Expenses for the development of natural resources & quot ;, Financial investments & quot; - Analysis of financial statements

Section "Expenses for the development of natural resources"

This section includes organizations performing geological exploration in Form # 5 and organizations of extractive industries that carried out mining and preparatory works, prospecting for deposits, mineral exploration, etc., which should be accounted for separately from other expenses of the organization, as they are made in the current reporting period, but relate to the future.

Line 410 reflects information on the total amount of subsoil development costs incurred by the organization. The indicator of this line requires decoding by types of expenses, which is given in the lines below. If necessary, the organization can increase the number of additional rows for decryption.

The types of subsoil use are established art. 6 of the US Law of February 21, 1992, No. 2395-1 "On Subsoil". In particular, the subsoil may be provided for use:

o for geological exploration, including prospecting and evaluation of mineral deposits, as well as geological study and assessment of the suitability of subsoil plots for the construction and operation of underground structures not related to the extraction of minerals;

o Exploration and extraction of minerals, including the use of waste from mining and associated processing industries;

o construction and operation of underground structures not related to mining operations.

In accounting, the costs associated with mining and land reclamation activities produced in this reporting period, but related to future reporting periods, are accounted for in Account 97, "Future Expenses."

Section & quot; Financial Attachments & quot;

This section reflects the information on long-term and short-term financial investments according to the rules of PBU 19/02 & quot; Accounting for financial investments. " Here, the indices of lines 140 & quot; Long-term financial investments & quot; and 250 & quot; Short-term Investments & quot; form number 1. The indicators for the section are formed according to the analytical accounting of accounts 58 "Financial investments" and 55 & quot; Special bank accounts & quot; sub-account & quot; Deposit accounts & quot;.

Chain bonds, which are quoted on the stock market, are reflected at current market prices, and financial investments for which the current market value is not determined are at historical cost.

All financial investments belonging to the organization, according to paragraph 41 PBU 19/02, should be distributed depending on the maturity term for long-term and short-term ones and indicate amounts of balances as of January 1 of the reporting year (the beginning of the reporting year) and as of December 31 of the reporting year (end of the reporting period).

According to paragraph 19 of PBU 4/99, assets and liabilities are presented as short-term, if the circulation (maturity) for them is not more than 12 months. after the reporting date or the duration of the operating cycle that exceeds 12 months.

All other assets and liabilities are represented as long-term. Therefore, such financial investments as shares or contributions to the authorized capitals of other organizations that do not have a maturity term (repayment) are always reflected as long-term.

For depreciating financial investments, the current market value for which is not determined, the organization creates a reserve for reducing their value (paragraph 38 PBU 19/02).

It should be noted that the reflection of assets at cost less regulatory values ​​(including the amounts created by the estimated reserves) is provided only for the Balance Sheet (paragraph 35 PBU 4/99). In Form No. 5, financial investments that do not have a current market value are shown at historical cost.

Paragraph 3 of PBU 19/02 distinguishes the following groups of financial investments:

o contributions to the charter (share) capitals of other organizations, including subsidiaries and dependent companies;

o state and municipal securities;

o securities of other organizations, including debt securities (bonds, bills of exchange);

o loans granted;

o deposit deposits, etc.

Securities that are quoted on the stock market are reflected in the financial statements at current market prices, and financial investments, for which the current market value is not determined, at the initial cost (paragraph 42 PBU 19/02). Therefore, in the section "Financial attachments & quot; form number 5 of the total amount of financial investments in separate lines are allocated financial investments having the current market value for the above groups. Metrics for the & quot; Financial attachments & quot; section Formed according to the analytical accounting of accounts 58 "Financial investments" and 55 & quot; Special bank accounts & quot; sub-account 3 & quot; Deposit accounts & quot;.

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