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The term paper is the research assignment that each student performs as the result of knowledge that he or she gets on the specific academic course. Thereby, this kind of assignment means a lot in the system of grades. Usually, students plan the writing of the term paper long before the deadline. However, the tough schedule and the procrastination, sometimes make all efforts in vain. Luckily, there are many options on how to get the term papers for sale online.

Delegate the tasks to be more effective

If you want to find the reputable writing service to order the term paper, you should pay attention to such details as the feedback, the privacy policy, the policy for free revisions and the qualification of the writing team. Surely, you will also pay attention to the price offers. The best combination of the above factors will give you the best option to place the order and get the term paper. Basically, there are three main options on how you can cooperate with the firm that helps in writing the college assignment
  • Write your paper and use the professional help to edit the draft
  • To set main ideas, to provide several raw drafts and ask the company to write the paper based on your materials
  • To ask the writing company to write the paper from the scratch.

Delegating tasks helps you to become more effective. When you hire professional writers to perform some of your working tasks, this helps you to get more time on the other tasks. In college, it is always not enough time. Thereby, when you decide to delegate some of the writing tasks, this helps you to get more focused on something that is now on the agenda.

Fight procrastination when writing the term paper

The term paper writing is a complex task, so it often leads to a procrastination. On the other hand, it is a very time-consuming task, so procrastination here is highly unacceptable. Thereby, it is important to find ways that will help you to fight procrastination. Here are the main ways of fighting against procrastination

Change the environment. The concept of procrastination can sometimes be associated with an assessment of the nearest human environment. If you are surrounded by zealous procrastinators, then it is simply impossible to stop postponing your writing. Only in a successful, healthy society will help you to succeed

Experts on personal growth with a world-wide name suggest to break complex, large-scale cases into small parts, sections. This makes the task easier to perform and easier to include in the plan. This case is shown in an “Elephant rule”

Refuse to destroy the time. When doing the job, it's important not to be distracted by social networks, TV, news, reading news feeds. Otherwise you will not notice how there is completely no time left to complete the job

Find inspiration for your writing process. It is very good if there are people in the environment who are charged with positive and energy. If there are none, you need to find the object of inspiration. It can be films, books, trainings and etcetera.

Do small steps to daily change

Our brains work in the way that the thing that we need to do, can cause emotional disgust. Despite the reason, that we understand the need for its implementation, our negative emotions repel from its implementation. They can arise at the subconscious level when we are not aware of the presence of such an emotional barrier. But they arise and frighten our limbic system. Unluckily, the more complex the task is, the higher the emotional barrier to overcome.

The limbic system, the elephant of our emotional system, is frightened by the complex tasks, such as the term paper. Usually, this leads to the total freezing of the working system and postponing of the writing process. Luckily, it is possible to learn how to overcome the emotional barrier. It is very important to do the daily steps to improve the working process and to perform the complex assignments. Here is the essence of the approach to solving the writing problem
  • Reduce the initial emotional barrier. Set the minimum bar for your writing. For your limbic system, it will be easier to cope with a low obstacle
  • Do 20-30 repetitions and bring the working process to automatism. As a result, a habit will be developed and this will make the writing assignment easier for you
  • Gradually increase the task – you can start from one paragraph a day and go to the 2-3 pages
  • Overcome the great obstacle, which used to be disgusting for you and write your term paper on time.

As you can see, sometimes it is very useful to split the big problem into small ones, which do not cause emotional rejection. This makes possible to every day solve one of them until the whole assignment is done. The importance of regular repetition of small steps and a constant increase in their complexity is hard to overestimate. Gradually raising the bar, you will increase the power of the cognitive resource and will be able to improve your college writing. The more powerful the resource, the more complex tasks you can perform on time. You can see this in many examples, not only in the term paper writing.

Repeat something twenty times to make a habit

For example, a person decided to take up running. If he or she goes out to practice and runs a long distance at once, then the result will be nothing but muscle pain and fatigue. Another 2-3 such jogging - and enthusiasm will run out at all. The person will return to the usual way of life. But if you start from a small distance, let it be 1 km or even several hundred meters a day, you will get a charge of vivacity. Then on this positive wave, you should repeat the jog 20 times. They will become your habit. You will begin to gradually increase the distance, for example, by 20%. So running will become a part of your life. The habit starts from repeating something 20-30 times.

Using this method, you can learn how to get up early, lead an active lifestyle, eat properly, get rid of bad habits. Speaking of the bad habits, you can gradually reduce the quantitative indicator of the habit, for example, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. You can also increase the emotional barriers at the entrance to eliminate distractions while writing the term paper. For example, you can remove the Facebook bookmark in the browser far away, so that it will be more difficult to enter the Facebook. Following the principle of "small steps”, you will learn how to do all the college task, even those which are the unpleasant things for you. This is a key tool for the development of the self-discipline. Anyways, you still need some time for it. If there is no time, you can order the term papers for sale at the reputable writing services.

Sleep by the proper pattern to make yourself more effective

There are four main patterns for sleep, that can be useful for different people. Surely, there is no strict division, however, this information can be useful for you. If you see yourself in some of these patterns, then try to improve it and make more effective. Here are four main patterns of sleep regime
  • “Bears” - they make up about 50-55% of the world's population. These are people who work for the result. They adhere to the correct schedule of wakefulness and rest, but perhaps they do not get enough sleep
  • “Lions” (about 15% of the population) - they usually wake up without an alarm. They often start working with the mail even before most people wake up
  • “Wolves” (15-20% of the population) – these people hate the morning, and often late for work. Wolves finish their third cup of coffee at 9 am
  • “Dolphins” - these are people without a clear daily routine. Usually, this is only 1 person out of 10 possible. As a rule, "dolphins" believe that they have insomnia and can send e-mails all night long.
As you can see, there are positive and negative sides in all patterns. However, the first two of them are more effective. Here are the tips for the morning of “Bears”, the most popular pattern of sleep
  • Wake up and take a 10-minute charge.
  • Eat a light breakfast (fruits, yogurt, nuts and a glass of water).
  • Spend 15 minutes planning your day.
  • Have some coffee.
The time of the most effective work for the majority is 11 AM – 6 PM. Make it more effective by doing these steps
  • Start work with a task that requires increased attention
  • Have a little snack, and then go outside for a few minutes. The sun will give the body the signal to be active
  • Dine around noon - this will give you a second charge of energy for important tasks
  • About 2 PM you will feel that the strength remains ever less, but the mood continues to be on top. This is an excellent time for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and protein snacks.
The time from 6 PM to 10 PM is less effective, thereby, you need to use it for activities that do not require mental focus
  • Do sports, although this can sometimes be difficult
  • After training, relax and devote time to a light dinner
  • The time after dinner is the most suitable for communication
  • Turn off the lights at 10 PM, turn off the gadgets and go to sleep at 11 PM. "Bears" can easily stay awake late, but then they are difficult to wake up in the morning.

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