How to get the research article review online?

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How to write the research article review?

The review of the article includes an assessment of the useful information, content, and semantic integrity of the article. To write a qualitative review of the article, be guided not by subjective opinion, but by certain criteria. Read the article and try to evaluate it, based on the degree of correspondence of the content to the title, information, the logic of the presentation of the material, the disclosure of the topic.

When writing the review, you should consider the language of the article, its stylistic characteristics, the scientific content of the research. The article should represent a semantic unity and the purpose connection. After reading the article several times, start analyzing. In the beginning, specify all the output of the article, and proceed to the first item of the plan "correspondence of the title to the contents of the article".

In modern journalism, there are frequent cases when "flashy" headlines only attract attention and do not correspond to the topic at all. It is not appropriate in the academic writing for sure. Therefore, this item should be reflected in your review. Go to the assessment of the degree of useful information of the article.

Control the facts of the research article

Pay special attention to the presence of facts, surveys, expert opinions, accurate data. All these components significantly increase the level of how the information is useful. This allows you to refer to this article in the future. The logic of the presentation of the material is no less important in assessing the article.

If the article contains two or three micro-topics, and the author randomly jumps from one to another, not having completed the reasoning, then this is a serious disadvantage. Each problem considered in the article should be consistently stated, and at the end of the narrative, the relevant results should be summed up. Having characterized the article on the above-mentioned signs, you must say whether the topic is fully disclosed.

This point can cause complexity in the research article review, where the author sets himself the task of encouraging the reader to think and purposely leaving the question rhetorical. This type of articles does not disclose the topic in its entirety, but its inaccuracy prompts the reader's additional interest. If you work with such an article, be sure to include this in the review.

What you should also do in the research article review

When making a review, you should check the existence of all important elements of the paper. Here you should make such actions
  • Pay attention to the relevance of the topic
  • Conduct the analysis of the truth and reliability of the given data
  • Carefully read the main text of the article, focusing on the presentation of the scientific theory
  • Determine whether the application is appropriate in the context of citations
You should pay attention to the relevance of the topic, relying on the theoretical and practical significance of the goal, tasks, scientific novelty. Remember that one of the basic requirements for the title of an article is its concreteness. A voluminous name makes it difficult to study the problem in depth, prevents the exact circle of readers from determining. The analysis of the truth and reliability of the given data should be based on
  • The objectivity of material selection
  • The representativeness of the facts
  • Their reflection in the records of their own observations.

The truth of the information obtained during the research is the basis for scientifically grounded conclusions. The editor needs to find out how the author records the events; whether he evaluates them in dynamics or studies whether in interaction with other phenomena. You should find out whether there are dogmatism and subjectivism, as well as a creative approach to the essence of the phenomenon.

Carefully read the main text of the article, focusing on the presentation of the scientific theory. At the beginning of the articles it is customary to give several logical statements about the facts, and then in the course of reasoning to formulate new arguments. They should be based on the totality of the results of the author's observations and experiments.

Stylistic analysis helps to understand more clearly what the author wanted to say. However, in order to correctly assess all that is said in the text, you need to be able to correctly decompose it into small but important pieces. And it is equally important to conduct their analysis competently, in order to understand where and what accents the author has placed.

How to make a stylistic analysis of article?

Starting to review the text from the point of view of stylistics, remember that first of all you must understand the basic idea and structure of the text. And this all determines the method of analysis. After all, a more detailed study of the text should see and appreciate the linguistic features of the text, the speech that the author uses, as well as the atmosphere and the environment around the research. However, the stylistic review always goes after scientific.

During the analysis, you should thoroughly answer the questions, from what and how the text is made. And this means that it is necessary to determine the functions of language facilities. Of course, when the text was written by a classic and deserved authority in the field of researches, then many inaccuracies can be justified and forgiven. And in the case when a school essay or any scientific work is written, stylistic inaccuracies can easily lead to low evaluation or condemnation from the teaching staff.

An equally important point of text analysis is the calculation of expression in the text. With a deep study of the work, you need to determine what accents and emotional paints have a certain passage. It is also necessary to answer the question - why this type of stylistic coloring of words is used here. In addition, it must be remembered that in one text different kinds of expression of the language can be combined.

The reasons for procrastination during the review writing

Students who write the research review often suffer from procrastination. The most common reason for procrastination is not your favorite job, a boring and unpleasant business that you want to deal with. It's simple, you do not like something, and you postpone its performance. However, there are some other more complex reasons
  • The inability of a person to prioritize is also one of the reasons for procrastination
  • The ambiguity of the main goals of life, of one's own aspirations, is another reason for postponing things for later. This leads to the lack of energy, depressiveness and unconscious doubt about the importance of this or that matter
  • Procrastination often affects people who do not know how to organize themselves and their time
  • Some suffer from procrastination because they do not know how to approach complex work (lack of resources, skills, etc.) or are afraid that they will not cope
  • Lack of decision-making skills and fear of making decisions because of uncertainty about their correctness is also often the cause of procrastination.
The reason for postponing important cases is often given other fears and phobias. For example, there can be such fears
  • The fear of change - a person worries because of what kind of relationship, whether he will be able to get used to something new
  • Fear of failure - fear of failing, limiting us in actions and leading to inaction
  • Fear of success - it is difficult to start or bring it's up to the end, especially if the result should be prestigious and meaningful
  • The fear of pain - so the person who needs to the dentist, will come up with a lot of more important things just not to go to the doctor
  • Shyness, and etcetera.

There are many fears and which one of them is the cause of procrastination can be known only by you. Procrastination can be the result of perfectionism. The person does not accept the imperfect result of the work and in spite of the fact that they have already passed all the established terms of the tasks fulfillment, they continue to polish the smallest details.

In fact, procrastination is a natural process of our body. Our brain very rationally distributes the resources of the body, guided by instincts. The only thing that distinguishes us from animals is the ability to think a little better. In the rest, the work of our brain and the work of the brain of the monkey are not much different. So, the problem of our brain from the point of view of evolution is survival and reproduction.

That's why the brain allocates resources not as we want. That's why there is procrastination, which you want to get rid of. The very important thing in the fight against procrastination - this is understanding. Understanding why this process takes place, and how to influence the work of the brain. The brain considers the solution of your human problem to be irrational. Rational action, from the instinctive point of view, will lie on the couch and save energy.

How to influence the brain to be effective?

The human task to your brain is incomprehensible. It does not know how many specific resources to allocate for the solution of your task. As a consequence, it persistently refuses to solve it in any way at all. In this case, you should try to solve a complex problem for simpler ones. Let it eventually turn out to be an instruction with short and simple steps for you.

It is much easier to follow the instructions because everything is clear and obvious. Our brain understands how much energy it takes to take one simple step or a small primitive case. Thus, the whole struggle against procrastination is reduced to the need to let the brain know how many resources it is necessary to allocate for solving the problem. The brain distributes the energy of the body.

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