Annotated Bibliography Examples

Social support for persons caring for disabled people and elderly citizens - Social Security Law
Operational management of the portfolio of real investments - Investments
Technologies of data storage and processing: databases, Basic concepts and definitions of a database - Information technologies in management (management)
Methods of prospecting at various stages of the geological prospecting process, Methods of searches accompanying geological surveys - Geology. Forecasting and search for mineral deposits
Theoretical and practical pedagogy - Pedagogy. Theoretical pedagogy
The approach based on the analysis of the structure of the economic resources of the enterprise - Financial analysis
Flange joints, Shaft supports, Roller bearings, General information - Machine parts. Course design
Basic Concepts, Security Threats - Computer Science
Verbosity, Some of our enemies: examples of verbal redundancy - The art of legal writing
Social organization. Clan and local group - Ethnology
Problem-searching and communicative technologies, Essence of problem-search technologies of training - Psychology and pedagogy
The use of firearms by the police, the guarantee of the personal safety of the armed police officer - ATS administrative activities
Specificity of art - Introduction to literary criticism. Fundamentals of the theory of literature
The objectives of tax reforms, the objectives of tax reforms in developed countries - Taxes and taxation
Formation of a nonclassical approach to the definition of truth - Philosophy
Professional competencies of a modern journalist-newspaper - Convergent journalism
Increase of the authorized capital, Movement of shares, Payment of dividends, Protection of shareholders“ rights - Commercial law
The main technological processes of manufacturing of pn-transitions - Electronics
Splined connections, straight spline joints, involute spline joints - machine parts. Course design
Limitations of referential integrity - Databases: design

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