How to get a good money can't buy happiness essay?

As you know, the essay is a free-formed paper, which allows many differences. However, there are several elements that help to make a qualitative paper. Here are the elements that work for the essay
  • Introduction
  • Thesis (this is not obligatory)
  • The main text
  • Conclusion.
Anyway, the structure and the essence of essays can differ a lot (for example narrative and argumentative essay). If you want to make an effective essay, you should put all your efforts and achieve highest results. Without such resources as time, knowledge, and motivation, it is impossible to make a proper essay. If you feel, that your resources are not enough and the deadline is soon, it is better to ask for a professional writing help. If your assignment is to write the essay about the connection between money and happiness, there are three possible ways
  • To show that there is no connection at all and money can’t buy happiness
  • To show that there is a linear connection
  • Think philosophically about what money can bring and what – cannot.

Can money buy everything?

The classical way to write the money can't buy happiness essay is the persuasive way. Try to show your personal attitude to money in this kind of writing. This paper can be for and against money – you can decide what reflects your thoughts more.

I know that there are people with very big money. They think that they can buy everything. And, indeed, they have beautiful apartments and houses, they drive beautiful cars. They have expensive clothes, rich jewelry. It seemed that they live a happy life. But my parents say that such people are no happier than those who have a small income.

If you want to say that you cannot buy happiness with money, the question is - what is it to be happy? To be happy means to have a strong family, a beloved job, loyal friends and, of course, health. I understand that money played a big role in a person's life, but at the same time, how can you buy the sincere disposition of people around you for money?

You can buy expensive paints, equipment, a luxurious art workshop, but how to create a masterpiece on the canvas if you do not have talent? And you cannot buy talent for money. No money will make you a poet, a musician, and etcetera. At the same time, the money gives you opportunities. Without money at all, you will never open the potential, because the surrounding will stop you.

For the money, you cannot buy love, dawn, the charm of early spring or the freshness of the first snow. For the money, you cannot also buy a child's smile and you will not acquire a good heart if your indifferent and hard-hearted. And there are no shops where the life is a product, where you can buy immortality.

Is there any connection between money and happiness?

A person can leave a good memory of himself, a good attitude towards people. All of us have long been accustomed to the saying "money is not happiness," but we often do not think whether this is really so. Studies show that money plays not the least role in making a person feel happy. And happiness can be brought to some extent. Experiments have shown that wealthy people are more satisfied with their lives than the poor and that there are more people who are happy in rich countries than in poor countries. Here are the main advantages of money for the money can't buy happiness essay
  • Money allows you to have what you want
  • Money increases confidence
  • Financial stability can strengthen your marriage
  • For the money, you can buy happiness until a certain moment.
  • Qualification of the firm
  • Prices and revision policy
  • Privacy guarantees
  • The reputation (feedback on the official website and on the internet).

Money allows you to have what you want

Money is a tool by which we can afford quality food, medical care, as well as classes in gyms and fitness clubs. All this helps us maintain our physical health. With the help of money, we can develop intellectually, buying the necessary books and getting an education in the best universities. We can travel, visit any places on the planet, be inspired and develop as we wish. In other words, money gives opportunities. Moreover, money increases confidence

Money helps to get emotions that lead to positive results. For example, new clothes often make us more self-confident. Acquired self-confidence can help you get the desired job, conclude a profitable deal or just add some freedom. For the money, you can buy fresh impressions and equipment for your favorite hobby. Thanks to this, a person develops creatively and achieves balance. For those who need stability, the presence of money in a bank account helps to gain confidence in the future, because they can cover unforeseen expenses, such as car repairs or emergency medical care for a family member.

Financial stability can strengthen your marriage

We know many examples where financial problems destroy families. Studies showed the relationship between financial problems and divorce. Loneliness or the absence of a partner is difficult, and it goes without saying that a comfortable partnership becomes a source of happiness. Money, in this case, plays an important role in creating and maintaining good relations in marriage, minimizing stress. You can hire a nanny, cleaner or other household helpers to spend more time with your family and not be distracted by minor problems.

