Models of software safety analysis and interaction of objects of the computer system, Data, Algorithms - Research of control systems

Models of software security analysis and interaction of objects of the computer system

The analysis of program security first of all requires the creation of a theoretical basis for software safety analysis consisting of a conceptual model of the computing system and a generalized model of destructive software that will allow us to formalize the task of analyzing software security and suggest the main ways to solve it.

The most perspective from the point of view of security analysis practice is an object-oriented approach that considers destructive software as entities that have a certain structure and properties that interact with other elements of the computing system, such as programs and data. Object-oriented analysis is aimed at creating models that are close to reality, this is the methodology in which the model is formed on the basis of the concepts of classes and objects that make up the vocabulary of the subject domain. Consider the set of elements that exist in the computing system as a set of objects belonging to a particular class (in this paper, the term "object" refers to the basic concept of object-oriented analysis and is not relevant to the term "object" used to describe security policy, which is contrasted the term & quot; subject & quot; when describing the interaction). In object-oriented analysis, a class is defined as a set of objects that are related by a common structure and behavior. Each class is characterized by the presence of some set of attributes or attributes that form its structure, the set of operations defined over the objects of the class, and the set of relations that connect it to other classes. The meaning of these relations depends on the subject area, however, there is a set of universal relations, the main among which are the relations of inheritance and inclusion. Inheritance is a relationship between classes in which one class (derived) repeats the structure and behavior of the other (base) class. In this case, it is said that the derived class inherits from its base structure and behavior. The inclusion relation describes a situation in which all members of the same class are simultaneously members of another.

Let's give the basic concepts and definitions that characterize the base classes for the object representation of the domain.


By data we mean any representation of information in a computer system, i.e. data is a sequence of bits containing certain information, for example, files on a disk, file system tables, memory segments. Over the data, you can perform only two operations - reads and writes. Note that any program must be stored somewhere and, therefore, can also be treated as data. This follows from the principles of von Neumann, on which most modern computers are based.


In this paper, it is not necessary to give a mathematical definition of the term "algorithm", it suffices to say that an algorithm is an exact, formulated in a certain language, finite description of a particular general method based on the fulfillment of a finite number of elementary operations. For the safety study, the program algorithm is its essence, independent of the specific implementation of the program and the way it is represented, i.e. the algorithm is an abstract representation of the program in the language of mathematical concepts.

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