How to get my assignment help online?

There is a big variety of writing services on the Internet. Some of them work only with some specific assignments, while the others offer the full many kinds of the academic writing. Mainly, there are such assignments, that students perform in college
  • Essay (narrative, argumentative, personal and many other kinds)
  • Term paper – the logical result of the specific course
  • Research paper – the complex task in which a student gets new knowledge and summarizes the course
  • Dissertation – the final and the most complex task.
Delegating tasks may be useful in such cases
  • When you cannot submit the task on time because of the lack of knowledge. The professional writing team will help you to learn how to do it
  • When you feel the lack of time. Delegating will help you to meet deadlines
  • When the assignment is not important for you and you want to spend time on more important tasks. Delegating gives you more free time.

Before you will place an order, it is very important to make sure that the company offers qualitative papers. Visit the official site and student forums and learn the feedback. If everything looks good, you should also pay attention to the qualification of the writing team and the pricing policy. For example, if there are no free revisions, this may be an additional cost for you. Usually writing companies offer two-three free revisions for each assignment.

What do I need in addition to my assignment help?

While different assignments are written on different rules, there are several universal tips that can help you to improve your writing. They will help you to write faster and get the higher grades
  • Plan your writing process
  • Fight procrastination
  • Think creatively
  • Cooperate with your tutor.

The procrastination among students

Many students suffer from procrastination. Due to different statistics, from fifty to seventy percent of students suffer from the procrastination in this or that form. The habit to postpone the execution of necessary cases, probably, was always peculiar to people. However, in our times its spread has acquired an unprecedented scope. According to the Canadian psychologist Pierce Steele, one of the leading researchers of procrastination, the number of sufferers of the procrastination increased fourfold from 1978 to 2010. At the same time, efficiency, ability to work in a multitasking mode and to observe precise terms are now more important than ever. Therefore, overcoming procrastination is a problem that is on the agenda nowadays. Thereby, it is one of the most important things that students should do to improve the writing process.

What are the reasons for the procrastination?

Nowadays, there are many different concepts and views on the problem of procrastination, and almost all of them do not refute but supplement and expand each other. Consequently, the lists of features and causes of the procrastination, as well as the methods of combating procrastination, is quite big. What is procrastination, in general, is known clearly. However, probably not everyone knows that psychology distinguishes its individual reasons, as well as its inherent distinctive features. Here are the main features of the procrastination that every student has
  • Irrationality - a person understands that unpleasant results will be at the end of the procrastination, but still does not start writing the assignment
  • Awareness – students absolutely deliberately postpone the beginning of the assignment writing
  • Negative emotions - a person feels a sense of guilt and shame because he is putting off an important matter.
Psychologists call the last point the main factor distinguishing procrastination and laziness. For many people, the procrastination and laziness look looks extremely similar to each other. In general, although most scientists state that laziness and procrastination are two totally different cases. There are two main types of the procrastinators - "strenuous" procrastinators and "relaxed" procrastinators. The first group of students feels considerable anxiety, and they are burdened with a sense of guilt. At the same time, the second group of procrastinators does not have these feelings. It was this emotional component that was for most specialists performed the border between laziness and procrastination. Procrastinator, unlike a lazy person, is interested in a successful result and suffers from remorse, while doing other things. The tendency to postpone the beginning of work can be caused by two main reasons
  • The desire to avoid meeting with the unpleasant (as passive procrastinators do)
  • The desire to experience an internal rise and mobilization of resources under conditions of time pressure (active procrastinators).

Types of procrastination

The other reasons for procrastination can be very different. Mainly this is the reluctance to undertake unpleasant (or uninteresting) work or fear of failure. Students are so afraid to not cope with the task that they start it when the deadline is burning. There are such types of procrastination
  • Daily (household) - is associated with the inability to distribute time, performing daily tasks: cooking, cleaning, shopping and so on
  • Procrastination of decision-making (even if not of great importance)
  • Academic - this kind is surely familiar to all former and present students who wrote the assignment on the night before the deadline
  • Neurotic - a person, by all means, delays the moment of making important decisions (choice of profession, marriage)
  • Compulsive - is typical for any activity, "chronic" postponing.

As you can see, usually students suffer from two types of procrastination, when doing their assignments – academic and compulsive.

How to fight procrastination and get my assignment help?

There are no universal methods of how to fight procrastination and how to force yourself to write an assignment. All students have individual methods. However, having tried each of the techniques, you can choose the best for yourself and then your assignment writing will go much faster. Here are five main methods that help to fight procrastination
  • The method “to eat the elephant”
  • Improve the general level of readiness
  • Make the most difficult at once
  • Use the Franklin Pyramid
  • Use the rule of five minutes.

