Why be writing an application letter?

When searching for a job and applying for different positions, you might stumble across an unfamiliar request — to provide an application letter. While it scares many applicants off, it is really nothing but a simple cover letter submitted along with your CV or resume. An application letter hold the absolute same nature as a cover letter which is why writing it becomes instantly easier once you think of it as one.

HR managers work thoroughly to find perfect candidates for a vast range of positions. Sometimes they have to go through hundreds and hundreds of resumes before shortlisting candidates for interviews. To make the process easier, the culture of writing an application letter has arisen. It makes the process of finding an ideal candidate much easier since now managers not only get an insight into one’s background, experience, and contact information, but also into one’s motivation to work for a particular company and his or her knowledge about the position. From this, we are concluding that an application letter is a story you tell HR managers about why exactly you should be chosen for a particular position and how your knowledge can contribute to a company you are applying to. Given the above, it is clear that something as important as writing an application letter can not be disregarded, so we highly suggest you to take it with all seriousness and work thoroughly on composing yours.

How to write an application letter?

Similarly to a cover letter, an application letter has a relatively simple format, consisting of a greeting, main body, and a sum up of everything written. While it might seem like an easy task to write a letter, what complicates a process is the fact that your cover letter has to embody who you are as a person and a professional, persuade a manager to hire you and also fit this all into a short and sweet text.

Now that we cleared it up with the structure, let us explain step by step how this structure comes to life on paper. First things first, If the cover letter along with your resume is sent purposefully to the head of the HR department or the head of the company, you need to indicate a recipient’s name, title and company name on the header of the document. Even though it is now less common to send applications via post, this rules applies for both online and paperback application. Then, you begin your letter with a respective greeting, for example
  • Hello,
  • Good afternoon,
  • Whomever it may concern,
  • Good afternoon,... (name/Mr or Mrs.../company or department name)
  • Dear... (name/ Mr. or Mrs. )
Next, you need to write what position you are applying for and how you have heard about it. While it is optional, you can also say a few words about the company itself and why you find it appealing (its successes, leadership position, stability, etc.). Some buzz phrases would be the following
  • I am writing to express my interest in applying for the position...
  • Your company is known as the leader in the field of...
  • Recently I have stumbled across a job vacancy on the Internet/radio/ TV ad
Then the most important part comes into play, the one where you need to explain your motivation behind applying for this particular position to this particular company and show all the skills that make you a perfect match for the position. Here you need focus on your professional achievements and work skills, think of the following phrases
  • I can describe myself as...
  • I have... years of experience in the field...
  • I am fluent in...
Last, but definitely not least, you need to close off your application letter by expressing gratitude for reading the letter and manager’s consideration of your candidacy. Consider using the following phrases
  • Thank you for taking the time to read the letter
  • Thank you for your attention to my candidacy
  • I would be grateful if you could call me back
  • If necessary, I can come for an interview at any time convenient for you.
  • If you have any questions, you can contact me at the phone number below.
  • With pleasure I will accept an offer to meet with you and talk in more detail about...
Since you are sending your application letter along with CV, resume, or letters of recommendation, do not forget to mention all the attachments in the email body, if send via email. Alternatively, if your application letter is rather short, you can simply write it as an email body itself and attach the rest of the files to it. In any event, make sure you write something of the below in the email body
  • My resume and recommendations can be found in the attached file
  • More detailed information about my professional activities can be found in the attached CV.
To sum up your application letter and give it a closure, include one of the below
  • With best wishes,... (Full name),... (Signed)


  • Yours faithfully,... (Full name),... (Signed)


Sample application letter

To give you a better understanding of writing an application letter, we came up with a small example of how a successful, properly composed cover letter looks like. Compare it with yours if you already have one and make the amends that are needed.

Good afternoon, Jessica

Recently I have stumbled across a job opening for a position of a sales representative on Company X website. I have then read thoroughly through the qualification requirements and concluded that I would be a great candidate for the position since I have been working in sales for almost two years now and have been effectively handling all the tasks that I have been given and managed to greatly contribute to a company’s success.

Please find more detailed information about my experience and achievements as a sales representative in the attached CV. I would also eagerly accept as invitation to meet with you and to tell in more detail about my professional work experience and possible potential. You can contact me by phone (xxx) 111-11-11.

Thank you in advance for your attention to the letter and the time devoted to my candidacy.

Yours faithfully, Matt

Last notes on application letter writing

Before sending off your application letter and your resume to the addressee, asses its length and scope of information presented. One should be guided by a simple rule: a cover letter needs to be short and straight to the point. Two or three paragraphs would be a perfect length to catch a reader’s attention without boring him or her to death.

Last thing, do not forget to check your application letter for grammar mistakes and typos. Spelling and punctuation mistakes can nullify all of your work, especially if the position you are applying for implies a high level of overall development. Use the dictionaries, directories and capabilities of computer text editors.

Another thing you might want to consider is the fact that proving the skills and experiences that you have mentioned in your application letter is always a good idea, and that can be best done by enclosing recommendation letters from your previous employers, colleagues, mentors, etc. This way you are not only telling your story and why you are a perfect candidate for this position, but you are also showing it, proving it with hard evidence. Moreover, enclosing recommendation letters also shows that your intent to get this job is serious and that you took the application process seriously, which also shows you as a determined and goal-oriented person.

Still not sure?

As we have said before, writing an application letter is rather a task and many people find themselves perplexed with it. It is always hard to write about your own self while also keeping in mind a prospective contribution that you can make to a company you are applying for. We understand the struggle better than anyone since we have been handling orders of thousands job applicants just like you before. This also makes us one of the most experienced service providers out here who are equipped with professional writers with HR background who can assist you with writing a killer application letter set for success.

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