What is a high school research paper?

If you are already a university student but you are still just delving into the learning process, the following information is sure to seem useful and entertaining for you.

The fact is that during the studies, a student has to write about two hundred written works. He is supposed to complete all the assignments on his own however, not all people have the ability to write scientific papers which require a rather in-depth approach and compliance with certain rules provided by the education system and the university respectively.

Many students may have an unusual mindset, charisma and the ability to think logically, but they may not have the skills required for expressing their thoughts in written form. Thus, at the moment when it is necessary to write independently, they start having difficulties. Now, given the current trends and opportunities, there are many situations of when students order a finished work from specialists. For them, it is a perfect solution as they can spare their time on other activities and at the same time get a high-quality paper.

You can find worthy authors at our service who will complete your research paper in a professional way. For those students who are going to write papers on their own, we have good news either. It is a comprehensive guideline with lots of tips on how to write any kind of a high school research paper.

But first, we expect that you will attentively read about the kinds of research papers that are frequently assigned at colleges and universities.

Basic facts about an abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of a scientific work or a number of works or a summary of a literary work. Initially, the abstracts were assigned to summarise one or more sources on the topic, on the basis of which abstract collections were published. According to the requirements of high education institutions, students need to briefly disclose the topic.

An abstract is the first step towards the development of student’s research skills. It is a theoretical research work, the first step on the way to the thesis design. Before conducting your own experimental research, you need to navigate the problem and read the published scientific sources.

An abstract is a paper that analyses, compares, and synthesizes the sources of information by other researchers on the selected topic. In the process of writing an abstract, a student has to develop his own view of the problem.

When writing an abstract it should be taken into account that the teacher when evaluating the abstract usually uses the following criteria
  • Ability to formulate the aim and objectives for the paper
  • Ability to select scientific sources on the topic
  • Logical presentation of the material
  • Independent thinking
  • Stylistic literacy of presentation
  • Meaningful conclusion
  • Relevant design of the paper

Report – a short scientific paper

A report is a written speech that is further presented orally. Over the last years a report is a popular form of scientific at conferences. The length of a report is 5 or 10 pages depending on the level of the work and the complexity. Each oral presentation contains objectives, research methods, and justification of new facts, conclusions, and practical proposals.

On average the presentation of the report takes 10-25 minutes – quite a long time - so it should be extremely rich with useful information without undesirable deviations. A report is a widespread form of the presentation of more extensive research papers such as a thesis or dissertation. An example is the defence of final qualifying papers. During the presentation you can show illustrative materials. Often teachers assign an abstracts or a report at the end of the course. They are so-called examination materials on the basis of which teachers check student’s knowledge and skills.

Test paper as a written examination

A test in the University functions as a credit paper or an exam paper as most examinations are held in the form of a test. So a test is a kind of a written exam. Usually, a test goes in the form of multiple choices and contains problem-solving tasks. This type of a paper requires from a student the ability to work independently (not in pairs or teams), especially if the test is given at the seminar or practical class.

A term paper and a thesis

A term paper is a qualification written task, which is performed by university student each year of studies in order to enhance their knowledge of the chosen specialty. In the course of its implementation, the author acquires the following skills
  • He masters the rules of conducting research activities
  • He learns to sort and analyze the materials
  • He conducts independent research
  • He systematically presents and properly designs the obtained data
  • He clearly and convincingly demonstrates the findings of the research

A Master's thesis is an independent research work that performs a qualification function. It is performed and defended in public – to the commission – that decides whether a student deserves a master's degree or not. The main goal of the author is to demonstrate the level of his scientific qualification, the ability to independently conduct scientific research and solve specific scientific problems.

A word on a Ph.D. dissertation

A dissertation is a qualified scientific work prepared for public defense. It is the only way to obtain a Master’s degree or doctor of science degree. A dissertation can go in a form of a manuscript, a scientific report, a monograph or a textbook.

The dissertation for the degree of doctor of science is a scientific qualification work, in which, on the basis of the research carried out by the author, theoretical provisions are developed. In total the theoretical findings are qualified as a new major achievement in the development of the relevant scientific direction, or the solution of a scientific problem with important socio-cultural, national economic or political significance. A dissertation presents scientifically grounded technical, economic or technological solutions the application of which makes a significant contribution to the acceleration of scientific and technological progress. a dissertation is a research paper that is written individually. It contains new scientific findings and provisions which indicate the author's personal contribution to science. In the dissertation, which has an applied value, the author provides the information about the practical use of the obtained scientific results. A dissertation with a theoretical value contains recommendations for the use of scientific findings.

A scientific article as a kind of a research paper

A scientific article is a high school research paper that presents the most significant results of a basic scientific research. Articles are published in scientific journals and collections of scholarly articles. The volume of the article is 5 -15 pages. Usually, the organization that publishes a collection or a journal, sets requirements for the paper length, formatting, illustrations, etc. the author must prepare the article strictly in accordance with the requirements. In a series of articles, the author consistently presents the results and practical value of the research.

