Where to find someone to write my dissertation for me

Writing a dissertation is not something that every person can do without a special preparation. Such kind of writing needs a special degree in a specific subject. Thereby, if you going to hire a professional writer to do your dissertation, you should make sure that your writer is qualified enough. The qualification of the writing team is usually shown on the official website of the company. To find a right writing service
  • Ask Google about the top writing firms in your region
  • Use student forums in your country to get useful information
  • Ask trusted friends in college to give an advice
  • Pay attention to the price offers
  • Find out the qualification of the writers
  • Learn more about the time needed to provide a paper
  • Learn the feedback and the reputation of the company.

When you order a dissertation at the writing service, it is also very important to give the strict requirements to the company. The dissertation is the document regulated by both national and college requirements. Learn them both to be able to understand the quality of the paper. It is also an option to use the writing service only as a manuscript editing company, while you write the dissertation yourself.

Eliminate distractions to stay more focused on the paper

The lack of time to do the dissertation is a result of many events. Surely, the tough schedule influences it a lot. However, it is not the only reason. Buy the way, it is enough time for writing the dissertation in a quite slow tempo during college. However, this is only if you don’t have any unprepared assignments and always meet deadlines. Unluckily, the situation is totally different. When the time to write dissertation comes, many students just starting doing the other assignment they needed to do earlier.

This vicious circle leads to the situation when it is not enough time to write the dissertation in a proper way. To have enough time for dissertation writing, it is important to do the right planning and also to set the effective working order in the working place. Here are the things that you can do when you preparing for writing a dissertation
  • Eliminate distractions – turn off the phone, block the social networks in the browser and etcetera
  • If it is a mess on the working place – make the right order
  • Learn to say no to distractions
  • Split the big task into smaller parts
  • Plan performing of each part of your schedule
  • Fight procrastination.

Why are students addicted to social networks?

After satisfying physiological needs for safety and social needs, people have needs for recognition. They are also called prestigious and include self-esteem, respect, and recognition by others, achievement of success and appreciation, career growth. With the advent of social networks, these needs have become easier to meet. We lay out beautiful photos or write posts, get comments and likes - approval of other people.

Get approval in social networks is easier than to perform complex and lengthy tasks. And the body likes everything simple, fast and pleasant - it evolved into the process. This is how the limbic system works in our brains. Social networks distract people from doing the other activities. Sometimes it's hard to just release the smartphone from your hands or stop scrolling the photos in the Instagram. When I do my assignments, it eats a lot of my time, so I need to find someone help. If I need to write my dissertation for me, I will search for a reputable writing service.

Social networks are distracting with such force that researchers have already begun to call this phenomenon an addiction. This dependence explained by just the need for recognition. The basis of dependence is the desire to feel belonging to the community and express oneself.

How to the distraction of the social networks works?

Researchers at the University in Binghamton interviewed 275 students who on average used social networks for at least 9 years and spent on them for one and a half hours a day or more. The students were evaluated according to the psychological model of the "big five", which takes into account the development of the five basic qualities: benevolence, consciousness, neuroticism, extraversion and openness to experience.

The results showed several regularities. First, neuroticism exacerbates the risk of dependence, as people use social networks to relieve stress and rest. And consciousness reduces this risk. At the same time, if you have neuroticism and consciousness, neuroticism will win and will increase the risk of dependence. Secondly, the risk of dependence increases, if the person is developed neither benevolence nor consciousness. Third, high levels of development of goodwill and consciousness also increase the risk of dependence, but the dependence becomes conscious. Such people try to use social networks to capture as much information as possible and benefit from it. Often they are interested in social networks with professional goals, and not for entertainment or getting rid of stress.

How to fight the distraction of social networks?

At the same time, you do not need to distort and perceive social networks as a single evil. Social networks give students new opportunities. With the help of social networks, people are promoting their work and earning money because in the modern world this is a great tool for communicating with interesting people and potential clients. It is totally your choice if you replace real friends and communicate with hundreds of subscribers. In this case, it is a sublimation for satisfying the true needs for intimacy, communication, and recognition.

Regardless of the reasons for dependence on social networks, you need to fight. Because the negative effect is quite palpable: people lose time and do not fill their resources, procrastinate, worry about their inconsistency with some criteria, they stop noticing real world and life. To fight such distraction, you can do these steps
  • Block social networks in your browser when your work
  • Use a special tracking software to understand how much time do you spend on Facebook and etcetera
  • Plan your time, not only college activities but also breaks for rest, time for sleep and everything else
  • Split your tasks into smaller tasks and plan their performance in the schedule.

It is really hard sometimes to perform a complex paper, so to ask a professional writer to write my dissertation for me is not a bad idea. This gives extra time to think about the task and helps to fight procrastination. Procrastination is mainly the result of poorly planned time and the fear to perform the assignment is not a perfect level. Thereby, do not try to provide only perfect results, because such perfectionism leads only to a postponement of the assignments.

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