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For more than 10 years our company has been successfully helping students around the world. During this period we have managed to create the most effective system of advising students on writing academic papers. Over 30,000 students have improved their college performance with our help. To produce a splendid paper, we focus on the client, on his level of knowledge and specialization. We try to consider every detail of the order to select a specialist who will write an effective paper in the shortest possible time.

Every assignment that is supposed to be done in a written form has its peculiarities and objectives. Therefore, a person who is going to write an essay, a thesis or any other student paper needs some particular advice and guidance through the process of writing. We are a top essay writing service that can boast good results. The main value of our company is customers. The more successful they are, the more proficient we become. We try to avoid pretentious, unreliable slogans that inspire but mislead. Our task is to perform our activities on the high-quality level and in due time.

Our team

We are one of the first companies that have started communicating with customers via social networks. Actually, this is the most convenient way of communication for many students. This strategy enabled us to find more clients than we expected by monitoring the chats and social network groups we were able to find lots of inquiries about buying papers from scratch. Now we use the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsUp to find the customers and keep in touch with them after they have ordered the paper. We did and continue to do everything possible to make our clients comfortable working with us.

At the moment, there are three departments in our company: experts (writers, journalists, and teachers), a client services division and a quality control department. Our permanent experts are more than 300 university teachers. Top essay writing service is a team of professionals who understand how to make your paper efficient and impressive. Let’s have a closer look at the duties of each unit
  • Experts

They are people who complete your writing assignment from the beginning to the end. All our writers are great specialists in their field with MA and Ph.D. degrees. When a paper needs a more insightful overview, we ask professionals working work in the specialty they have been trained in. The cooperation with our expert writers is quite long and time-proven.

  • Support Managers

They help you to place an order for the paper and explain how and what to do. If something is not clear, they connect you to the experts who can consult on any paper type, subject, and the research object. This department employs the friendliest staff, who will always support you and help you in an embarrassing situation.

  • Quality Control Department

Only solid perfectionists work in this department. Their aim is not to miss a single detail in your instructions, edit the paper and check it for the uniqueness and other criteria according to which your paper will be evaluated by the professor. They check if the writer has formatted the paper properly if he has used the latest data related to the issue under study.

How to order a paper

The procedure of placing an order on our website is extremely simple and requires only a few sequential steps from you
  • You send a request via the live chat or email. Our manager processes it and contacts you. Or you fill in all the lines in the order form.
  • A manager calculates the price of the paper, agrees on the time of its execution, and negotiates with you on other conditions (if any).
  • You make an advance payment (50%), and we select an expert who will help you.
  • In case your paper is urgent or too complex, we appoint two or more writers who will jointly create the paper.
  • When the paper is ready, you have to pay a remaining sum and we send you a link to download the paper.

How to pay for the paper

Please provide us with as much information as possible about your assignment. The better we understand what you are expecting, the better your paper will be done. Therefore, fill out the application form and specify all requirements: subject, title, topic, the number of pages, the deadline, the language style, formatting and other details.

Make sure to specify the program for checking the paper for originality, since the percentage of uniqueness in each plagiarism checker is different. While some teachers require 100 percent uniqueness of the paper, others allow lower percentage. So you should learn beforehand what the requirements of your professor are as the uniqueness is a very important evaluating parameter.

Despite our top essay writing service prepares only original papers, we always use latest anti-plagiarism software to check whether the paper is unique or not.

Our managers will calculate the price for our writing help, and if you agree to pay the money they ask, both sides – our company and the customer – conduct a contract which is a guarantee that we will fulfill our obligations or return the money. You should not worry about the payment as every transaction you do is followed by a receipt. When the paper is finished, you receive an email notification, make the payment and open the file on your PC to download a first-class essay, report, term paper that you have ordered from us.

To make it convenient for you, we use different payment systems, which is especially important as our clients are students from all over the world.

Essentials of our work

We give consultations and review the paper when it is already done. We provide free corrections within 30 days after the completion of the paper. If you need to make additional changes in accordance with the new requirements, the cost of the service is discussed individually.

Many people inquire how quickly we fulfill the order. Each paper has its standard writing time which ranges from 3 to 30 days, depending on its complexity and length. However, we can fulfill the task within a shorter period of time. In this case, the price for the paper gets a bit higher. You will be informed about this by our manager at the stage of placing your order. The standard deadline for each paper can be found on our website. The period for the revisions is from 5 to 30 days. If you need, we can do it much faster.

We would not have such a great number of customers if we have not provided them with certain guarantees. Our core responsibility is the competent performance of the paper in the stated period. We also offer free advice on making adjustments within 30 days and payments without commission. This means that the initial price for services will not increase.

We guarantee complete confidentiality, which will help you avoid unpleasant situations when you submit the paper to your department. All guarantees are fixed in the contract. Our task is to preserve your reputation and provide you with high-quality written work. You can be sure that we will not stop working with you until you get a good grade for your paper.

Why are we a safe resource with which you do not risk losing reputation among the teachers or wasting money? All the personal data you give will remain safe. We guarantee your privacy and security in making online payments. You would say that no one is protected from hacking or other fraud but this is not about us. The online payment system used by our company is completely safe and protected from burglaries, data leaks, and fraud. If you have any problems or have any questions about working with your user account, please call or write our support manager.

Why choose us?

Students thank us for the customized approach to our duties and also appreciate such qualities of our writers as
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
  • Efficiency
  • Attentiveness to the client
  • Creative approach to the task
  • Accuracy
  • Scientific approach

The quality of our work is above the material benefits. This is well-known fact for those who have already ordered writing assignment from us. We are proud to say that the vast majority of our customers got the highest scores for the papers and successfully passed the exams. This success should be credited to us either.

New clients ask us for help on the recommendation of their friend or fellow students. Our service is very convenient in many aspects. We can create the paper in parts so that you can show it to your supervisor and get further instructions. In addition, your teacher will be pleasantly surprised to see that your paper is meaningful, accurate and well-structured.

However, the design matters, too. If the paper is formatted incorrectly, the professor without hesitation will put you a lower mark. If you are not willing to lose the points, you should entrust the formatting to our authors who will finalize it according to the format you require. Perfect papers from inside and outside are what you really need!

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Other services that we offer

If you don’t see the necessary subject, paper type, or topic in our list of available services and examples, don’t worry! We have a number of other academic disciplines to suit the needs of anyone who visits this website looking for help.