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When selecting the topic for the paper, it is important to find the one that will help you to disclose some personal opinion or attitude. The topic can be very different; it depends on what exactly you want to achieve in your persuasive research paper. For example, you can write about the bad habits and how to overcome them.

The habits are the result of child’s education or each person is the master of the habits?

When writing the research paper on this topic, it is important to disclose the term of habit itself. Any habit is an acquired form of behavior that becomes mandatory for a person under specific circumstances. Although there is a certain similarity between conditioned reflexes, which are also produced by repetition of the action in a particular situation, it is a more complex phenomenon. A combination of habits constitutes a man's behavior. Many habits belong to the sphere of motor activity. It can be:
  • A habit of slouching or keeping your back straight
  • Actively gesticulating or behaving with restraint
  • Fast or slow walking, and much more.

All this is not always tracked by the person himself but is very noticeable to others who unconsciously or, on the contrary, intentionally observe the behavior of the person. However, the behavior is formed not only from the motor habits but also from other categories of such worked-out actions.

It is obvious that the behavior of different people can be acceptable or unacceptable from the standpoint of both social norms in general and individual individuals in particular. Socially unacceptable behavior can cause a number of problems, so habits that are its constituent parts should be adjusted.

Lifestyle and habit

Lifestyle and habits are connected, besides a healthy lifestyle can also be made a kind of habit. On the contrary, such forms of dependence as smoking, alcoholism, drug use, computer addiction -form a generally negative lifestyle affecting the body. The way of life as a whole consists of a huge number of habits, which include the characteristics of eating behavior, certain physical activity (or lack thereof), the habit of going to bed at a certain time and much more.

It is important to periodically review such habits and lifestyle, and analyze whether they are negative because in this case, it is better to get rid of them. There are many types of habits because there are a lot of habits. Thus, apart from the generally accepted division of them into good habits and harmful ones, you can classify them according to the field of activity to which they relate.

Why do addictions develop?

When writing the persuasive research paper, you should also develop the argumentation about how the subject creates. There are certain prerequisites for the formation of bad habits:
  • Lack of responsibility, low level of self-discipline, unwillingness to self-control
  • Lack of clearly defined goals and motivation for certain achievements
  • Social difficulties in communicating with people
  • The propensity to escape from difficult situations instead of solving them.

According to the research results, the appearance of one bad habit and the formation of dependence on the performance of some action leads to the appearance of certain changes in the human brain. Changing nerve chains makes one who has one bad habit formed, more susceptible to the appearance of the next, so it's better to realize its presence as soon as possible and take action to eliminate it.

The causes of bad habits are determined by the features of a person's life and are laid in early childhood. For example, a lack of attention during this period can lead to increased anxiety and the need to perform certain actions in order to distract oneself from negative emotions. The habit of biting nails, pulling one's hair, making other obsessive movements can be formed precisely for this reason.

In the adolescent period, such habits as smoking, alcoholism, and drug addiction often begin to appear, which is caused by the desire to prove their "adulthood" in the company of other same adolescents. In the future, the causes of the appearance of pernicious habits can be completely different. However, they are often determined by some strong or prolonged stressful effects.

Is it possible to live without bad habits?

Many of those who have bad habits, in their unwillingness to deal with them, justify themselves by the fact that there are no people without bad habits. However, it is possible to live without bad habits, and, moreover, much better than with them, especially if it is a question of such harmful addictions as smoking, alcoholic beverages, narcotic substances.

Some habits are noticeable to others and cause bright negative emotions, and they should be disposed of first. Other manifestations are less noticeable and some of them may not be perceived as a bad habit at all but in a number of situations they can work against a person (for example, the habit of picking in the nose when talking with the boss).

Therefore, in order to live without bad habits, it is necessary first to realize what unconscious actions can be attributed to this category, and only then gradually to work out each of them. The list of addictive habits is large enough, but there are basic manifestations that have a negative impact on the life and health of every person without exception:
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Procrastination
  • Game addiction.

The formation of such a habit as smoking, many people start as a result of the desire to prove their growing up. The ingestion of nicotine very quickly causes addiction, although initially smoking is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms (dizziness, nausea). Smoking is considered one of the most common addictions, and the absolute majority of people at least once in their lives tried to smoke.

The effect of smoking is a short-term euphoria and relaxation (including, for this reason, many smokers increase the number of consumed cigarettes in stressful situations). This effect is due to the intake of nicotine into the body. Due to it, the brain becomes accustomed, which eventually requires regular doses. Reducing the level of nicotine in the body leads to a feeling of anxiety, which can be "extinguished" with another cigarette.

Smoking causes significant harm to the body, as it gradually and relentlessly has a negative impact primarily on the respiratory system, as well as on the vessels, heart, immune system and endocrine system. Regular use of cigarettes and other tobacco products leads to premature aging of the body, and can also lead to the development of lung cancer.

Alcohol abuse as a bad habit

When writing the persuasive research paper about bad habits, you should mention the alcohol abuse for sure. It is the frequent use of beverages that contain a certain proportion of ethyl alcohol. If at the initial stages of addiction alcoholism can still be called a harmful habit, then with its progression it acquires the results of the disease, having a negative impact on both the health status and the social sphere of a person.

The development of the habit of alcohol begins with small doses, while many alcoholic drinks seem "tasteless" and even cause a vomiting reflex. Addiction is gradual and for the same effect of intoxication, a person needs a larger and larger dose of alcohol. If you do not stop the pathological process, you can go to the last stage of alcoholism, when a person can no longer live without alcohol.

Procrastination as a bad habit

Procrastination is the permanent postponement of important cases for later and the replacement of this necessary activity with some insignificant things. Many people suffer from procrastination to some extent, but this can only be considered a norm until a certain moment, after which it can substantially interfere with the normal life activity of a person.

The habit of putting everything for later often appears in people who are not confident in their own abilities and do not have the skills to make decisions. The postponement of the fulfillment of work tasks to the last is also the characteristic of those who are engaged in an obviously unloved business.

It is extremely difficult to force oneself at least to begin to solve the necessary questions. In this case, procrastination is not always recognized by the person as a bad habit, since an illusion of action arises. Recognition of the very fact of procrastination is the first step to stop postponing important assignments for later and learn to prioritize correctly.

Game addiction as the worst bad habit

Game addiction is recognized as one of the most serious bad habits that can progress, worsening a person's condition. There are different forms of game dependence, ranging from all kinds of gambling and ending with multiplayer computer games, which often replace the real world players. Pathological addiction to gambling is the constant participation in gambling, which gradually becomes the main factor in a person's life, forcing him to spend more and more time and money to participate in the game.

Therefore, many researchers consider the habit of gambling a serious social problem. Excessive enthusiasm for computer games is another kind of game addiction. Although it is believed that this habits of children and adolescents, it can occur in adulthood. The greatest percentage of the dependence on computer games falls on multiplayer network games, involving interaction not only with the characters of the game world but also with other players, each of which is a real person.

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