What are the essays on community service?

When applying to college, the most challenging task for many applicants is writing an admission essay. First of all, that is because it is always hard to start this paper. Some students have lots of ideas on how to complete an essay while others struggle to write a couple of words. An admission essay is a paper which tells the audience who you are; in particular, it describes your key experiences, skills, and interests. In addition, it explains to the reader why you are a worthy candidate for the college.

Along with the above-mentioned facts, you have to tell the admission committee what goals you are pursuing entering the college. Lots of ideas to be put down on a two-page essay! Yes, admission essays require considerable writing skills and original ideas to impress the readers. In fact, there are a few students who can cope with this task without getting stressed. Therefore, applicants are often advised to start their essays as early as possible otherwise they risk to fail them. So there are loads of troubles you have to solve if you want your essay to be compelling, accurate and interesting.

One of the problems is to decide what topic to choose. A common theme for your entrance paper can be a community service. Students choose it because understanding that it can describe the experiences and personal qualities better than a standard essay in which you tell about your high school achievements and scores.

The notion of community services

Speaking of the community service as a concept we want you to understand its essence. Only when you realize that participating in the community activities is very important for both you and society, you can write a valuable essay on this topic. Let’s get started!

Community service is meant to:
  • Bring people together
  • Make people work for the shared goals
  • Improve social ties
  • Identify common values
  • Make people socially conscious
  • Create better conditions for those in need
  • Improve the economy of the local neighborhood
  • Consolidate the unity of the society
  • Build people’s confidence so that they will be sure in their success

The importance of serving the community

Speaking about essays on community service, we should tell why they are so important. There are many reasons to consider them a good tool for describing applicant’s social experiences. Let’s have a closer look at their essence.

Community service for teenagers often means volunteering. This is an opportunity to do something good for your neighborhood. Your choice depends on your desire to do what you have interest in, to help someone if you have enough time for it or take responsibility for some work on someone else’s request.

Volunteering is perfect opportunity to gain lots of positive and important experiences. It teaches young people a lot of things, for example:
  • Be compassionate and useful
  • Take on responsibilities
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge
  • Be hardworking and persistent in achieving goals
  • Manage their time
  • Set priorities
  • Develop one’s communicative skills

Community service is great for college application essays, resumes, and interviews. Moreover, some higher educational bodies require this experience from potential students. Students have to report how many hours they have spent volunteering and what activities they have performed. So when thinking whether to take up some volunteering or not, you’d better say “Yes” as you will need it for your college graduation.

Despite all those positive things you get while helping your local community, you will have lots of memorable events in your life. Your work will no doubt be rewarding. You will meet new people and enrich your outlook, you will learn how to cope with difficulties and resolve conflicts if any. Moreover, you will realize that fact that the people surrounding you are diverse and individual. This experience will serve you the good turn in your further studies and life on the whole.

Tips on how to craft a splendid community service paper

Once you have decided to write an essay on community service for the admission body, you should understand that there are many other students who are going to describe this kind of the experience. Then there comes a question - how to sound original and stay competitive with your essay. Before writing you should do some preparations. You are to plan your paper ahead of time that is to sort out the facts according to their importance, focus on relevant experiences, compose a list of your achievements and make notes.

When you are ready to complete your paper, use these tips to help you present your community service experiences in the best possible manner:
  • Start with a hook.

The success of your essay directly depends on an efficient introduction. Your major objective is to grab the reader’s attention with a poignant story. Think what really makes you different from the other people; what presents your best features, etc. Write about the things that are extremely important for you or the things that can arouse the interest of your target audience. Avoid talking about irrelevant background information.

  • Show who you are.

Try not to describe yourself in the light other people see you. Be yourself, tell them what you feel and how you feel, share your values with the readers in the form of an anecdote. Do not describe the events but reflect on them. Make the readers understand how the obtained experienced helped you develop your personality and grow. Through your story show your passion for the activity you have been taking.

  • Show, do not tell.

For community service essay this advice is very important. Show your experiences by illustrating them with vivid examples. Avoid using too many adjectives and choose strong action verbs instead. Focus on significant experiences only. The description of a few meaningful events in your life will do more than just packing your essay with irrelevant facts. When talking about the outcome of a particular event, give a detailed feedback on how it has influenced you. Avoid generalizing and speak to the point. Saying that some experience was important for you is nothing. You have to show what conclusions you have made and how this or that situation has changed you.

  • Show your achievements

Any activity has a particular effect on a person. Whether it is positive or negative, it is important. Therefore, a thoughtful reflection on the lessons you have been taught is important. Think carefully how you have evolved after this or that event in your life. Were your priorities changed? Did you reformulate your values? Did you alter something in your routine? Please remember, that any kind of community work is about making improvements, so make sure you have shown them in your essay.

How to finalize your essay

Every writer would be pleased if he could manage to leave the audience think of his story some hours later. It is not a problem. You just need to finish your easy with some speculation or a question. At the same time, you have to show how you answer this question or what considerations you are still having on this issue. For example, you can suggest your own solution. Let the readers understand that how you are going to contribute to your college and what things you as a student can accomplish to the benefit of the college.

When your first draft is ready, leave it alone for at least couple of days and come back to it to proceed with editing and proofreading. Ask professional writers to review your paper. In case you need more competent assistance, you can order essays on community service at this website.

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