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Commodity-money relations in a society, Commodity production and goods - Fundamentals of economic theory
Administrative Law of the USA - Administrative Law
Provision of water bodies for use, Water use agreement, Administrative decision on water use - Legal basis of nature management and environmental protection
Basic principles and patterns of personality-oriented educational process - Interaction of participants in the educational process
Non-domain production of steel, Methods of improving the quality of steel - Technological processes in mechanical engineering
Game as a way of interaction between the state and the economy, State policy and its results for the economy - Monetary economy. Theory of money and credit
Execution by municipal employees of their official duties and their attestation - State and municipal service
Pre-pubertal period and adolescence - Psychoanalysis. T. 1. Freudianism and neo-Freudianism
Frequency distributions, Characteristics of the main trend in answers - Marketing research
Biotic component of soils, Distribution, soil biota composition - Ground science
Features of work with disabled people, people with disabilities - Conflict in social work
Tea office etiquette, Etiquette of business clothes - Ethics of business relations
Cultural diversity and education - Multicultural education in a multinational society
MONETARY MARKET AND MONETARY CREDIT POLICY, Money market and the mechanism of its functioning, the essence of money and their functions - Macroeconomics
Sampling, DNA Allocation - General Phytopathology
Investments, Essence and types of investments - Finance and credit
Selection of the location of treatment facilities and determination of the required areas for the construction of treatment plants - Water supply and water disposal
What value is taken into account when making decisions? - Effective CFO
PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY IN THE SECURITIES MARKET - Securities market. Theory and practice
Models of software safety analysis and interaction of objects of the computer system, Data, Algorithms - Research of control systems

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