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The argumentative essay is the paper that requires arguments both for and against some topic. While the author provides arguments for both sides, he defends only one of it. In this kind of writing, it is very important to stick to your point of view. Otherwise, you can get a blurred paper, which is unacceptable for the argumentative writing. When you write your argumentative essay, it is very important to select the right topic. Here are the requirements to the topic for the argumentative essay:
  • It should be researchable – enough arguments for and against it, enough information, enough background
  • The topic should be interesting for the modern society
  • It should be interesting for you (be honest when you select the topic).
One of the good examples of the argumentative essay topics is the “Against the death penalty” topic. It is still important for the modern society, because in many countries it not legal, while some countries still use it. If you decide to select this topic, here can be such arguments for the death penalty, that many people use:
  • The last warning – the death penalty is a powerful restraining factor
  • “An eye for an eye - a tooth for a tooth” – this is the principle of the revenge
  • There is nothing worse than death – the death penalty is a worse punishment that can be
  • The principle of the same punishment for the most serious crime.

The last warning

China is considered the least corrupt state in the world. Many people say that the reason of that is that bribery is subject to capital punishment. Indeed, the death penalty is a powerful deterrent for criminals: according to criminological studies, this type of punishment has the highest preventive coefficient - the fear of death "protects" people from unlawful deeds. Moreover, there are cases when the perpetrator, having committed an assassination attempt, saved his victim, since he knew that later he would go on an electric chair himself. Thus, the death penalty is the most important and most effective factor in reducing crime, as many people think.

An eye for an eye - a tooth for a tooth

Historically, the death penalty originated from the principle of blood revenge: "an eye for an eye - a tooth for a tooth". This principle says that only physically destroying the offender, the victim's relatives felt vengeful. Of course, the murdered already does not care, but his family and friends – care a lot. They simply cannot live with the fact that a person, who, for example, has torn their son, husband or brother, will live, and even on the money of taxpayers. Currently, there are hundreds of thousand people sentenced to imprisonment in the US. Many prisoners are sentenced to the life imprisonment. Due to the principle of the blood revenge, many relatives of their victims would be happy to see the execution of the death penalty.

There is nothing worse than death

Before getting into the electric chair, Ted Bundy spent ten years in prison - long trials and appeals "gave" the brutal murderer ten more years of life. During this time, he repeatedly interviewed, in which he told that he is not blamed for all his sins. He said that the whole blame is on the pornography, which he had become addicted to at a young age. He said in his stories, that he could no longer perceive women otherwise than as an object for satisfying sexual needs. Recognizing his misdeeds, Bundy did not consider himself a bad person, so he persistently sought to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment. The rest of his life in the prison casemates did not frighten him like the death penalty did. Bundy made several tries to commit suicide but was killed by an electric discharge. You should put arguments for both sides in your short argumentative essay, and should also include some stories in it to make it more powerful.

The punishment is similar to the crime

One of the principles of justice is the conformity of the punishment to the level of the crime. A couple years of imprisonment for theft? Suppose, but what is the equivalent of killing? It is unlikely that life imprisonment can be considered a fair measure for maniacs and terrorists, on whose conscience - hundreds of innocent victims. The answer suggests itself: the death penalty is an adequate punishment for such a serious crime as a deliberate deprivation of a person's life.

Here are the arguments against the death penalty:
  • Punishes, but does not teach. The function of the punishment is based on fear, but it doesn’t decrease the level of the aggression. This action cannot correct the convict
  • It does not work
  • This is hypocrisy
  • This is cruel. The religious people will say that not the man gives the life, so he is not the person can take it away
  • Prison is already hell. The life imprisonment for the majority of prisoners is unbearable, thereby, many of them try to commit suicide.

Does the death penalty work well and can it correct the convict?

When you want to show the first argument against the death penalty, you can think about how it works in general. For example, you can ask a question about what the punishment, in general, is about. Why do you punish your children? Not for the sake of pleasure (parents are always very worried when they have to resort to "repressive" measures against their children). This is not also to just show a parental authority – some people punish children to make sure that they will forever learn the lesson and never did it again. From the point of view of criminal law, the punishment has three goals:
  • Restoring social justice
  • Correcting the convict
  • Preventing the commission of new crimes.

The death penalty, perhaps, helps to reach two of the above goals (especially preventive purpose), but obviously does not rehabilitate the convicted person, because it is difficult to change if you are dead. This action also makes something irreversible, so in case of the judicial mistake, the result will be horrible.Why doesn't the death penalty work? For some reason that can maybe be found in the human psychology, the capital punishment doesn’t work, as many statistics say. If people know that punishment follows the crime, then why people continue to do illegal acts with the same intensity?

The death penalty is the hypocrisy

Fighting criminals with their own methods are not only senseless but also foolish, many people say. Their reason is that the death penalty, in fact, protecting the right to life of one person, deprives the right of another. Ted Bundy, an American serial killer who carried the blood of at least 35 victims, liked to kill. For him, it was a kind of game, but the difference between people who execute death sentences every day is the fact that this is their job.

The death penalty is cruel

Shooting, hanging, stoning, injection, electric chair, decapitation, gas chamber - this is the list of the types of death penalty practiced in our timein different countries. Almost each of them "gives" instant painless death, but what are the moments of waiting. "Clown Killer" John Wayne Gacy, who raped and killed 33 young people (including several teenagers), was terribly afraid of death, so the verdict was decided to enforce by means of a lethal injection. However, things went as not planned: thiopental successfully injected the injection, which paralyzed the lungs, and finally - potassium chloride, which leads to an instantaneous cardiac arrest. However, the last drug froze in the tube, which is why the murderer suffered from severe suffocation for several minutes. But according to the European Convention on Human Rights, "no one should be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment".

However, in this case, people who are for the death penalty will say that the above case is an exception. They say that it is not a rule, and it is unlikely that any of the guards who brought the verdict to life regretted him. The people who are for the death penalty will say that on the eve of the capital punishment, the rapist and the killer had dined heavily roasted shrimps, chicken, french fries and strawberries, and his last words were "kiss me in the ass." This shows that he was not truly regretted. Almost all of the currently used types of the death penalty are quite humane: thus, when a prisoner is shot, eyes are tied up, and then five lightning shots are fired in the heart without warning - death comes instantly.

Prison is already hell

Everyone knows what waits for people in prisons. This is a cruel world, that breaks the person. In the prison, people who are in the life sentences face their main enemy - loneliness. In 2006, the jury delivered a verdict to Zakarias Moussaoui - a terrorist, one of the participants in the events of September 11, 2001. His punishment is six life sentences without the right to parole, now Moussaoui is serving a sentence in the Supermax supreme-regime federal prison. The terrorist has a concrete chamber with a tiny horizontal window, a stone chair, a bed and a table, from which he leaves five times a week for an hour and a half solitary walk. Moussaoui's footsteps are followed by video cameras, and from classes, he is only allowed to read and write. As you can see, the death penalty is a rich topic for the short argumentative essay. It has a huge background and can work very effectively. However, if you feel that you cannot cope with is before the deadline, you should ask for a professional writing help.

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