Why it is important to write research papers

A large number of written works make a student get lost in such a large-scale information flow. During the term and at the time of the examination period he has to prepare several written drafts on various subjects. This causes confusion in the terminology and general sense of the work. If he decides to write all papers on his own, it is important to remember one rule – you cannot write all the written works at the supreme moment. It is just impossible to cope with every paper effectively. As a rule, at the beginning of the term teachers give students a list of research papers to complete on a stipulated time. Right at this moment, you should start to prepare them. If you postpone everything to the last moment, it can lead to confusion, mess, and stress and eventually to a poor quality of the paper.

Along with the meticulous research that you have to carry out within a short period of time, a particular attention should be paid to the design of the paper. If the requirements for the reports or abstracts are not so strict, your thesis or dissertation has to comply with the professor’s recommendations and the standards established by authoritative educational bodies of your country.

The thing is that the teacher initially evaluates the design of the paper and only then reads the content. If at this stage the work seems to him unprofessional, there will be no sense to look through its content. It is good if the teacher returns the paper with comments and you have one more opportunity to revise it. However, in both situations, the grade for the papers is lowered.

Research papers are core components of the academic curriculum. They pursue several functions. The one is to motivate students to achieve a certain result of the course. Another is to develop different skills of a student like the ability to analyze the material and draw conclusions, the skill to research the problem in accordance with the given objectives and many others. Research papers teach students diligence, punctuality, responsibility, etc.

A research paper is a tool for evaluating student’s knowledge of the subject. Qualification research papers such as a thesis and a dissertation are the basic documents for obtaining a degree.

A dilemma: to order a paper or write it independently

In the modern education system, the choice between ordering papers from competent writers or performing them on one’s own is quite a topical issue. With the onset of the exams, many students face this problem. it takes them a long time to make a right decision.

If you are reading this article, then you are facing the same dilemma. We will try to talk about some of the pros and cons of both options: ordering a high school research paper or writing it independently.

Today there are a lot of resources where you can order papers from scratch. They offer all kinds of academic and business papers so you will surely find a provider you need. Most popular of them are specialized paper writing providers with a wealth of experience, first-class writers and solid guarantees. Many of them – 90 % are online services which makes them very convenient for contemporary students. You can buy papers form you university teachers or senior students. Here you can immediately stop and consider the first minus of purchasing a paper from someone else. The problem is to find a qualified author. When ordering a paper, everyone expects to get a competently composed and most importantly unique text. However, these expectations are not always justified.

Many authors simply copy the works from the Internet, or sell the same text several times. It becomes immediately clear when several students bring completely identical works. In this case, the money for such work is usually not returned. So you should not trust private authors who advertise their services on the net or in the printed media. If only he does not work for a big writing agency that has gained its reputation throughout years of providing academic papers. Thus, if you have to choose whether to order a paper or perform it yourself, then look for the writer only from reliable companies that have lots of customers and positive testimonials from them. Moreover, you will make the right choice if you find a company with an incredible package of guarantees.

Once you have found a professional who is ready to provide you with a first-class paper, you need to decide on the topic of the paper. If you already have the topic, or you have been provided with it by a teacher, the author will need to find all the sources for its execution. if there is no topic, the author chooses it himself with the approval of the customer. Here is the advantage of ordering papers from writing agencies.

For many students composing a paper is a daunting task. They get stressed looking for the materials for the research, thinking of the topic, and the things like that. Competent writers who get the order will do it for you. Moreover, they always provide free revision if there are additional comments or requirements from the professor.

So, let's summarize
  • If you order a paper from scratch, you need to do it only from a proven organization, and even better, from a proven writer. While choosing a research paper provider, you should carefully study what services and guarantees they offer to the customers. It is great if the company you are going to choose has a comment section where you can read the client’s testimonials.
  • If your final decision is to write a research paper on your own, you are no doubt a resolute person. Today more and more students are trying to bypass this process buying papers from expert writers. According to statistics, only 30% of students write academic papers themselves.

In fact, performing a paper on your own you develop mentally and professionally. Moreover, you can save your money for other useful things. Your savings will be great as other students have to spend much money on papers despite the fact that writing agencies have reasonable prices for their services, students need to purchase several papers, and therefore, the sum gets bigger.

The only question is the quality of your paper. This is the first disadvantage of the independent activity. You can cope with many obstacles while writing from the problems with formatting to finding relevant materials for the study. You will get your paper back from the teacher for the revision and start the process again and again.

In case you get the paper from an expert the chances that your paper can be returned are few. Anyway, it is good to complete the paper without the assistance of other people even if they are best writers in the field. Summing up, we can say regardless of the fact that a student orders a paper or writes it on his own; he acquires some useful experience and achieves a considerable level of training.

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