th step. Working with hyperlinks, step one. Site Planning - Information Technologies in Management (Management)

-th step. Working with hyperlinks

A hyperlink to an Internet address (URL) is specified simply by typing in the Link (Link) field on the Properties panel. This field is also present in the Text Properties panel and in the Image Properties. , starting with the protocol (for example,). Without the protocol, the link will not work. Unlike the browser, the editor does not add the protocol itself.

You can make the link open in a new window. To do so, under Link (Link) under Target (Target), select the _blank attribute. To open a hyperlink in a new window it is desirable when referring to extraneous resources so that the user does not & quot; quit & quot; from your site so that the site remains open. In some browsers, hyperlinks with the _blank attribute are opened in a new tab. Check the link in the browser. In the editor window, it will not open, it is not interactive.

You can also create bookmarks using links. specify a specific location in the file to which the user will fall. To do this, you first need to arrange the tags using the menu item Insert - Anchor Name (Insert - Named Anchor), where you enter the name of the label using Latin letters and/or numbers. The icon appears, indicating the place of the invisible label.

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Now, having previously selected the text or image, in the Link (Link) field, you must specify the label name (if the link leads from another file, the file name and label name) , setting the mark # before the label name (for example, index.html # l). It is also convenient to stretch to . The name of the label will be written automatically.

Add a link to your e-mail address. For example, first fill in the last line of the layout table with the text & quot; Orders, send to: & quot ;. To add a link, use the Insert - Link to e-mail address (Insert-E-mail Link) menu item or the .

Save the file. View it in your browser. A link to the email address will work if the mail program is installed and configured on the computer.

-th step. Site Planning

Before you create a site, you need to think about its content and structure. Typically, this is a hierarchical structure that contains the page names and file names for these pages. For example, let our site contain pages: Home - index.html, Services - uslugi.html, About the company - firma.html, Contacts - kontakty.html (Figure 17.17).

Create a menu, with which the user will go to different pages (we'll make the pages later). While we need only a plan with the names of the pages and the names of the corresponding files. The easiest way to create a menu is by using the Navigation Bar.

First you need to create two buttons for each link. The inscriptions on them must coincide, and the design - slightly different. These can be images simulating the convex and pressed state of a button, an on-off image or a set created with Smart Art (see Figure 17.18).

Now you can create a navigation bar.

Site Layout

Fig. 17.17. Site layout

Example buttons

Fig. 17.18. Example buttons

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