The method “to eat the elephant”

One of the best techniques for fighting procrastination is to divide the big task into smaller and easier parts. The reason is simple - any big task seems unbearable if it is not divided into small tasks. Such assignments can be postponed for months, simply because of misunderstanding, how to start and what to do next. The only possible way to “eat an elephant” – is to divide it into small pieces. For example, you need to write the term paper. The goal seems tempting to you, but you don’t know where to start. However, if you break the process of writing a term paper into small subtasks, everything will become much simpler. Thereby, you should always break up a difficult task into small subtasks.

Improve the general level of readiness

When fighting against procrastination on different fronts, you also should use a technique based on motivation. Imagine that you bought yourself a new cool car, but there is no fuel in it. You can unconsciously press the pedals, poke in all the buttons and curse the manufacturer's company. But if there is no fuel in the car, it will stand. The same happens with your brain when you need to write the assignment. You can be a tremendously talented and hardworking person, but if you sleep 4 hours a day or limit your life to work only, sooner or later your body will start to resist, and the brain will enter the zone of turbulence. If you postpone the assignment writing because you are tired - take a break, take a walk in the fresh air or just have a good night's sleep. And in the morning, cheerful and energetic, you can rush into battle again.

Make the most difficult at once

There is always a "frog" on your to-do list. This is a kind of assignment that is very important, but you do not want to do it at all. And the longer you put it off, the more it will put pressure on you. To overcome procrastination and unwillingness to do big, but important things, you should do the most unpleasant task for you the very first. It will help you to feel free and be proud of yourself. For example, if this is the essay that you don’t want to write at all, you can get up at five AM and write it until it will be done. It will be hard, but then you will feel totally free.

The Franklin Pyramid

The lack of motivation can be a serious reason for the procrastination. If you suffer from the procrastination, perhaps you just do not understand why you are doing the assignment. And this is the most serious reason for the procrastination. Making a plan for a month, start with the question "What is my mission?". Decide what your global goals are and make a master plan for achieving it. And only when in your head a full picture will be drawn, start short-term planning. If you postpone the assignment writing, because you do not understand why you need it - take a sheet of paper and write down your goals.

The method of 5 minutes

Even the most inspiring work requires considerable willpower to bring it to the end. Enthusiasm sooner or later ends, and in its place comes self-organization and self-control. If you wake up in the morning, and you feel that you cannot bring yourself to the assignment writing, try to do the following steps
  • Choose the most important and urgent task from the to-do list
  • Think about what part of the task you could accomplish in just 5 minutes
  • Do it.

For example, you need to write the personal essay. You will not write the whole assignment in five minutes, but you can write the first paragraph. At the end of 5 minutes (in 90% of cases) the work will continue. The main thing is to take the first step, and start at least with something, do not just sit on the couch. If you cannot persuade yourself to start working, just start doing something for 5 minutes. When you will be drawn in, the process will be easier.

Plan your time effectively

Planning helps students a lot. You should already know in the evening how you will spend the next day. To do this, you need to plan your actions in detail. Do not think that this kind of planning is useful only for office workers. This habit will perfectly help you to cope with the tasks in college. Important cases will be performed on time. Moreover, with the help of planning, you will feel like the tasks disappear by themselves. Do not write the entire list of tasks for a whole week. There is a possibility that it will still change.

Start every day at the time you planned to get up. These "couple" of minutes that you sleep in the morning will not help you to get enough sleep, but the schedule is already broken. You will be in a hurry and leaving the house in a nervous mood. This is not very pleasant for the whole day. If you are doing monotonous work, you should add some "liveliness" to it. For example, turn on energetic music, ventilate the working room, do some workouts. This will help to cheer up.

Concentrate on your assignment writing

Concentrate on one thing. Students, of course, can do several things at once, but this lowers the result of work. Do not mock yourself with futile illusions, you will not be able to do the task any faster. When you carry out your task, try to make it qualitatively and quickly, figuring out the following actions in your head.

Getting enough sleep regularly is a very important component of the successful writing. Do not use your long-awaited weekend for cleaning. Do these "urgent" cases on weekdays. It is better to use this time to relax and to get some new energy for the assignments. Spend this time with pleasure. During the week, you can put things in order in the apartment, and at the same time think about the assignment.

Eliminate distractions and delegate the tasks

The Internet takes away time faster than the TV. If you want to manage everything and at the same time use the right time for it, you must definitely refuse everyday reality shows, long serials, and other unnecessary broadcasts. Leave for this 1,5 - 2 hours at the end of the day before sleep. Refuse to use the working time on the social networks, this will allow you to quickly cope with the college assignments. You should remember that the energy of our body is not infinite. Relaxing is an important part of the working day. If I cannot cope with the assignment, I use the professional writing company. I get my assignment help on time and this helps me to cope with everything on a high level.

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