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You may have good and even satisfactory grades but you can still go to Harvard. If you have moderate scores on GMAT and TOEFL you can get to Stanford. This is very common. It’s all about a correctly prepared essay that demonstrates your goals and ambitions and discloses your potential and talent. Usually when you applying to a university, you need to write one or two essays. That is why, to make sure that your essays are professionally written, it’s recommended to use the services of the admission essay writing service.

As the staff of the admission committee say, the essay is the most memorable part of all the documents that you provide for admission. Through the essay, the admission officer attempts to see you as a person, who you really are. Many candidates have the same grades for exams but grades and the essay highlight you and reveal your personality. In addition, the essay shows the following:
  • How you can present yourself
  • How you can analyze information
  • How you can communicate with other people through writing

Employees of the admission committee, when reading your essays, not only learn about you information and judge you by the grammatical structures and used language units but also pay attention to what you said and what ideas were presented in your essay.

The most common questions for an essay

In your essay, you must convince the university representatives that you:
  • Suitable for this university.
  • Have the qualifications and skills suitable for training.
  • You are a single-minded and ambitious young person who is able to achieve his goals and objectives.
  • You are stress-resistant and easily adapt.
  • Your choice of specialty is conscious.
  • You have a desire to develop and improve in your chosen profession.

If you send papers to more than one university, it doesn’t mean you have to create a new paper for each of them. Use the recycling technique – just alter parts of your paper, depending on what you are required to write about.

Here is an example. One university asks you to write an essay telling about an experience that has significantly affected you, another university sets the task to talk about a moment that changed your view on life. At first, these topics may seem different but in fact they are very similar. You can write how the father’s cooking shaped your outlook on life. This essay will accurately answer the first question. If you start an essay with this phrase “Despite the fact that I had many conversations with my dad, the most significant of them never happened...”, then you will answer the second question.

Such a beginning will also be good for the topic “Tell us about the saddest moment”. When preparing papers, don’t try to concentrate on one theme. Find the topic where you can write a few details, creating a paper that would match the assignment of the university.

Five steps to writing a first-class essay

Here are the steps you need to follow to write a first-class essay. Follow them and you will prepare an outstanding paper. If you can’t write the essay on your own, contact the admission essay writing service to order your paper online.

First write, then edit

It is often difficult to write simply because beautiful, logical phrases are not formed in your head, but you simply do not want to write. So, it’s because of this that everything is so complicated.

Break the whole process into 2 stages.

First you simply write as you think, as it comes to your mind, no matter if phrases are clumsy, incomplete or illogical. At this stage, your task is to prepare a foundation – ideas and thoughts in writing. If you try to correct and ennoble the phrases immediately along the way, then it will take you a week to write an essay of one page long, which would normally be a day.

And only when you have more or less a complete text, start correcting phrases, sentences, building logic, etc. You will see how much easier it is to edit text when it is already on paper, and not just in thought.

Write short sentences

Another feature that is found in almost all essays is long sentences with several involved participial and adverbial movements, each of which occupies almost the paragraph. In such proposals, the meaning is often lost, and often they are simply incorrectly designed. That is, according to the logic they are somehow correct, but in English, no one will ever say that.

What is your task with your essay? To make sure that your reader (that is, a representative of the admission committee) will actually read the letter from the beginning to an end and became interested in your profile. It is almost impossible to keep attention when reading very long phrases. Therefore, write short sentences, for one sentence one thought. Attention of the reader will be on your side!

Listen to yourself when answering questions

Follow this advice when writing:
  • Don’t try to be someone else. Don’t think what the committee want to see in you. Select those subjects that you can disclose in full and that are significant to you. Show your thoughts and talk about your experience.
  • Commence with an interesting introduction. Make sure that people what to keep on reading your paper after they open it.
  • Tell something about yourself. The paper is your chance to talk to the college. Through it, the admission committee should see your thoughts, life attitude, and objectives.
  • Use the unique language. Re-read your paper a few times to make sure you applied unique words and phrases. Beware of humor – not everyone can use it appropriately.
  • Offer accurate samples. Don’t simply state that you’re a leader. Write about the situation where your leadership skills were revealed.
  • End your paper so that the representative from the admission committee would remember you. Complete thoughts ideas in such a way that the committee has an opportunity to ponder about it.

Check and rewrite

It’s important to verify the paper several times and even use the help of friends and those close to you. Students of Harvard recommend to seek help from two or three editors, or to get your paper from the admission essay writing service to make sure that your essay is perfect.

Contact the service that will help you write a competent and interesting essay that will not leave indifferent the admission committee of your chosen university and will open doors for you to study.

Very often, your own mistakes (and even the simplest typos) are completely invisible, and the Word program can also skip them. And this is very critical. Even if you have a superbly sharpened text with strong ideas and profitable information, but there are errors in the text, it immediately spoils the impression.

For a representative of the reception committee, this is a sign not of how much you are a busy applicant, but a sign of negligence and disrespect for elementary requirements for documents. To prevent this, it’s highly recommended to use the help of professional writers, who can check the text and identify spelling, grammatical, and other errors.

Working on the perfection

To ensure that there are no errors and typos, read the paper from the end. This way, you won’t focus on mistakes, but concentrate on the spelling and writing.

Count the words. If you’re required to write 500 words, do not write more than 20 words over the limit.

Of course, when considering your essay, the admissions committee should form a positive opinion of you. However, empty praise to yourself and can only push the members of the commission away. Information should be primarily reliable, truthful, and comprehensive.

Brief description of the organization“s activities, its main activities, Key analytical indicators - Accounting (financial) reporting

Brief description of the organization“s activities, its main activities, key analytical indicators - accounting (financial) reporting brief description.

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