How to find the article writing service?

Surprisingly, it is not so easy to find a good article writing service, nowadays, when everything is available online. Because of the huge variety of the writing firms online, sometimes it is really hard to understand which of them is really qualities. The market is very flexible and fast, so there are many firms with a new history. It is really hard to understand their reputation level. Anyway, if you want to find a good firm, you can do it by paying attention to details:
  • Search the feedback of the company – not only on its website but also on the Internet, particularly on the student forums
  • Find the best price offers, learn the discount systems
  • Pay attention to writers’ team, which will perform the assignment. Are they qualified enough to do your specific type of paper?
  • Determine the privacy level and the usability of commination ways with writers
  • Find the number of free revisions or the prices for revisions.

All these details can help you to find the best article writing service for you. However, it is still don't clear where exactly to find the information about services. First, you can use Google or another searching engine to get the list of popular writing services. Secondly, you can find the information on the student forums, which are more clear and resistant to the bias. Finally, the most reliable source of information are those people who you know personally in college.

How to fight procrastination

Procrastination is a serious obstacle for the majority of people. The phenomenon of procrastination works due to the confrontation of the limbic part of our brains and the cortex. The limbic pushes as to do the emotional things, while the cortex is responsible for the rational part of activities. All this leads to the disorientation and the postponement of the task. If this happens continuously, this can lead to serious problems in college. There are many ways to fight procrastination, but this will work if only you have some time. Otherwise, it is better to use the article writing service. This will help to save the situation and keep the planned schedule. Anyway, there are such ways to fight procrastination:
  • Responsibility causes anxiety and fear, so we are frightened by the phrases like "I must". More often repeat to yourself, that you do work only for yourself and to achieve your goals
  • If you believe that procrastination is related to your professional activities and you are not getting satisfaction from your work, then maybe it's worth taking a vacation and changing the situation for a while
  • Joy and pleasure will help to cope with temporary procrastination. Find something that will give you a lot of pleasant minutes, and then get down to work
  • If you postpone a certain work each time, then try to understand why it is so unpleasant for you. Perhaps you will find ways to approach it from the other side
  • Change your attitude to the complexity of things. Break it into small pieces and take breaks between them
  • Plan your time. People who clearly plan their day, are more successful, as they do not waste time and manage everything.

Procrastination will never disappear at all. You can only make it less powerful and control it. However, if you will lose your motivation or self-confidence, you can start procrastination again.

How to develop self-confidence

Some people are more confident than others. However, this is not given at birth, people learn how to get it. There are several tips on how to develop your self-confidence:
  • Imagine the worst thing that can happen if you decide to do something you are afraid of and consider is it really scary
  • let everyone see your real sides, don’t be afraid to show them
  • Find the energy in usual things
  • Imagine difficult situations for you and try to solve them in your mind
  • Remember, that only you are responsible for your decisions and actions.

If some action causes you timidity and uncertainty, try the following exercise. Imagine the worst thing that can happen if you decide to do it. For example, you want to talk to a person you like, but you are afraid. What will be the worst option? He or she will refuse you in reciprocity or even laugh at you. Will you survive? Certainly. But you get a great chance for dating, which will not happen if you are scared. Imagine that you have already lost - you no longer have any hopes; you do not lose anything. Knowing this, just making you free from fears.

Take yourself as you are

One of the most common reasons for self-doubt is discontent with one's own appearance. At the same time, fears are usually exaggerated, and there is really no cause for concern. You can treat this fear in two directly opposite ways. The first one coincides with the aforementioned scenario - you will agree that you are terribly ugly and this cannot be changed.

So, let them accept you as you are. In the end, the main thing in a person is not appearance, but the soul. Do not try to hide anything, on the contrary, communicate with proudly raised head - let everyone see your ugliness. Those who do not understand you will turn their backs on you - but you do not need them. Only those who are close to you mentally will remain.

Understand your real power in everything

The second option is that you refuse to consider yourself an ugly person, no matter what you say. You are beautiful, stylish, attractive. If someone does not understand this, this is his or her problem. Do not convince yourself that you are beautiful - just know this. The whole secret is that you, feeling yourself a beautiful person, will really become more beautiful. Same is with the understanding of your writing abilities. If you know, that you are able to write an essay, then you will learn how to do it. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are using article writing service.

Try to get more energy for important tasks

An equally important cause of insecurity is the banal lack of energy. A strong-willed person, as a rule, is full of energy, it literally radiates from the inside. The strength of a person can be determined by his glance - the weaker one will take his eyes first. You can accumulate strength both with the help of energy exercises (you can read about them on the Internet), and with the help of psychological training.

Make a habit for you. Imagine difficult situations for you and solve them in your mind. Try to feel them as sharply as possible, scroll them over and over in your mind, getting rid of negative emotions, cultivating a sense of strength and self-confidence. This way is used by many athletes, mentally rehearsing the complex elements of the performance. As a result, their performance is significantly improving.

Learn how to say no to distractions

Always remember that everything in this world is based on centers of power: the weaker revolve around the stronger. Learn how to say "no" if you do not want to fulfill someone's request. As a result, you will become much stronger. Inability to say "no" at the right time is a sign of weakness. Do not seek for yourself idols, do not follow blindly the authorities. Have your own opinion about everything, and people will start to reach out to you.

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