Summer vacation essay about Greece

If you were given an assignment to write a summer vacation essay, you can always write about how you spent your holidays in Greece.
Greece is a country that can conquer anyone from the first minutes of seeing it. Nowhere else in the world will you find so much natural diversity, so many cultural monuments and various attractions, centered on a relatively small area. There are seas and mountains, beaches and ski runs, ancient Acropolis and modern shopping and entertainment centers, sanctuaries of ancient Greek gods, and Orthodox shrines of world significance.

If you are planning your holiday, and do not know where to spend it, be sure to pay attention to this unique country where there are endless possibilities for an unforgettable stay. The favorable climate of the Mediterranean, the chic sandy beaches and the clear waters of the three seas make it possible to sunbathe and swim for six months a year. It’s hard to believe, but in Greece, one of the southernmost countries of Europe, there are first-class ski resorts where you can practice winter sports from the middle of December until the very end of March.

The nature of Greece is fascinating, there are mountains and plains, seas and picturesque rivers, centuries-old pine forests and unique olive groves. Such a diversity of flora and fauna is almost nowhere to be found in Europe. In addition, it is one of the few ecologically favorable regions of the world, and the water area of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas in the coastal regions of Greece is recognized by UNESCO as one of the cleanest in Europe. After all, Greece is a country that replenishes its budget solely through income from tourism and agricultural activities, there is virtually no heavy industry.

Why go to Greece on summer vacations

Once Greece was a stronghold of culture and spirituality, which acted as a kind of base for the formation of the culture of the whole of Europe. Now it is a good and inexpensive resort zone, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Tourists in Greece like a wonderful climate, an abundance of cultural and historical monuments, as well as a well-developed infrastructure, focused on travelers. Here is why you should spend your vacation in Greece
  • A very mild climate – there is a fairly low level of humidity, it is seldom stuffy, and the island is simply buried in greenery.
  • Stunning natural landscapes set on a sublime harmony, and stunning beaches and a delightful sea put you in the mood of relaxation and fun.
  • The local population is very friendly and hospitable, which makes the rest simply fabulous.
  • No crime.
  • As in many popular tourist countries, there is no language barrier and helplessness.
  • Many hotels offer special conditions for tourists.
  • The cost of rest is quite affordable.
  • A large amount of sightseeing – Greece is simply filled with historical places that are associated with myths, world history, and literature;

The main thing that needs to be done is to choose the right resort or island of Greece for recreation, which can meet any of your wishes.

Choosing a place

Where it is best place to spend vacations in Greece? In fact, you can relax here almost anywhere – it will still be quality, sunny, fun and tasty, but, of course, different resorts have their own differences. All, the resorts of Greece can be conditionally divided into continental and island. If you want to rest on the mainland, then welcome to Chalkidiki or the Peloponnesian Peninsula.

You can also visit Cassandra, Athos, and Sithonia. Most often a trip to Greece on the mainland means trips to Chalkidiki. There is not too deep sea, beaches with a clean white sand and a lot of attractions. The resort of Cassandra will appeal to those who would like to combine a family vacation with an active night life.


Sithonia is a green peninsula, where there are not so many people and it’s quiet enough. Here you can find
  • Tranquil seclusion
  • Beautiful beaches where you can spend lazy days
  • Many pine forests and olive groves

Here, time flows quite differently, and you can enjoy a vacation, even if it lasts just over a week.


Athos is a popular place in the religious world. It is specific, to be precise. The matter is that St. Athos is located here – it is a monastic city, in which there are about 20 functioning monasteries of different faiths. It is difficult to get there.


In the central part of Chalkidiki there is the town of Kallikrateia. Here you will find
  • Small hotels
  • A nice beach of sand and pebbles mixture
  • A large number of shops and clubs


Another peninsula is Peloponnese. It is more suitable for recreation with children of secondary school age – they will be interested to get acquainted with the antique sights.


On the mainland there is also a resort called Pieria – it stretches along the foot of the Olimka. There are more cultural events here, as well as a unique nature (most of the territory is protected by the state).

Island resorts

Among the islands the greatest popularity was gained by Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, and Santorini.

Crete boasts a variety of excursion programs – there are several resort regions that differ significantly from each other. It is best to choose the resort by the hotel – a good hotel for a holiday will make a vacation just unforgettable.

Many are also attracted to the islands of Corfu, Zakynthos, and Rhodes. The Ionian Sea will allow you to get acquainted with marine life. Also consider that there is a very rich club life here.

However, Rhodes in its eastern part is quite calm – here you can enjoy a leisurely rest on the beaches with the purest sea sand, visit the children in the amusement park or visit the huge Aquarium. Also, Rhodes can boast the Valley of butterflies.

Here is how to decide where to go
  • Choose for yourself the basic indicators – in your summer vacation essay, you can describe the possibility of fast sea voyages and the average price policy.
  • Don’t consider Greek resorts that don’t offer things you like to do.
  • See the photos and compare the reviews to choose the best resort yourself.

This way, you can understand which island of Greece is right for you, and also where to go to rest in Greece to the mainland resort.

Holidays in Greece are a large-scale celebration of the Day of the Assumption of the Mother of God, which takes place here on August 15 (according to the Gregorian calendar). During these days, a large number of pilgrims rushes to the island of Tinos, one of the islands of the Cycladic archipelago, where the temple of the Blessed Virgin Tina is located, and also to the island of Kefalonia, famous for its miraculous icons of Panagia Fidousa in the village of Markopoulo.

Enumeration of all the places in Greece can be infinite. The abundance of holy places, Orthodox churches, monasteries, and monuments make an excellent basis for resting in Greece and visiting the country, both during the great Orthodox holidays (on Christmas and Easter), and on the days of the celebration of various saints.

In sunny Greece, all types of tourism are really developed: during the holiday in Greece, you can go skiing, and do the whole range of extreme sports such as trekking, rafting, mountain bike, etc. This is not only incomprehensible foreign words, but a real combination of risk, movement – in short, sports with familiarity with the most beautiful corners of the country. True, this requires proper preparation, even if you are going for a holiday in Greece just to ride a buggy.

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