Conclusions - State Civil Service


o As part of the civil service, there are at least three main groups of technologies - information, organizational and telecommunication, which are basic for any management.

o Information is a collection of information about the state of the control and managed subsystems, as well as the external environment. This is the basis of management. All stages and stages of the management process are associated with the processing of information. In social life, it is a means of communication between people, and in social management - a means of influencing people.

o The architecture of the information system being created must correspond to the hierarchy of government. Therefore, it seems reasonable to have a multi-level system for collecting, processing and transmitting information. In it, obviously, there should be strategic, tactical and operative management, which at the municipal level are transformed into current production and economic plans. The hierarchical structure and functioning of the information-telecommunication system necessitates the coordination of the lower levels of the system from its higher level.

o The electronic environment of interaction between federal government bodies ensures the integration and joint work of state information systems, the automated exchange of data between them at the interagency level and is formed on the basis of: 1) a register containing a description of state information systems and resources, ways and interfaces for interaction with them, as well as the data exchange schemes used; 2) infrastructure and mechanisms for routing, transformation and guaranteed delivery of messages and data between individual government information systems.

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o Organizational technologies of the civil service is a way of objectifying information in the process of communicative activity in a relatively stable inter-individual certainty through corporate, personnel, telecommunication and other technologies.

o A social organization is a corporation of individuals led by a leader to achieve joint goals of activity through professional and everyday technologies.

o Corporate technology based on electronic systems is expressed in the fact that civil servants are united in state organizations so that a synergetic effect is achieved in incrementing their productive forces. Corporate technologies should not be confused with production-technological and spiritual-ideological technologies. They are of a material nature, but they act in the spiritual sphere.

o The federal civil service uses basically three types of management - linear, functional and staff, however, with its own specifics. In any ministry, all units that perform basic functions and are staffed by basic specialists use a linear (subordinate) type; all units that perform auxiliary functions and are staffed by providing specialists use a functional (coordinating) type, and civil servants employed in the work of colleges, various boards, commissions, etc., use the staff (subordination-coordination) type. Naturally, in some cases, other organizational forms are used.

o Telecommunication technologies are the activities of state bodies (including civil servants), computers and computer networks on the basis of joint technologies to improve the quality and effectiveness of public administration. In practice, a fairly wide range of similar technologies is used. On this basis, various information and information-analytical systems are created and are functioning, which effectively affects the process of preparation and adoption of government management decisions.

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