However, for the money, you can buy happiness only until a certain moment. Complete happiness cannot be so easily taken and bought. Scientists show that although rich people treat their lives more positively, there is no direct correlation between wealth and the daily emotional state of satisfaction. In addition, they found that more vivid indicators of assessing daily emotions are health, loneliness, smoking, but not money. Scientists say that for the money you can buy satisfaction, but not happiness, although the lack of income has a negative impact on one and the other.In your money can't buy happiness essay, you can still say about some kind of connection between money and happiness.

How much money is needed for happiness?

Scientists say, that due to the statistics, a certain amount of money can reduce tension and potentially increase satisfaction or even happiness. For example, for the US it is not more than $75 thousand a year. After this threshold, the sense of satisfaction in people does not increase, as it was before. The relationship between money and the feeling of happiness is quite complex, but their connection cannot be discarded, as well as putting material prosperity above all else.

It is important to determine your true needs and desires, and then to look for the tools to implement them. Otherwise, the risk of deceiving your expectations is great. After all, money often allows you to get a sense of satisfaction, which quickly passes. And here the correct question should be "for what?", not "how much?".

How much money is effective?

Almost all people want to earn as much money as possible in order to be able to do whatever they want. In today's world, there are many things that we can buy. At the same time, many people say that there are so many priceless things that cannot be bought for money.

On the one hand, many people believe that money can equip a happy and comfortable life. Having a big house, proper education, convenient and expensive car, these things can shape our dreams from childhood. If you have a large income, you can travel around the world and get acquainted with the culture of other countries. In addition, being rich means that you can support your family and help others. You can donate to charity or invest your money in medical research. There is no doubt that success depends on the amount of money a person has.

On the other hand, society always shows more respect to those people who earn a lot. In addition, money represents strength and happiness. However, you cannot buy health even for all your money. People understand that being healthy is more important than being rich. In fact, money will not help you buy love and friendship, which are the most valuable things in life. This means that you can only buy commercial and materialistic things, like clothes, books and many other goods.

Money can't buy happiness essay raises very difficult and complex issues. We need money to lead a healthy lifestyle, and there are no shortcomings in the possibility of being rich. However, having money means having power, but does not mean that you have gained happiness.

Arguments for the materiality of happiness

Before arguing, let's define what happiness is. Happiness is a state of a person that corresponds to the greatest inner satisfaction with the conditions of his being, the fullness, and meaningfulness of life, the realization of his human purpose. Many details of the understanding of happiness among people vary a lot, sometimes even serious aspects of this concept. Someone will say - "I do not really need a beautiful house to be happy." Perhaps, he will not even lie. But will you refuse from health, optimism, opportunities, free time? Many people do not believe that these concepts are interrelated.

According to research, rich people are more optimistic. It is difficult to say here what is the first thing here - a positive approach or material prosperity. According to opinion polls, better-off people find their marriages happier, have stronger relationships with friends, find their work more interesting. Nobody says that you can just come to the market and buy happiness for money, but these two concepts are consistent. The most powerful example – money gives health and time.

Money allows you to extend your life, use advanced medical technologies, eat more correctly. More globally, proof that rich people live longer is a simple statistics of life expectancy. With the exception of a small number of island states in which a favorable climate and good food are available, the length of life in poor countries is much less than in developed countries.

Did you ever think that when someone mows a lawn for you or cleans the floor, then you essentially buy from him time for which you can live fully? Here, many can argue, because to earn money, many people spend more time than they buy. Every person needs to determine their "course". You should decide how much wealth you need to be happy because you spend your happiness on earning it. But the most successful choice, of course, is to find a way of earning that will bring you pleasure.

Money can't buy happiness essay is a difficult paper. The issue is too controversial. Happiness cannot be bought for money; the majority will only have material wealth. Nevertheless, if competently approach a question of a prosperity, money can very much promote your happiness. This is the words that students who write the essay, can use to get some results. However, the essay should be much stronger. In this case, the professional writing help gives many options.

How to find a reputable writing firm?

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