procrastinator is ready to start working because the is no time to postpone for later.

The first two stages of procrastination are quite easy to overcome. To start writing at these stages, it is very important to split the tasks into smaller tasks. When you will see the smaller tasks, it will be much easier to start writing.

The third level of procrastination

The third level of procrastination is very easy to determine: a student begins to experience anxiety attacks, which sometimes lead to panic attacks. This is because the stress, which is experienced by the procrastinator. It leads to the release of adrenaline. Since the assignment seems very complicated, and failure can lead to disaster, the human brains react quite simply. In this case, like in other dangerous cases, the brains start to provide the adrenaline.

The fear of failure becomes so strong that the students decide to make the problem even worse. Step by step, the mind in this situation can paint the picture that shows how student loses his place in college. The procrastinator is in a closed circle. Trying to overcome stress, he is looking for excuses for his behavior. Like always, we easily find them, but adrenaline is doing its job, and the stress is accumulating. Thereby, during the third stage of procrastination students are very close to a nervous breakdown.

The third level of the procrastination is very dangerous. Trying to find in procrastination salvation from obsessive fears, the students only hurts himself. It should be remembered that light stress is a constant companion of students. Assignments are sometimes difficult, there are mistakes and failures, but all this is part of the educational process. Thereby, should not be worried about it. If you cannot cope with your stress for some reason, you can always use the essay writing websites to get the paper on time.

The fourth stage of procrastination

At the fourth level of procrastination, a person will procrastinate in order to remove the problem from the mind. Meanwhile, the deadline is burning, there is a serious lack of time and this creates a real danger. The feeling of anxiety at this stage can disappear, replaced by doom. However, very often students feel a surge of energy. Unfortunately, this energy is not going to the important task. Many students, reaching the critical line, feel a great excitement. However, it's impossible to work in this mode, as this in most cases will lead to extreme stress and creative burning out.

The last stage of procrastination

At the fifth level of procrastination, the student is already quite ready for work. It is good because there is nothing left here for procrastination. You just need to get rid of perfectionism and get rid of creative paralysis. It is quite simple to do this - there is still nothing to lose. The student doesn't care about what the teacher will think and doesn't care about the quality of the paper. Without such unhealthy perfectionism, it is much easier to start writing the paper.

The task does not seem so complicated at this stage of procrastination. But to procrastinate to the fifth level can be very expensive for students. Yes, the deadline is a powerful motivating factor, but it is too expensive for the quality of the work to wait for this last stage. It is better to use the other methods to improve the efficiency. For example, you can use time management, positive thinking, rest and self-motivation. You can also buy qualitative papers at the essay writing websites.

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